New Erotic Fiction Presents – Need a Lift?

Need a Lift?

Dan drove to work every morning, six mornings a week.  He knew he should walk because he only worked on the other side of town, and particularly so because of the planet and all, but he was just too knackered.  He worked thirteen hour days most of the time and to walk to work would add an extra half an hour at the beginning and end of each day.  He blamed the buses so he didn’t look too environmentally unfriendly.  He said they should be more frequent and cheaper, “then everyone would ride on them,” he would say.  Who was he kidding, he knew the same as everyone else, that people had become too selfish and insular to give up their last bastion of solace – the car!  His car wasn’t too unfriendly though, it was one of those little ones that looked the same as every other car of its size on the road these days, regardless of make or model; individuality and motoring were certainly no longer related…

   Dan always rose at the same time and saw the same people each morning.  He lived in a cul-de-sac so the first people he saw were the ones going to work at the same time.  He gave them nods, shouts, and occasional waves wherever necessary and got himself ready to get into the reverse race.  The reverse race was the one where each driver reversed out of their drive and got in the other’s way.  There had been quite a few close shaves over the years, and even a few collisions.  They all wanted to be first out the end of the road in the morning, yet they were mostly all too lazy to bother reversing into their own driveways when they finished work the evening before; this would nullify the reverse race of course.  Dan was pretty good at the race, and he usually beat his neighbour.  This was mainly attributed to his more manoeuvrable, tiny motor.  His neighbour had a huge Lexus; an extension of his penis, thought Dan, with very green eyes.

   For around two weeks Dan had noticed a woman walking out of his road alone at exactly the same time he left for work.  For the first couple of mornings he had stared out of his misted window at her, trying to get a look at the new woman in the street.  He only really saw a blurred image of her through all the condensation, but she was pleasing to the eye none the less.  He didn’t make much of her anymore; he knew she must have moved in a while ago, he remembered the removal vans at the end of the road.  On this particular morning he noticed her more because the weather was changing; heating up.  There was very little condensation on the inside of his car windows.  He saw her right at the top of their street, about to turn onto the main road.  He slowed right down as she came into view.  He knew it was her because he recognised her purple coat.  It was more like a cloak actually, and over the past few weeks it had been tied up tightly around her body, and what with that and the misted windows, he had hardly been able to make her out at all.  This morning however, as he pulled up level with her, he could see her much more clearly.  She had her cloak-like overcoat open due to the ever so slightly warmer weather.  She was tall, almost as tall as he was, and she was very slender.  Her hair was tied up and stuffed inside a white hat, a little like a cap made of wool; her hair looked to be quite dark.  As the breeze took hold of her coat, blowing it open a little, Dan was allowed a glorious peak at what was inside.  This woman was presumably an office type due to the business style suit she was wearing.  It fitted her perfectly.  It consisted of a tight, black skirt, a little above the knee, and a waist length jacket.  Under her jacket she had a white blouse with collars that overlapped her jacket.  It was buttoned down to where her tantalising cleavage began.  Just enough on show he thought; very tasteful.  He lingered at the end of the street for a while and watched her walk away down the road, despite the fact that the other contenders in the reverse race were queuing behind him.  He was trying to decipher if she was wearing stockings or tights; it was a game he loved to play.  Two short bursts from the horn of Mr. Lexus snapped Dan out of his whimsical little game, and off he went to work.

   On his way home he drove by the shops in the town.  When he left the newsagent he saw the woman again.  His heart skipped a beat.  There were definite vibrations coming from this woman, and they weren’t his usual: ‘I’m a randy little shit, and I want to fuck anything in a skirt’ feelings.  She was standing right in front of his car holding a newspaper.  She was beautiful, he thought, even better than he had first imagined.  Her head was tilted down and her face was frowning into her paper.  She was obviously quite a bit older than him because she was beginning to get some laugh lines and what women termed as ‘crow’s feet’ around her eyes.  That really was a rather ugly expression for such lines, and anyway, these made this particular woman look even more beautiful.  She had a face with personality.  Dan guessed that she was perhaps in her thirties.  She broke her concentration momentarily and glanced up, looking Dan right in the eye.  It was a pity she caught him at a time when his bottom jaw was resting on the top of the steering wheel, and all his fillings were on show.  She smiled and raised her hand.  Good lord, he thought, she recognised me.  Suddenly he felt a little like a stalker and realised that he must break the ice and not just drive off embarrassed, which was the first idea that sprang to mind.  He opened his door and coolly stepped half out the door.  She must know him from their road, there could be no other explanation, so he blurted it out, “need a lift?” He asked weakly and completely lost all composure and aloofness.

