What do you want from New Erotic Fiction

Hello again!  It’s really important that you let me know just the sort of thing you’re after from this blog.  I want to give you women what you really want; and because you don’t know where I am in the world or even who I am, I can’t give you what you’re thinking!

I just want to know if you like half naked pictures of sexy men, webcams, book reviews perhaps?  Or indeed anything else you can think of that pertains to female sexuality and turning you on.  It’s my mission to make you all wet between the legs, and I seriously want to know if I accomplish my goal.

I don’t care how dirty it is, believe me there is nothing I haven’t heard before ladies, so you are quite safe to let it all hang out on this site, so to speak.  Let me know you dirtiest sexual fantasies and allow me to write them for you.  You don’t have to give me any details (unless you want to of course!)



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