New Erotic Fiction Presents – Four’s a Crowd?

Four’s a Crowd?

They finally emerged from the noisy club, onto the street.  “So where do you live?” asked Steve.

  “I didn’t plan on going to my place,” she replied, giggling.  “Besides, I have to meet my friends first and walk them home.  You have to come with me.  It wouldn’t be very chivalrous to leave a young maiden such as I walking the streets on her own would it?”

  “Just where are your friends?” asked Steve resignedly.

  “Around the corner in The Crown,” she looked him up and down.  “I said I’d meet them.”

   They walked around the corner amid the shouts of drunken yobs and screaming girls.  Surprisingly, it was only now that Steve noticed what she was wearing.  It was a kind of tight dress, although the material content of it could have quite easily made a single pair of Bridget Jones knickers.  It was basically a white mini-skirt and a matching white top, joined together on either side by two very flimsy hourglass shaped pieces of material in the middle.  The middle of the dress was essential.  It exposed a sumptuous amount of naked flesh, and more practically contributed to the stability of the ensemble; for if it wasn’t for this centre piece, the skirt section would certainly fall down.  The bottom part of the dress fell well below the hips, and actually exposed her arse, leaving the tops of her beautiful defined cheeks perfectly visible and gently wobbling with each step.  Not only was the top of her arse clearly visible, but she wasn’t doing much to hide the bottom half either.  The skirt was riding up ever so slightly because of her quickened pace.  Just as he was admiring the view she stopped.  It was as though she were reading his thoughts.  She dropped her purse and bent right over slowly to collect it from the ground.  As she did this the dress lifted over her perfect bottom completely, curving over the top.  Her beautiful ass widened as she bent.  He eyed her pussy hungrily, as it peeked between her legs, snug inside a tiny white thong.  She stood up, tugging at her dress in a futile attempt to cover herself up.

  “What’s your name anyway?” asked Steve, even more interested than before.

  “Sarah,” she replied innocently.

   They approached The Crown and before he knew it Steve was confronted by a volley of squealing.  His new friend ran off screaming into a small group of girls, all squealing, and left him to amble along at a steady pace to catch up.  ‘Here we go,’ he thought to himself, ‘thanks for walking with me Steve, so I’ll call you sometime okay?’

  “We’re going back to Alice’s house…I’m sorry, what’s your name?” asked Sarah.

  “Steve,” he replied, “so I’ll see you around maybe,” he sighed and turned to walk off in the other direction.

  “Aren’t you coming with us?” she protested.

  He was shocked.  There were four of them now, their names were: Alice, whose house they were going to, Becky, Samantha, and of course Sarah.  He couldn’t believe his luck, there wasn’t an ugly one among them.  All four of them were dressed to kill in their miniskirts and tight trousers.  Samantha had some big tits also, and they were barely kept under control in the flimsy little top she was wearing.  Sarah caught Steve’s eye as he was ogling them, “tut tut Steve, you are very naughty,” she said, wagging her finger.

   Eventually they reached Alice’s house.  They got inside and congregated around a huge wooden table in a large kitchen area.  It didn’t take long for the conversation to get flirtatious.  Being the only man in the house, Steve started to feel like they were all trying to impress him.  He found a moment to whisper in Sarah’s ear.  “So, it’s getting late.  Do you want to ask your friend if we can find a bedroom?” he said.

  Sarah smiled and answered, “We could just go at it here on the kitchen table.”  Her voice was in no way lowered and the other three stopped talking among themselves to look at Steve’s reaction.  He reddened.

  “Well, sometimes you’ve got to just ask,” he laughed.

  “I doubt I’d be able to eat of this table again if you did that Steve,” said Alice.  They all laughed until Samantha stopped and suggested something else.

  “We wouldn’t mind watching would we girls?” she asked, looking around her friends.

  “Not at all,” said Becky with a huge grin.

  “Are you game Steve?” asked Sarah, quite seriously.

  “Erm… I don’t do live sex shows girls,” he stuttered.  With that, Alice arose from her seat opposite him and walked around the table behind him.  She started to massage his shoulders as the others started to talk among themselves again as if nothing were suggested.  Sarah reached across to stroke his thigh reassuringly under the table, talking to Becky while she did it.  He just sat there enjoying the attention.  However, before he knew it, Sarah had her hand on the bulge in his trousers.  She fumbled inconspicuously with his zipper, before finally releasing his cock.  He glanced across the table, pretending to listen to the banal conversations that were taking place between Becky and Samantha.  It was amazing how Sarah could be so casual about this, she was talking across the table to the other two, yet she had a hardening cock in her hand, kneading it like a piece of doughy bread between her fingers.  Alice hadn’t noticed because she was working her thumbs into Steve’s neck with gusto; he would later find out that she was a masseuse and beauty therapist.  What he thought would happen is anyone’s guess, but he could hardly sit there and let Sarah bring him to climax and put his cock back into his trousers without anyone knowing.  Alice began to move her skilful hands down a little, under Steve’s shoulders.  He let out a huge moan as she moved.  It was a little bit too enthusiastic to compliment the massage alone, and he quickly realised this.

