New Erotic Fiction Presents – Going for a Thong

My apologies for not posting on New Erotic Fiction for a while, i have been rather busy with my adult content writing service.  Now i intend to get back to the matter in hand and write more stories when i can.  In the meantime here is the very first erotic story i wrote; this was published by Forum Magazine (UK) back in 2008!

Going for a Thong

The clinic was as busy as ever.  There were women all over the place, and hardly any men; men didn‘t seem to take the same interest as they did a few years ago.  The toilets were full and the queue of huge women outside them seemed never ending.  Janice sighed, squeezed her husband’s hand, and joined the back of the line.  She was visibly desperate, to the point of rocking from one foot to the other.  Her husband looked for his seat… His name was James, he was thirty-six years old, and he had been here many times before.  He was hoping that this occasion would be his last.  He never took any enjoyment in these things.  The coffee machine was terrible, and the image on the ultrasound was never very clear, at least to him.  Janice was always insisting she could see all the different parts when the doctor or nurse pointed them out.  James always thought they were making it up in order to tell the parents what they might want to hear.  He took his usual seat opposite the play area and began to do what he always did in this clinic, indeed what he did wherever he went.  This was to stare as inconspicuously as he could at the backsides of all the women taking their children into the play area.  It wasn’t as though he was an ass man in any way at all really.  He loved the look of a woman’s ass, but he preferred to see it in a particular way.  The last few years had seen an increase in g-string and thong wearers.  This was good.  What was even better was that they nearly always wore low waisted trousers or jeans.  What was great on occasions like these was that even pregnant women still wore them, particularly if they were early in their term.  This aroused him considerably.  Directly in front of him stood one of the most beautiful arses he had ever seen.  It was absolutely perfect!  He glanced over at Janice and checked she was still queuing.  She was, but she was looking at him and smiling that lovely smile she always did at times like this.  It was almost as though she was grateful for his support for goodness sake.  This is where he should be, by her side, and if she actually knew what he was spending more time thinking about she’d castrate him on the spot. 

   This woman he was staring at had on the tightest of jeans.  They were the type that gave shape to even the worst ass; acting like a kind of support bra for the arse.  These particular butt cheeks were beautifully cupped in two little globes, outlined by a smiley, moustache shaped line underneath.  It made him want to cup them in each hand, feel the weight of them, test the softness of them through the jeans, squeeze them and lick them.  Also if he lifted ever so slightly and got onto his knees, he would be able to see the perfect little snatch between her legs, only just outlined by her tight jeans.  He was near to salivation.  She squatted to hug her child and the jeans slid down her back, slowly revealing the most beautiful looking whale tail shot he had seen in years.  It wasn’t just the panties themselves that turned him on, oh no, it was the whole ensemble.  The g-string was pink, and not a colour he usually went for, but this time he made an exception.  They were the new style of g-string, they weren’t too obvious, and they didn’t pop out of a girl’s jeans and stay hanging out all day.  They were made more erotic because of their secretive existence.  This was because they were made to fit the upper curve of the bottom beautifully, like a mirror image of the one that was defined by the butt cheek line underneath the bottom, so that where an ordinary g-string or thong reveals itself in the middle when merely bent over, these ones dipped below the base of the spine, flashing a glorious little diamante heart shape on their way toward the crack of the ass; very sexy.  These were only made visible in an extreme squat position with tight jeans such as the ones James was staring at right now; either that or a big ass.  James was an expert.  His dick leapt to attention and strained against his trousers.  He cursed himself and looked away, this was hardly the place.  When he looked back, after checking Janice’s place in the queue for the ladies, he was shocked to find himself looking directly into the face of his latest obsession.  She was not as young as her ass had suggested, he estimated late thirties, she was quite tall, had a pretty enough face, and short black hair in a bob style.  Her bump looked out of place, like a prosthetic or something.  The top she was wearing didn’t cover it properly and the bottom of her bump was showing.  Not only that, but the waistband of her jeans was underneath the bump and James began to think that if he could just lift the bump a little, he would perhaps see the top of those beautiful pink panties.  She smiled at him knowingly, and he felt nervous.  He smiled back in a matter of fact way and tried to look away.  However, she did not.  She moved closer to him and began to look over his head.  If he just reached out now he could touch her.  Touch that soft skin on the base of her bump, a bump that she clearly took care of in order to prevent stretch marks.  He could see the softness and as he stared at it in front of him he swore that he could smell the moisturiser.  It was then that he realised the reason his fantasy girl was so close, she was looking over him at the notice board.  She stretched the top half of her body in order to move her head a little closer to the notices and not to invade James’ personal space too much; as if he minded.  There!  He caught a glimpse!  When she stretched he saw that the pink panties were peaking, ever so slightly, from the top of those lovely jeans.  If he just pushed the waist band down a little more he would probably see some pubic hair.  He just bet that there was something written on them in tiny diamante stones, like “get it here big boy”, or “shy girl”, or perhaps even “fuck me James, hard!”  James was hot.  He was getting so hot that he wanted to take off his jacket.  He dare not however because he had a huge hard-on that would probably poke the eye out of the woman sitting next to him when he stood and turned around.  Many of these women were gagging for some cock because their husbands wouldn’t go near them; this puzzled James, he had always wanted to do his wife, no matter what the circumstances, they were both very highly sexed.  Anyway, if he were to stand now it would be like waving a rump steak in front of a cage full of lions.