  “Yes, alright,” she said cheerfully, “that would be lovely.  Thanks.”  She walked over to the passenger side of the car and smiled at him.  Tucking her newspaper under her arm briefly, she pulled at the door handle; it was locked.  Dan just remained half in and half out of his little car, and he was still facing in the same direction as he was when he asked her.  He hadn’t really expected this woman to accept his offer.  He imagined her giving him a smile and politely turning him down.  “Erm…Are you going to unlock the door?” she asked in a slightly nervous voice.

  “Oh.  Yeah, of course, sorry,” replied a stuttering Dan, “I was miles away.”  He took his seat and leaned over to unlock the passenger door.  As he leaned over he saw the middle section of her beautiful body.  She was looking much more casual in a pair of jeans, a pullover and a short jacket.  He marvelled at the shape of her as he followed the tops of her thighs, out for her hips and back in tight for her lovely little waist.  He pulled up the door lock and let her in.  She climbed in and shook her hair from her eyes.  As she turned to look at him he received one of the most glorious smells a man can ever experience.  It was that first intoxicating smell of a new woman’s perfume.  It seemed to prick all his senses alive, and he almost thought for a second he could see all the separate particles of scent floating in the air as though he were viewing it through a microscope.  It was sweet.  That was all he could think of to describe it initially.  Had he been a woman, or perhaps a perfumer, he would have been able to tell that it had various hints of this and that in it.  Either way, it had the desired effect.

   This woman had a look, not unlike the aging Liz Hurley.  She had the same cheeky smile that had double the impact on a profile image.  In fact the only difference he could tell was the fact that her hair was a little more wavy than Hurley’s; well the last time he saw a picture of her anyway.  “I’m Dan,” he said nervously, holding out his hand.  She smiled at him with her lips closed, in the shape of a large banana across her face; they glistened with a pinkish lip gloss.  She extended her hand and looked a little confused for a second.

  “Oh, alright then,” she said awkwardly “I’m Nicole.  I must say this is very formal isn’t it,” she laughed a little, and Dan joined her.  He started to relax.  He started the engine and pulled out.

  “I see you sometimes in the morning in our road,” said Dan, immediately feeling like the idiot stalker he didn’t want to appear as.

  “Oh, do you?” she asked with a flirtatious little giggle.  Although Dan wasn’t looking at her, he could feel her eyes on him.  He was beginning to feel a little strange, like he was being ogled or something to that effect.

  “Have you been here long then?” he asked.

  “Not really, no,” she said flatly, “I moved here after my husband was killed.”

  “I’m sorry,” said Dan, feeling rather awkward.  He contemplated stopping the car and asking her if she wanted to get out.

  “It’s alright, he was an idiot and I hated him,” was her unexpected reply.  There was pretty much nothing but silence for the next five minutes, until they stopped at the lights.


  “Well…,” they said simultaneously, and awkwardly.  It was a little difficult to get a conversation up and running after the last revelation.

  “I’m sorry,” said Nicole, “I didn’t intend to make things difficult.”

  “It’s alright.  It’s just that I’ve never heard anyone speak like that about something like…you know.”

  “How old are you Dan?” she asked him, out of the blue.

  “I’m twenty six,” he lied.

  “Well I’m thirty six years old, would you believe?” she asked rhetorically, “and I have wasted a good chunk of my life in a relationship.  I suppose I am just quite blunt about things now.  Experience does that to you Dan.  And you’re not twenty six are you?” she laughed, “I’d say you were probably nineteen or twenty.  Am I right?” she asked

  “Yeah,” he said, turning to her for a brief second in order to soak up the smile that he had sensed.  “I’m nearly twenty.”  He smiled back, a little red in the cheeks.

  “You see,” she said, calmly resting her hand on his knee, “when you say things like that, it’s a dead giveaway.  I wouldn’t say I’m nearly thirty seven would I?”

   He looked back across at her, stopping briefly to examine the delicate hand on his knee.  He felt an awakening in his jeans when he saw her long slender fingers and thickly painted, red nails.  He could see the slimmer part of her finger where her rings must have previously been seated and he diverted his gaze into her eyes.  “I’d say you were more like twenty six actually,” he said, trying to be suave.