  “Good lord, I’m better than I thought,” said Alice in surprise, as she looked down at Steve.  It was at this point she saw what Sarah had in her hand under the table.  “Oh man!  Sarah, you just can’t wait can you?”  Alice appeared embarrassed.

  “Sometimes you’ve got to go with a feeling,” replied Alice in mock nonchalance.

  “I’m so sorry Alice, I should go,” said Steve in mortification, trying to wrestle his cock free from Sarah’s grasp.

  “You’re going nowhere boy!” said Sarah assertively.

   By this time, the other two across the table were enjoying the show and giggling among themselves.

  “Let’s have a look then Steve,” said Becky, with a giggle, shooting a look at Alice.  Alice warmed a little and could not take her eyes from the struggle that was going on under her table.  Steve was still trying to release his cock from Sarah’s grasp, and he was trying to be subtle about it for goodness knows what reason.

  “Yeah, come on Steve,” agreed Samantha, as she pushed her chair back to get up.  As she bent forward off her chair, Steve caught an eyeful of her fantastic tits, heaving to get out.  His cock hardened some more.

  “Oh I think he liked that Sam,” said Sarah as though she were handling an experiment, “I got a definite hardening when you flashed your tits.”  They all laughed out loud.

  “Let’s have a look, come on Becky,” said Samantha.  They both got to their knees so that Steve couldn’t see them, and crawled under the table.  Steve pushed back his chair to check their approach.  He saw them both appear between his legs.  From his position he could see right down their tops.  Samantha looked up at him and saw him looking.  Without speaking she scooped out her tits with ease and let them hang out; they shook as she came closer to his cock.  Both Becky and Samantha were leaning on his thighs now and he could feel their breath on his cock.  Sarah squeezed it and shook it teasingly between the two girls below.  They both looked at each other and stuck out their tongues to whip at the end of it.  Steve began to move one of his legs from side to side to knock into Samantha’s big tits.  Becky reached up and tugged at his trousers.  It was as though all three of them worked as one, perfect woman.  As Becky reached up and grabbed the belt hoops, Sarah flicked the button undone, and Samantha grabbed the bottom of the jeans.  In one fluid movement the three of them had him out of his trousers with Sarah wanking him over the faces of the other two.  Alice was massaging his neck and shoulders throughout the whole movement; she had a perfect view.  Samantha and Becky faced each other and put Steve’s cock in-between their mouths, nuzzling and licking it on either side.  Steve could see Samantha had her hands down the front of her trousers playing with herself and Becky started to stroke Samantha’s lovely big tits.  Her nipples were standing out like fruit gums and Steve wanted to suck them.  He didn’t have time for that right now because Alice had moved herself around his side to find his open mouth.  She stuck her tongue inside and kissed him hard.  He looked into her eyes and they smiled at him.  Glancing to his left he could see that Sarah also had her hand up her little dress, exposing her panties, as she played happily with her pussy.  There was lots of heavy breathing, but no talking for what seemed like a long time.  The silence was broken by Sarah.

  “Come on Steve, let’s get you on this table,” she suggested, looking at the others, “that way we’ll all be able to get at you.”

  Becky and Samantha crawled all the way through from under the table so that they stood in front of Steve.  He stood and watched the girls prepare themselves.  He watched Alice take off the flimsy, floral top she was wearing to reveal her translucent little bra.  She removed this in seconds and her pert little tits trembled beautifully as she leaned forward to remove her trousers and tiny white thong.  Sarah was tugging at her dress, lifting it over her head.  She had a terrific figure.  She had no bra on, and her boobs just fell naturally in a swinging motion as the dress finally came off.  Her tiny little panties came off next.  She was completely naked like Alice; they were both shaven.  She urged him toward the table.  He started to remove his shoes, after all, besides a T-shirt they were all he had left to take off.  As he bent forward and lifted his foot into his hand, his head lightly brushed against Samantha’s side, and as he lifted his head to look, he was face to face with one of her lovely tits.  He took the nipple in his mouth.  Samantha pulled it out in protest, “wait,” she said, “get on that table and do as you’re told.”  He jumped onto the table with his cock bobbing up and down like a springy toy.

  “Lay down Steve,” said Becky, as she lifted off her top also; she had lovely tits.

