New Erotic Fiction is getting popular.

I love it when I get new comments on New Erotic Ficiton, but I must say that it pisses me off considerably when they are mostly spam from you assholes out there who think that you can pass a compliment to me whilst trying your hardest to advertsise your own website!  I mean come on!  I don’t go onto your blogs and say “hey this is a really good post, and by the way if you want to read some great new erotic fiction then go to…”  This is a bad thing to do and you should no better folks!

As ever, i’m after new ideas for the blog.  New erotic fiction needs to evolve and I’m not sure quite how to do it.  I know that I need many more stories and I intend to bring you free sex stories whenever I can.  Free erotica is what the world deserves and you shall have it at your finger tips thanks to me – Les Hansom.

Of course if you can’t wait to get a whole load of sex stories in your hand at the same time then you could always buy my book by clicking the link on the right of the screen.

Take Care, and don’t fucking spam me!



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