  “Oh come on Dan, although flattery will get you everywhere with me, I’m not stupid,” she laughed again.  Her laugh was youthful, and I little bit naughty, like Barbara Windsor perhaps; in her heyday.

  “Well, here we are,” said Dan, pulling into their road, “where do you want to be?” he asked.

  “Anywhere up here on the left,” she said.  He pulled up the car and she opened the door to get out.  “Why don’t you hang around in the morning and give me a lift to work Dan; that would help me out.  Would you do that?”

  “Yeah, sure,” he said, still trying to be cool.  “I’ll be here at seven.”  She stepped out in a cloud of glorious pheromone and perfume.  What a woman, he thought.

   That night Dan couldn’t stop thinking about Nicole.  He was as horny as hell.  He couldn’t even concentrate on the T.V.  He went to bed and couldn’t read.  He sat on top of his covers and got out his stiffening cock.  He massaged it gently between his fingers, and before long it was stood to attention like an obedient soldier.  He must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew was a dream.  Inevitably, he dreamed of Nicole.  He pulled up outside her house at 7 am.  Bizarrely enough, he glanced out of his driver’s side window and saw a colleague from work that died five years ago.  He nodded and waved and his colleague did likewise.  When he turned back to look up the pathway of Nicole’s place, he found her sitting in the passenger seat already.  She was smouldering hot!  She wore a short, velvet skirt, a little like a cheerleader’s, although this one was jet black.  She had black hold up stockings on, clearly visible to him.  His cock stiffened at the sight.  He looked up a little further and saw her slim, naked navel, which then gave way to her beautiful tits, sitting snugly inside a black lacy bra.  They were not huge, but they were a nice size.  She smiled at him and leaned over to unzip his jeans.  His cock sprang out into her cold hand.  “It’s nice and warm,” she said.  She stroked it as though it was a pet, and every time she took her touch away it twitched, jolting itself into her hand as though it had a homing device.  Each time she caught it, she squeezed it lovingly.  She worked it up and down a little harder and brought her other hand into play by cupping his balls.  The sensations in his cock were fantastic, and it felt as though he was getting a cramp in his groin when she massaged his balls between her fingers.  He squirmed in his seat and closed his eyes.  “Everything alright?” she asked in a husky voice.  The voice didn’t sound like it had when he gave her a ride home; it had a hint of Mariella Frostrup in it, or perhaps Honor Blackman.

  “Everything is fine,” he said comfortably.  He opened his eyes and found the car in the middle of a field of long grass.  It was bright and sunny and the grass was blowing in the wind.  He had an enormous sense of well being, and when he looked across at Nicole, she wasn’t there.  She had her head buried in his crotch.  He suddenly felt the gulping sensation on his cock, like he had been thrust into another reality, and his cock thrust into a milking machine.  Nicole had his stiff tool jammed in the back of her throat and she was gulping it and gagging on it at the same time.  He could hear her breathing desperately through her nose.  He moved his hand down to stroke her head and couldn’t resist the urge to push her head down.  It wouldn’t go any further, he just needed to feel the pressure of her nose above his cock and her chin on his balls.  He gave a sigh and twitched violently in her mouth.  She moved up his shaft a little and shook her head quickly like a wet dog.  His cock rattled around her dripping wet mouth and when he looked down at it, he saw that it was absolutely covered in goo and saliva from Nicole’s deep throat.  She cleaned it off with a long suck from base to tip, and followed it up with a couple of long licks, looking into his eyes as she did it.  She played with it around her lips and tongue as though it was a dripping ice-cream on a hot day.  Dan struggled his trousers down past his knees with his cock still firmly in Nicole’s hand.  He felt the warm sun through the windscreen on the top of his thighs and it felt good.  She let go for a moment and lifted her bottom off the seat long enough to hoist her little black skirt over her waist, and then she pulled off her panties quicker than he had ever seen anyone do it.  He closed his eyes again, and blinked hard in an attempt to clarify this reality.

