New Erotic Fiction Presents – The People Watcher

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The People Watcher

 Daniel watched people.  It was a habit.  You see, Daniel was a writer and he liked to observe human behaviour.  He said it helped him reach a level of realism he had never managed to get to before, in the old days when he drank all the time for inspiration.  He was unable to drink these days thanks to the doctor making booze blasphemous, but it didn’t stop him watching others getting stewed.   On this particular day, Daniel wasn’t in a bar however; he was drinking coffee in a department store restaurant.  It wasn’t one of his usual practices, but today was particularly cold.  One wouldn’t think so to look outside however because the sun was shining high in the sky, and this is another reason he decided to take his coffee in this particular store; it had a huge window with a great view of the sea.  Continue reading