No more old erotic fiction

I used to have a blog elsewhere, and now this has ended.  This is for some of you who followed me in the past; you’ll remember.  And some of you may even recognise some of the new erotic fiction you read on the blog.  Erotic fiction is timeless however, and i hope you’ll read all the stories in their new environment, and perhaps look at some more…

I think i’ll update the free erotic fiction at least once a week if i can.  I know i’ve got about 20-40 free sex stories ready for publication on here so i can’t wait to start sharing them with you.  If you haven’t been following, the first free erotic story is called Relight my Boiler and you can read it onsite right now.  I’ve categorised the story under Toy Boy because it features a middle aged woman and a younger man.

I hope you enjoy all the free sex stories i write.  New erotic fiction should be free, and i intend to keep it that way!

Love you all

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