   For some strange reason he now found himself in the passenger seat where there was much more room; more room than his own car would actually provide.  Nicole had made an effortless movement to sit on his lap with her back to him.  She squirmed slowly on his legs and Dan felt her wetness on his warm thighs.  She reached down between her legs and found his cock, only too ready for her.  She wrapped her thumb and first two fingers around it and pulled at the foreskin, wanking it steadily.  As she did this, she lowered herself up and down slowly over the tip of his cock without putting it inside her.  Her leg muscles were incredibly strong, but occasionally she shuddered making one of them wobble a little.  She did this for a while and then worked Dan’s cock backwards and forwards over her clit, flicking it and making herself even wetter.   Then she did this all again, using his dick to apply more pressure.  Dan was beginning to think he was being used as an elaborate type of dildo; not that he was complaining.  Eventually she sat down on his cock.  And when she did he didn’t expect it at all.  What he had expected was a slow slide down and a gasp from each of them, what he got was a slam down as if Nicole were playing musical chairs.  She thrust herself down with such force that the passenger seat creaked under the pressure; and she was not a big woman in any way.  “Oh Jesus!” exclaimed Dan, as she did it again and again.  She was really working her leg muscles.  Dan held his hands on them and stroked the length of her thighs as she fucked him hard.  He reached under her bottom as she slipped and squelched up and down on his cock and moved his fingers around like a blind man fumbling with his wallet.  He had no idea what he was doing, but he did feel Nicole’s own hand, hovering over her pussy.  Her first two fingers were working frantically at her clit as though she were frantically clicking a mouse waiting for an unresponsive computer program.  He pulled his fingers away and looked at them.  They glistened with the juice from her soaking pussy.  Dan’s cock was almost numbed by the furious fucking, but he had no control whatsoever, he could barely move due to his position.  He was satiated however, by stroking her beautiful back.  It was long and went in and out in all the right places; a near perfect shape.  Her skin felt soft to touch.  He left his hand in one position, just above the base of her back and allowed her to move against it.  She sighed gently and slowed her movements.  He reached up slowly with his other hand and expertly unclipped her bra, the way a man can only do in his dreams.  It parted and allowed him the same thrill as a passionate painter must derive from beginning a new blank canvas.  His hands explored their newfound freedom and Dan closed his eyes again, allowing the sensitive area on his wrists to come into play on her back.  From the sensations on his skin and the sensations from his cock, to the smell of sex in the air and the sound of breathing, Dan was in sensory heaven.  He ran his finger tips gently, up over her hips and into the centre of the hourglass.  Further up and a little around the front of her upper body they went, anticipating and exploring new sensations from the sides of her beautiful boobs.  They did not disappoint, and Dan twitched hard inside her when his fingers eventually worked their way around to the front of Nicole’s tits, to find her hard, pointed nipples.  He applied more pressure, feeling the weight of her tits in his hands.  Nicole giggled quietly to herself as she felt the little boy in Dan getting overwhelmed by all these toys she had to offer.  He writhed, tensed his legs and squirmed around inside her while he squeezed her tits harder and harder. 

   Because Nicole had slowed to a steady rocking motion on his cock, she leaned back ever so slightly in order to relax, and then suddenly, with a frantic twitching around her pussy, where Dan couldn’t see, she dropped down onto his throbbing cock for the last time and fell forward onto the dashboard, bashing her head on the windscreen.  She turned her head around to the side and looked at Dan out the corner of her eye.  She looked perfect, and her long hair was tussled and half across her flushed, well-fucked looking, face.  “Thank you Dan!” she sighed, going limp on his hard twitching cock.  For a moment he thought she would forget about him, but after a few seconds she slid off his dick and turned around to face him.  Her beautiful, surprisingly pert tits were right in his face and he leaned forward to lick her nipple.  She laughed grabbed his head, thrust it into her cleavage and shook her upper body until Dan was begging to get back inside her.  She lifted up ever so slightly and his cock popped in like it knew where home was.  This time Nicole didn’t move up and down with her leg muscles, she rocked back and forth with her hips, allowing Dan’s cock to almost pop out of her on the backward stroke.  This sensitised the whole of his hard cock and made him feel like he was being milked again because of the near 180 degree angle it was pushed down to.  He gripped onto the car’s handbrake lever and the passenger door handle as Nicole increased her speed.  He didn’t know quite what to do.  He closed his eyes and tried to relax, relishing every sensation, but eventually his cock began to twitch uncontrollably and he felt himself rising to his limit.  Nicole felt the sensations and pulled away from him just in time to splatter the outside of her wet pussy and her slippery hand with thick cum.  Dan flopped into the chair, his back sweaty and cold and his dick twitching between his legs.  He opened his eyes to the sound of Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love, and realised that it was his radio alarm clock.  Could he really go and pick her up now?  Maybe the story would begin again.


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