New Erotic Fiction Presents: Relight My Boiler


By Les Hansom

Sarah was having trouble with her boiler so she called out a guy she found in her local newspaper called Paul Suffolk, supposedly an expert in this field.  Unfortunately Paul was anything but an expert; at least at plumbing.  The first time he came, he looked the business.  He had a calling card, overalls, a van that had his name on, and even a tool belt with all the related paraphernalia that a plumber, or engineer as some of them liked to known, needed.  It always amazed her why people decided to call themselves engineers and technicians.  She supposed it made them sound a little more like an expert; although they rarely were.  These days we had: telephone engineers, vehicle technicians, and even nail technicians for Christ sake…

   Paul Suffolk was a handsome young man, around his mid twenties.  He had longish, blonde hair and looked a little like the late Heath Ledger when he starred in that movie about knights.  Sarah absolutely adored Heath Ledger.  Paul looked as though he had quite a muscular physique under his work clothes.  He was tall also, with big strong hands.  When he shook her hand on greeting her, he very nearly crushed it.  Must have been all those pipes he had to get his hands around, she thought to herself with a little quiver of excitement.

   Sarah was forty five years old, what some would call middle aged.  This was not how she thought of it.  She considered herself ‘experienced’ and she was right.  Sarah had been married twice and had five children, all of whom had moved out, or lived with their father.  She had recently decided on a life without dependent men.  Sarah dedicated herself to a life of uncomplicated sex with no strings.

  “So how long have you been doing this Paul?” she asked him as she followed him up the stairs, imagining his tight, muscular ass cheeks tensing with each step up.

  “Oh not long,” he said, “I used to work for another firm but I got tired of being told what to do,” he laughed.  “When you work for yourself you don’t get that problem you see?”

  “Yes.  Would you like a drink?”  she asked.

  “Coffee, milk with two would be lovely, thanks darling!” he said enthusiastically.

Well, she thought, he has certainly got the sexist, tradesman like colloquialisms off early anyway.  He sounded like he should be in his forties also, perhaps carrying a beer gut and smoking a roll-up cigarette.  It was a good job he looked as fit as fuck, she thought, otherwise she would probably have asked him to leave just because of this.

After showing him that the boiler was in the attic, and she had made him a coffee, she left him to it.  She wandered around occasionally underneath the ladder below the attic entrance in the hope of catching a glimpse of his ass bending over, but sadly she didn’t see anything.  Besides, after around five minutes the telephone rang in the hallway and it was her friend Allison.  Allison talked forever on the telephone, so there would be no chance of getting back to check out her plumber boy any time soon.

  “Hi babe, how are you?” she said brightly.

  “What you up Sarah?  Do you want to go shopping this afternoon?  I’ve got some vouchers I need to use up,” said Allison on the other end of the phone.

  “No, I can’t really, I have the plumber here,” said Sarah, thinking briefly that she would very much like to get up there in the attic with him.

  “Oooh! Is he fit then?” asked her friend.

  “As fit as fuck!” said Sarah quite loudly.

  “And how old is he, may I ask?” said Allison whilst laughing to herself.

  “He’s not out of my league just yet Allie, don’t start on me.  I estimate him to be around twenty five perhaps,” she said.  She heard a noise just behind her.  She turned to see Paul standing there looking all flushed and embarrassed.

  “Twenty three actually,” he said, trying to remain aloof from the situation.  Sarah wasn’t often mortified by events, but this was an exception.  She coloured instantly.

  “Gotta go Allie, right now!  Something’s come up,” she said as she moved the phone away from her ear, vaguely hearing Allison’s parting comments.

  “That was quick! He must’ve been excited.”  The phone went down and when Sarah looked at Paul she saw that he was looking at the receiver.

  “Did you hear that?” she said, breaking the beginnings of a rather uncomfortable silence.

  “Yes, but it’s…” he managed to say before Sarah interrupted him.

  “I’m sorry Paul, it’s just that when us girls get together we like to have a bit of fun, you know how it is.  Are you married?  Girlfriend?”  She asked.