   Steve looked on in absolute awe at the sight before his eyes.  It was straight from fantasy.  All four of the girls were standing completely naked.  None of them seemed conscious of the other at all, ‘they must have done this before’ he thought to himself.  They positioned themselves at either end of the table.  Samantha and Sarah stood at the top end near Steve’s head, and Becky and Alice took the bottom end.  After a gentle prompt from Sarah, Steve put his head back onto the table.  The first thing he felt was a succession of hands moving up his legs to his ass and his cock.  He was so hard and twitching he thought he might explode all over the kitchen at any time.  Alice and Becky certainly knew what they were doing when it came to a sensual massage.  For his viewing pleasure he had Samantha’s big tits in his face.  He could see little of anything else because of them, but he wasn’t complaining.  Sarah mounted the table and sat across him, rubbing her clit against the rough hairs on his chest and clawing at his shoulders with her long nails.  He felt his cock enter the mouth of one of the girls down below.  He could feel tingling around his balls and his ass, and his cock was wet, warm, and inside a girl’s mouth, so he quickly decided he no longer cared what was happening.  His head was tilted slightly back off the table, and Samantha shook her big juicy tits around his cheeks, giggling, before moving forward to caress Sarah’s.  As she did this, she brought her beautifully trimmed blonde pussy toward Steve’s mouth and nose.  He breathed in heavily and caught the scent.  He wanted to devote all his attention to this, but there was too much happening.  His hands could feel all manner of things: tits, ass and thighs mainly, and he had no idea which belonged to who.  The whole group was becoming a multi-limbed beast, like an oversexed, mythological creature.  Becky and Alice were lapping up his cock and stroking his legs, whilst Sarah got her boobs sucked, licked and stroked by Samantha.  Steve could only see this momentarily because he had Samantha’s pussy in his face, and her thighs either side of his head.  His hands moved from the shoulders of Alice or Becky sucking his cock, onto the thighs of Sarah, where they slowly caressed her as she gyrated on his hairy chest, before finding Samantha’s shoulders and soft, comfortable, wobbling tits at the end of his journey.

  “Are you going to share this fine specimen Sarah?  I’m sure there’s room for one more on that big hairy man,” said Samantha, taking her mouth away from Sarah’s tits for a moment.  She looked up at her friend to find her approaching what could only be an intense orgasm.  Sarah was rubbing her pussy hard against Steve’s chest and she was sweating so much there were beads running off her chin onto Samantha’s face.  Samantha moved off Steve’s face to let him get a better view.  Then she put her fingers between Sarah’s legs, in a way only a woman knew how to.  Steve stared in amazement as Sarah came on his chest, semi-collapsing onto one, very tired arm.

  “Oh man!” exclaimed Steve.

  “You liked that did you?” asked Sarah rhetorically, and out of breath.

  “Who’s sucking my dick?” asked Steve.  “That feels fantastic!”

   Sarah moaned and moved off Steve’s chest, allowing him to see exactly what was going on down below.  There were so many sensations flowing over and through his body that he had no way of knowing what was going on.  He could feel himself approaching a climax also.   When he saw what was about to happen down below he nearly shot off straight away.  Samantha moved back to her position near his face and joined him to view the show.  Becky had just taken Steve’s cock out of her mouth and was about to guide its length inside Alice’s wet, wide open pussy.  Becky had her fingers opening Alice wide, and she was shaking Steve’s cock around Alice’s pussy as though she were coaxing an angry creature out of its hiding place with a piece of meat.  Steve met Alice’s eye and they both looked shocked at each other as though this weren’t happening to them directly.  His cock was very wet, and every time Becky shook it around it slipped out of her hand, making her grab at it again.  This sensation felt fantastic, like his cock was some kind of uncontrollable creature that had to be tamed.  Alice closed her eyes and squatted down hard onto his cock.  She was off target, and it hurt a little before it slid into her pussy with a little gasp from both parties.  Soon Samantha’s tits were shaking around over Steve’s face again, and she was frantically fingering herself.  Feeling the sensations in his cock building, Steve tried to sit up, pushing Samantha’s tits to one side with an awkward slap.  She moaned loudly as though she just came; she stopped playing with herself.  With a struggling clench of his stomach muscles, Steve sat up straight and threw his arms around Alice in a bear hug movement.  She gasped again as he thrust inside her.  Sarah and Becky were behind, watching Steve’s cock go in and out of their friend as though they were seeing it for the first time.  Steve heaved Alice off his cock quickly and bounced her forward onto his abdomen hard, strategically pointing his cock behind her ass.  He groaned loud and hugged her tightly; he buried his face in her beautiful pert tits.  Becky grabbed at Steve’s slippery cock, which rested briefly between Alice’s ass cheeks, and it spat out his warm load over her hand, dribbling onto his thigh, ending up on the kitchen table between his legs.  There was naught but heavy breathing for around three minutes.

   The doorbell rang in that ridiculous tone made synonymous with Charlie Chaplin movies, and Alice jumped down off the table quickly and found her panties on the floor.  “I forgot to mention that Donna and Erica were meeting us back here also!” she said in fright.

  Sarah laughed out loud as she wiped her hand on Steve’s thigh and tugged on her skimpy little dress, “You’re not tired are you Steve, there’s a little more work for you.”


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