  Then the strangest thing happened.  Everything seemed to go quiet, the only noise was a kind of ringing in his ears, then in a matter of seconds there was a massive sucking sound like he had water escaping from them.  Then it was quiet.  The children were no longer in the play area, and when he looked to his left, the huge woman formerly seated next to him had gone.  In fact there was no one there at all, even his wife had vanished.  There was no sound except the radio playing.  But wait a minute.  In front of him was his fantasy woman, in the same position as he had first seen her.  She was squatting again, but this time there was no child, she was just there like some kind of mannequin.  Being able to concentrate harder on his prize this time, as her jeans slid down her back he noticed the gap between her waistband and the start of her little top was bigger than he remembered, and he imagined stroking her skin just above the waist and feeling the softness of it, like the skin of the human wrist, like the skin of his own wife in the morning.  Then before he could stop himself he moved forward off his chair and got to his knees behind her.  He took both hands and, whilst barely touching her skin, he guided them from the denim of her jeans, onto her beautiful ass, toward the slim centre of her hourglass figure, marveling at the creation of woman as her skin tingled on its rise to meet his rough fingers.  She never said a word, only ever so slightly shivered.  He slowly continued to explore, pushing upwards to force the small, white cotton top to rise as his hands stroked her skin in search of her bra.  He anticipated the journey around to the front of her body.  He moved himself closer to her.  She kneeled and James pressed his cock against her back as his hands moved up to her shoulders.  If he could see in front now he knew that her bra would be completely exposed, but for some reason he waited.  Finally her hands reached around and grabbed James’ hips, pulling them harder into her.  She released her grip and began to wrestle with his trouser button and zip.  He stopped stroking her shoulders, pulled out his cock and wrapped her delicate hand around the shaft in quite a hurry.  She squeezed.  James could take no more, he pushed her forward and watched her jeans slide even further down her ass.  Virtually all of her g-string was showing now and all that was required was to scoop her two lovely cheeks out of those jeans.  He pushed his hands into the jeans and allowed his cock to rest gently on the crack of her ass.  He slid the jeans right down to her knees in one smooth, beautiful slide.  He reached around and unbuttoned the front, put his hands between her knees and pushed her legs apart.  He moved back a couple of paces on his knees and admired the view.

   “Oh, yeah!” he exclaimed as he wanked himself slowly at the sight.

  He leaned over her and let the top side of his hard cock stroke and strain against her snatch, and as he leaned forward he caressed her bump with both hands, supporting its small neatness, and loving the softness of the skin.  The rubbing had to go somewhere, and James was getting so hard and excited that he grabbed his cock, lifted the string of her panties and twanged it back down onto his throbbing hard-on.  Moving back and forth under the tightness of the string, and against her soft skin, made him throb even more, and a little pre-cum leaked from the tip of his cock, wetting the top of her right ass cheek.  She brought her hand around and rubbed it into her skin and into his cock, moaning with pleasure.  He could see that she was moving her hand frantically between her legs, rubbing herself through her panties with the knuckle of her middle finger.  He could smell her excitement.  She began to moan and every so often she would bring her fingers up to his cock, resting on her ass cheek, and stroke it, and each time her fingers were wetter than the last.  James pulled his dick out of her panties leaving an elongated mess of pre-cum at the top of her right ass cheek.  She moved her hand and turned her head to look at him.  She grinned.  James pulled her soaked panties down so that just below her ass they looked like a slingshot ready for loading.  He could just see her pussy, glossy with dew drops, but that was not what he was interested in right now.  He grabbed her hips roughly and pushed his cock into the crack of her lovely ass and squeezed the cheeks together.  “Oh yeah, so soft!” he moaned, as he vigorously wobbled her beautiful ass cheeks, making them stimulate his ready to burst cock.  Her hand had replaced itself by this time and she slid her fingers into her pussy.  He took one hand away and circled his fingers around her pussy lips in order to get them nice and wet so he could lubricate his own activities a little higher up.  He thrust faster now and he shook her ass cheeks even harder, forcing them even more to vibrate against his throbbing cock.  He eyed them hungrily, and he wanted to kiss and lick them.  Why, oh why couldn’t he do everything at the same time?  The underside of his cock felt terrific as it slid up and down the crack of her ass at great speed.  She was moaning more and more with each thrust.  Her fingers squelched expertly at unfathomable speed around the opening of her soaking wet pussy, and then with a shuddering of her legs she came silently.  Her left leg gave way and she collapsed to the floor.  She quickly arched her back and lifted her bump, giving a little moan that was a mixture of pleasure and pain.  James was spurred on by this, and he grabbed the sides of her glorious ass and rammed his cock into her wet pussy, deep.  He thrust it only twice, slowly, before pulling out, and inserting it back between her ass cheeks to let a torrent of cum squirt up into the pocket of her lower back.  He semi collapsed onto her back and hugged the delicate little bump, he stroked her tits as they hung slightly down, just touching the cold floor.  He closed his eyes.

 “Oh, thank god for that, I thought I was going to piss myself,” exclaimed Janice, as she sat down next to him, jolting him from his fantasy.

  He was visibly startled, and had an erection the size of Nebraska in his trousers.  How long had he been daydreaming?  “Sorry love, I was miles away for a moment there,” he said nervously.

  “What’s up baby?”  Janice asked with concern.  She put her hand on his lap and inadvertently touched his cock; it twitched and strained against his trousers for some attention.  “Jesus Jimmy, I have been neglecting you haven’t I?”  She said, in a playful voice, “We’ll see what we can do about that when we get home.  No more daydreaming now.”

  He grinned at her.  If only she knew.  “Sure, I’d like that honey.”


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