  “No, I haven’t,” said Paul, “Mrs Weaver, we’ve got a bit of a…” he was interrupted again, and this time he looked mildly annoyed.

  “Please, call me Sarah, I’m not one for…,” said Sarah, before Paul managed to get his own back.

  “Mrs. Weaver, can you come up to the attic?  There is something I want to show you on the boiler,” he asked.

She followed him dutifully up the stairs in silence and started to climb the ladder directly behind him.  She looked up his trouser leg as she climbed and she caught a glimpse of his hairy skin.  Without a further thought she reached out and touched it.  Paul stayed perfectly still and never said a thing.  Sarah looked up, half expecting him to turn to look at her and tell her to leave him alone, but he didn’t.  I’ve still got it for the younger guys, she thought to herself.  Her confidence clicked back into gear and she gently toyed with the hairs on his leg, just above the ankle on his work boots.  Still he never moved, he merely placed his hands on either side of the attic entrance to stabilise himself.

Sarah was getting moist in her panties.  She could feel tingling around her pussy and a warm feeling developing in her tummy.  She always felt like this before something sexy was going to happen; and she wasn’t even sure that it was.  She likened this initial feeling to that of when she got into a bed with freshly laid clean sheets and covers and felt the comfort surround her.  She would often masturbate after this feeling had subsided.  Wanting to push this as far as it would go (if only to tell Allison), she pushed her hand further up the leg of Paul’s trousers.  She could only go as far as the back of his knee, which she tickled and stroked, causing Paul to quiver a little to her touch.

  “Stay there!” said Paul commandingly, as he hoisted himself right up into the attic energetically.

  “Are you alright?” she asked, suddenly a little worried she may have offended him.  But then before long, and as she was looking back down the ladder onto the landing carpet thinking about how much it needed hoovering, he appeared again.  Except this time he was naked.

  “Fucking Hell!” she exclaimed, as her hands reached out to him like someone had thrown money into the air, and as quickly as she could manage without falling off the ladder.

   Paul was a stunning figure of a young man; just what many sexually aware men and women looked for in their ideal partner.  Sarah pushed her hands up and over the various bumps and muscles of his ankles and legs, revelling in the moulded beauty of him.  She had to take one hand away and push it down the front of her tracksuit, and inside her panties to find her swollen clit, begging for attention.  She pressed her clit and let another finger slip just inside.  She felt herself start squelching as she moved her fingers frantically.

  “Do you like that Mrs. Weaver?” asked Paul from up in the attic.  For a moment Sarah felt like laughing.  Here she was playing with her pussy whilst feeling up her naked plumber half in and half out of the bloody attic.

  “I love it!” she said as she changed her position slightly.

She looked between his legs and saw his cock, just hanging there, twitching ever so slightly with the anticipation of being grabbed and wanked off.  Sarah had every intention of getting hold of this big weapon.  She moved her hand a little higher, past his cock however, hanging there waiting for her to grasp it and harden it to its maximum, and she found the muscular v-shaped abdomen muscles that pointed down to his groin.  She wasn’t sure why, but she just felt as though while she had this boy here in this position, she should exploit the opportunity for all it was worth.  There was no way she was going to venture straight to his cock without following the muscles that pointed down; it was like some kind of law that had to be followed on a torso formed such as this one.

She moved her other hand out of her panties for a moment and slid it up his leg, making a small damp trail on his skin, on its way to meet the other hand.  She could smell herself as her hand passed the front of her face.  When they were both in position on his lower abdomen, her face was virtually under Paul’s ass.

She stroked her fingers down the clearly defined lines of his abdomen towards his groin.  She felt him shudder and twitch, and his cock stood up some more, hitting her wrist as she moved her hand down.  As she did this she flicked out her tongue and caught the underside of his pert, beautifully constructed ass.  He shook and the ladder rattled.

  “Grab it!” he commanded, “grab my cock and wank me.”  Sarah obliged and took a hold of his hard dick.  Because she grabbed it from underneath she bent it down as she wanked him, almost as though she were milking it.  He groaned with pleasure.  Sarah moved so that her back was now against the ladder, and she pushed her head between his legs to lick the end of his cock.

