New Erotic Fiction Presents – Hyde in the Bushes


Hyde in the Bushes

Joshua Spencer was walking home from work around eight o’clock.  He didn’t usually work this late, and he was mildly annoyed because it was getting dark.  On any ordinary day Joshua was a mild sort of man, and he was pretty void of significant features, or even strong personality traits.  He got out of bed every day, kissed his wife and children, and went to work; except on Saturdays when he played golf, and Sundays when he took the children out.  But this was not an ordinary day.  Joshua’s temper was becoming worse with every step.

  “Why the hell can’t they do it themselves?” he mumbled under his breath as he quickened his pace, “bloody wankers, the lot of them!”  He passed several other pedestrians as he was mumbling to himself, some of them he had met him many times before, but now they looked concerned to see him in such a foul mood.  They gave him a wide berth, neglecting their usual evening salutations.  Joshua did not raise his head.

   The route looked different at this time in the evening, and Joshua felt a slight unease as darkness started to descend on his already darkening mood.  It was almost as though the darkness seeped into his head as it fell down over the rooftops on either side of the street.  He watched resignedly as the last feint line of sunlight on the pavement disappeared.  He sat on a nearby park bench to catch his breath; he had been walking much faster than usual.  He felt irritable.

   Joshua was indeed a modern day Henry Jekyll, always trying too hard to conceal his true feelings, wearing an unusually conservative appearance at all times; even at home.  His life obliged him to conceal his real pleasures, and this caused an extreme duplicity of emotions.  It was only in moods such as the one he had worked himself into on this particular evening, that he could remove his disguise and submit to his more “imperious desires”… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Going for a Thong

My apologies for not posting on New Erotic Fiction for a while, i have been rather busy with my adult content writing service.  Now i intend to get back to the matter in hand and write more stories when i can.  In the meantime here is the very first erotic story i wrote; this was published by Forum Magazine (UK) back in 2008!

Going for a Thong

The clinic was as busy as ever.  There were women all over the place, and hardly any men; men didn‘t seem to take the same interest as they did a few years ago.  The toilets were full and the queue of huge women outside them seemed never ending.  Janice sighed, squeezed her husband’s hand, and joined the back of the line.  She was visibly desperate, to the point of rocking from one foot to the other.  Her husband looked for his seat… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Transport Jenny

Transport Jenny.

Brian was a long distance trucker.  A huge giant of a man who loved: football, beer, cars, transport cafes and women; in particular waitresses, just like any other trucker in the world.  He was a married man, but sadly his sexual relationship with his wife was over.  This wasn’t his choice.  She told him that she was no longer interested, that they were both getting too old because of their approaching retirement.  She said she would much rather watch the TV or play bridge with her friend Margaret.  This didn’t frustrate Brian too much because he was constantly trawling across Europe, necessitating many nights away from home.  He often reasoned to himself that if he wasn’t there, he couldn’t miss it. Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – The Library Assistant

The Library Assistant.

It was 9.00PM and Dean carried his heavy bag into the library.  His latest paper had cost him three solid nights without sleep, but he made the deadline; just.  Now all he wanted was to unload these books and sleep, he was beginning to understand how a mule felt.  He pushed his way through the security barriers and, as usual they smacked him in the balls on his way through…  Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Need a Lift?

Need a Lift?

Dan drove to work every morning, six mornings a week.  He knew he should walk because he only worked on the other side of town, and particularly so because of the planet and all, but he was just too knackered.  He worked thirteen hour days most of the time and to walk to work would add an extra half an hour at the beginning and end of each day.  He blamed the buses so he didn’t look too environmentally unfriendly.  He said they should be more frequent and cheaper, “then everyone would ride on them,” he would say.  Who was he kidding, he knew the same as everyone else, that people had become too selfish and insular to give up their last bastion of solace – the car!  His car wasn’t too unfriendly though, it was one of those little ones that looked the same as every other car of its size on the road these days, regardless of make or model; individuality and motoring were certainly no longer related… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – The Egg Man

The Egg Man

Sandra had an egg man.  He was the guy who came around every other Wednesday with fresh farm eggs, potatoes, and various other stuff that was still covered in shit.  When she thought about it this way her cynicism often reminded her that this produce could have just been covered in dirt and shipped out as fresh, free range.  But then she usually decided that anyone who was prepared to take the time to make things like this look dirty was probably putting their twisted little minds to better use elsewhere. Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Big Girls Have Much More Fun!

“Big Girls” Have Much More Fun.

   Marion was a big girl.  She had been a big girl ever since her parents and their friends had labelled her a big girl in her infancy.  Just what was wrong with saying the words fat, chubby or tubby these days was beyond her.  Now it was all: big boned, bubbly, heavy set, and of course ‘big girl’.  Marion, like most fat women, was actually more offended by people trying to skirt around this ridiculous language problem.  She wasn’t too concerned with being a little overweight and chubby at all.  In actual fact she championed the fact, and was forever trying to convince her teenage daughter that the people in the TV shows and teen movies she watched were not real people at all; at least not compared with them.  “Many of these people,” she would say, “have teams of personal trainers and nutritionists, not to mention lots of surgery!” Marion often joked that some of these movie stars bought each other new heads for Christmas.  It was important to keep her daughter’s feet firmly on the ground when it came to celebrities and aspiring to be like them… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents: The Veterinarian

The Veterinarian

John Crook was a young farmer from North Wales.  He once had a dog called Shaggy.  It was a border collie and a damn good working dog, but plagued with stomach problems.  John could never forget when it started happening, and this had nothing much to do with Shaggy the border collie; it was much more to do with his first visit to the vets in the village… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction presents: A Hard Day at the Office

Adam turned up the volume of his iPod as he sped towards Liverpool Street Station.  He dreaded the morning commute.  This morning he’d been lucky to get a seat on the train.  Just getting to the station in the morning and organising himself was so tiring these days that he was even reluctant to give up his seat for a pregnant woman standing right behind him.  It was one of those moments where everyone spotted her and no-one moved.  He was quite used to this kind of situation and could hold out for a long time.  He and his wife had two children, and he played this game in the morning when they entered his bedroom.  His wife would stir slightly and pretend to be asleep, but Adam was better.  He would mutter incomprehensible things that made him sound like he was sleep talking.  This always made the children go to their mother, and she would curse and sigh as she led them out the room… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents: Relight My Boiler


By Les Hansom

Sarah was having trouble with her boiler so she called out a guy she found in her local newspaper called Paul Suffolk, supposedly an expert in this field.  Unfortunately Paul was anything but an expert; at least at plumbing.  The first time he came, he looked the business.  He had a calling card, overalls, a van that had his name on, and even a tool belt with all the related paraphernalia that a plumber, or engineer as some of them liked to known, needed.  It always amazed her why people decided to call themselves engineers and technicians.  She supposed it made them sound a little more like an expert; although they rarely were.  These days we had: telephone engineers, vehicle technicians, and even nail technicians for Christ sake… Continue reading