More Hot Guys on New Erotic Fiction

Now, we all know how you like the young men don’t we?  Well, New Erotic Fiction as brought you some more of them.  This guy is called…well, whatever you want him to be called, and he simply loves to get his cock out and show all the women who search for new erotic fiction every day.  I like to think of this guy as a character from one of my stories, and i think i’ll put him in one quite soon.

[by the way if you want to see more of this guy, and I mean completely naked, click this link  He's gallery 2 I think]

What do you think he looks like?

  • A Postman – I”ve never written a free sex story with a postman in it before!
  • A Mechanic – Sex stories are always good when they get dirty aren’t they?
  • A Delivery Guy – What he delivers is up to you.

These are all quite normal, and some would say cheesy, scenarios, but I always have room for the more fetish driven sex story if you have any ideas.  Don’t forget to let me know on

On Tuesday next week they’ll be another free sex story on new erotic fiction for you to enjoy, and I really would appreciate your comments (not those spam comments that get sent in all the times!)



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