New erotic fiction presents: Porn Beer

Just when you think you know everything about porn and beer, you find a web show that can actually teach you a few things about both.  For those of you who haven’t heard about the very latest delve into the mind of the masturbating male, check out and you’ll find a whole host of laughs, funky music, strange looking men, beer and porn.

The two guys that run the show are destined for bigger and better things.  Here at New Erotic Fiction we can see them on the Jonathan Ross show next series and they may even bring Parkinson out of retirement.  Well, alright then they’re not that good, but check them out anyway! 

Guy’s online now to chat!

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New Erotic Fiction Presents some interracial lesbians

Here are a real bunch of sexy babes.  All three of them are lesbians, and if you’re a lebian yourself you might want to go along and check them out.  They are lots of fun and equally as willing to perform for any guys out there who read this blog.

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Justin the Male Escort

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Try him out for size and see what he can do for you.  You’ve got to admit, he doesn’t look too bad does he, even if he is wearing ridiculous sunglasses!

New Erotic Fiction Orgy Pictures

Do you like to see a nice bit of group sex? I know i do. And i know that i like to get into a bit of  it too if i’m given half the chance.  I certainly love these pictures and i’d love to get myself involved in some of that action.  Do you know about any orgies, or sex clubs that might want an extra member?  Email me at

You’ve got to look after your highly sexed erotic writer, and i promise not to tell anyone else about it!

Chat soon i hope, and i’m just about ready with a load more free erotic stories for the website.  If you want a story that has some group sex in it then you should try this one.

Some Webcam Sex for the boys on New Erotic Fiction

This is just the sort of thing you want when you’re feeling a little bit down in the mouth isn’t it? Some good old hardcore webcam sex from a hot little bitch like this one on the screen right now.

Let me tell you that there are plenty of horny babes reading this blog already, perhaps i should put you guys in touch with them. Maybe i’ll set up a New Erotic Fiction dating feature or something like that.

Anyway, i hope you enjoy your chat with this hot babe (if you go across that is).

Hot and Hard- New Erotic Pictures

You were all so hot over this guy that i decided to give him to you again, this time with a little more than you might expect to get.  New Erotic Fiction loves to make you happy, and i personally love to give you free pictures of naked men just before you go off to read some of my lovely FREE erotic stories.

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For the Women

If you want great erotica and you’re not sure where to get it, you’ve come to the write place. I write dirty stories, you’ve probably already guessed, but i would also recommend the link above too. This is where you’ll get quality erotica and you won’t have to pay a fortune for it.

Here you’ll get naked pictures and stuff like that, but it’s done with taste, and there was definately a woman behind it’s creation. For The Women really do know about women.

Luke gets it all out on Playgirl

New Erotic Fiction brings you Luke Riley, one of Playgirl’s favourite models.  This guy has a cock as thick as an aubergine, i’m telling you; that’s a pretty good veg to compare it too because any guys reading this post probably don’t know what one is!  They’ll be off to the supermarket to see how they compare with the lovely Luke.  I’ll save you some time guys – you don’t!

When you sign up with Playgirl you get all this and much more.  When you see pictures of the guys you get totally naked pics with their cocks standing up nice and proud and ready for action.  You can let your imagination run riot and pretend they’re waiting for you to come along and sit on them to make them explode just for you.

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Big cocks on New Erotic Fiction

Now, you came here looking for New Erotic Fiction, and you’ll get it.  However, you’ll also get lovely, free naked pictures of hot guys too.  So if you’re into the big black guys, here’s one for you that will keep you company all day long.  Why not print him off and send him around the office?

His name is Joel i think, and he comes from Playgirl; that’s right, for those of you who didn’t know, you girls get a Play magazine and website as well as the boys.  Playgirl may not be as hyped as Playboy, and they may not have an old lady living in a mansion surrounded by hot men, but they’ve certainly got the content on the website and in the magazines.

New Erotic Fiction invite you to take a look at their website and see what all the fuss is about.  You can be redirected from here, and let me tell you that you are sure to see a LOT more than what i’m giving away here.

When you get the time though, do return here and read some more sexy stories for free won’t you?  Email me at if you want any more info or you just want to say hi!