Paul’s knees trembled with the pleasure as Sarah put the end of his swollen nob in her mouth.  They were both trusting a little too much to fate here on the ladder.  Sarah moved her hands around to Paul’s backside and pushed him further into her mouth, causing herself to almost gag on the length of it.  He shook and finally slipped.  There was a clatter as he fell one rung down.

His cock slipped from Sarah’s mouth and banged against her tits.  Sarah was level with his muscular abdomen and she ran her hands up his back and kissed around his tummy button, working her way upwards to his smooth, hard chest.  One of her hands caught hold of his cock and started to jerk him off fast.

Just when she was wondering if she would get fucked by this guy or what, Paul jumped up into the attic again.  She caught a lovely glimpse of balls and asshole as he shot up like a monkey; he was so agile, she thought.  Oh to be twenty years younger again.  Just as she was thinking this Paul’s arm appeared in the hatchway.

  “Jump up!” he said, forcefully, “You want some action?”  Hell yes, she thought to herself as she virtually jumped into the attic, missing rungs on the ladder.

Once he had her up there she marvelled at his beautiful body.  He was stunning in every sense of the word, and to top it all off, he had an enormous hard on with her name written all over it.  He approached her and pulled down her tracksuit bottoms, allowing them to come to a stop just below the knee before stamping on them with his huge feet.  She stepped out of them slowly.

  “Take off your knickers,” he said.  He grabbed his cock and wanked slowly while she did this.  Sarah couldn’t believe what was happening.  She was so wet, she was almost embarrassed to take off her panties; that time had passed however.  She pulled them down and looked him in the eye.  She approached and he took her in his strong arms.  She suddenly felt like the young one.  This strapping young man made her feel as though she were eighteen again in the arms of a fifty year-old man.  It was amazing how women were only interested in older men when they were younger, and interested in younger men when they were older.

He turned her around and lifted off the flimsy top she had covering her boobs.  They fell out, free and he took them both in his big hands, after discarding her top down the hatch, and he felt the weight of them.  Sarah fell to the floor of the attic, fears of falling through it flashing in her mind, as Paul turned her over and entered her from behind.

He pushed her hard and rubbed her naked body against the rough chipboard flooring.  She moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain, and gripped the sides of the hatch through fear of falling through.  She felt him hoist himself up and arch his back.  He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed down hard as he thrust his cock into her.  She slid painfully along the floor and her head dropped down the hatch.

Paul’s cock felt amazing.  He had stopped thrusting now, he just pushed gently with his hips as his tool rested at its maximum inside her.  Her pussy was tingling with excitement and anticipation, and all the muscles in the lower part of her legs were aching to crack and kick out against this huge beast on top of her.  She felt absolutely incredible.

Now her shoulders were sticking out of the attic, and her boobs soon followed as she spurred on her young lover behind her.

  “Come on you fucking stud! Do it hard again!  Fuck me hard!” she screamed as she took one hand away from the attic hatchway to play with her clit.  She rubbed it hard.  “Slap me,” she said out of breath.

  “You’re a dirty bitch aren’t you!” shouted Paul.  He pulled out his cock and slapped it on her ass cheeks as she circled her clit in all the wetness that surrounded.  She suddenly began to slip out the attic hatch as she tensed her legs for a climax, and Paul was forced to grab her shoulders to pull on her.  As he did this, his big cock slid straight back into her wet pussy just at the precise moment that she came.

She relaxed only long enough to feel his final thrust into her wet pussy.  He wrenched out his dick and shot his cum all over her back.  As he splattered her all over she jumped quickly before she fell out the attic and kicked the boiler.  Just as Paul was shaking the last of his hot cum of his cock the boiler fired up and the heating started to work.

They both laughed out loud, and it helped avoid the semi-uncomfortable scramble for clothes she was often too familiar with.

  “For fuck sake!” said Sarah, “if I’d know it only needed a kick I wouldn’t have bothered asking you over!” she laughed.  “But then again…”

Copyright © Les Hansom 2009


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