New Erotic Fiction Presents – Hyde in the Bushes


Hyde in the Bushes

Joshua Spencer was walking home from work around eight o’clock.  He didn’t usually work this late, and he was mildly annoyed because it was getting dark.  On any ordinary day Joshua was a mild sort of man, and he was pretty void of significant features, or even strong personality traits.  He got out of bed every day, kissed his wife and children, and went to work; except on Saturdays when he played golf, and Sundays when he took the children out.  But this was not an ordinary day.  Joshua’s temper was becoming worse with every step.

  “Why the hell can’t they do it themselves?” he mumbled under his breath as he quickened his pace, “bloody wankers, the lot of them!”  He passed several other pedestrians as he was mumbling to himself, some of them he had met him many times before, but now they looked concerned to see him in such a foul mood.  They gave him a wide berth, neglecting their usual evening salutations.  Joshua did not raise his head.

   The route looked different at this time in the evening, and Joshua felt a slight unease as darkness started to descend on his already darkening mood.  It was almost as though the darkness seeped into his head as it fell down over the rooftops on either side of the street.  He watched resignedly as the last feint line of sunlight on the pavement disappeared.  He sat on a nearby park bench to catch his breath; he had been walking much faster than usual.  He felt irritable.

   Joshua was indeed a modern day Henry Jekyll, always trying too hard to conceal his true feelings, wearing an unusually conservative appearance at all times; even at home.  His life obliged him to conceal his real pleasures, and this caused an extreme duplicity of emotions.  It was only in moods such as the one he had worked himself into on this particular evening, that he could remove his disguise and submit to his more “imperious desires”…  As he looked across the road in the faded light of evening he realised that now was one of those moments.  Joshua Spencer had a secret.  He adored women’s underwear.  He had a raging stiffy walking through the lingerie department with his wife, affectedly ignoring the rails of beautiful items that looked like cakes in a pie shop window.  He had bought underwear before, three towns away from his own, just like a teenager buying a porno mag, but it had always been obvious in his mind that the assistant knew he was buying it for himself.  This wasn’t because he bought the correct size either, no, on the contrary, he like squeezing into tiny little panties and forcing his cock to bulge out at the sides.  What he gazed upon across the road was magnificent, and to a bystander looking at Joshua, it appeared to be a moment not unlike one of those Indiana Jones experiences when he stares at a priceless relic with special powers.  The prize in question was a collection of beautiful lingerie arranged along a washing line next to a public footpath that ran through some waste ground on its way to the next estate.  Firstly there was a pair of stockings, looking all flimsy and out of shape.  Joshua couldn’t tell from this distance whether they were silk or not.  Then there was a suspender belt, followed by a thong and matching bra.  They were done seductively in what looked like red and black, the red looked silk and it covered the best parts.  ‘They must feel great,’ Josh thought to himself.  He had to get a closer look at them.

   He was surprised at how quiet the road was at this time in the evening, and as he crossed the road he felt good, in a wicked sense of the word.  He lifted the lapels of his jacket to partially cover his face and approached the garden gate where the lingerie was hanging.  Strangely enough his first thought was that this woman, whoever she was, should be getting this stuff in by this time, it would get damp.  He shook this domesticated aura away and allowed himself to marvel at the beautiful creations on the line.  They were indeed fine, silk material, bordered with subtle, patterned lace edges.  ‘The owner of these must have a pretty good body,’ he thought to himself, the cup size was pretty big on the bra and yet the panties didn’t seem to be too huge.  He felt his cock harden at the thought of getting his hands on them.  His heart quickened, then started to double its pace, his face contorted and he felt like an altogether different person, an evil individual, an Edward Hyde to his own Joshua Spencer.  He plunged “headlong into the sea of liberty,” and without a single thought, he ran into the garden, leaping over the small front gate.  He snatched what he could from the washing line in a matter of seconds and leapt out as quickly as he had entered.  There was no action from the house so without looking what he had, Joshua put the underwear into his pocket and walked casually into the overgrown alley.

   Joshua’s heart was still beating fast when he stopped to rest at a point on the overgrown path, just behind the garden he had been in.  He pushed his way through the long grass and stepped behind the lower branches of an overgrown tree so that he was completely hidden.  He looked around very carefully before unzipping his trousers.  His cock sprang out like an animal that had caught the scent of its prey.  He pulled the underwear from his pocket and felt its smoothness in his hand.  He had managed to get away with one stocking and the thong.  He grabbed his cock and wrestled with it frantically for a few seconds, squeezing and wanking hard.  Then he raised the thong to his face and gently stroked it across his cheek.  While he smelled it deeply he grabbed his cock again and started to gently tickle the end with his finger tips.  ‘Time to savour the moment a little,’ he thought to himself.  He wrapped the panties around his hand so that the front silk section could rub against the underside of his cock.  He stroked himself slowly and his cock twitched.  He pulled the stocking a little over his other hand and revelled in the feel of the silk.  It was fantastic.  He stroked from between his asshole and his balls with the stocking, making his cock twitch even more.  A little pre-cum came to the end and he wiped it away with the thong.

   “Hey!  What the hell are you playing at?” a female voice shouted angrily, from near the fence .  “What are you doing in there?  I’m calling the police.”

   Thinking quickly, Joshua dropped the panties like they were on fire and rammed the stocking into his pocket, she might not have seen what he was doing.  He took a chance.  “No, wait, it’s alright I’m just taking a leak, I’m sorry,” he said in a convincing voice.  This wasn’t the first time Joshua had to explain the behaviour of his alter ego.

   “You finished?” said the voice in a more reasonably enquiring tone.


   The voice emerged from behind the hedgerow as quite a pretty woman, not at all what Joshua would have attached to the angry voice.  She was quite tall and had a slim figure and face, with high, heavily blushed cheekbones.  Her long brown hair partially covered her cheeks, and Joshua had an irresistible urge to move it away.  He hazarded a guess that she must have been in her early forties.  He was instantly drawn to her clothes.  There was no doubt that this was the woman who owned the underwear he’d been fondling.  She had a terrific pair of legs, and the only thing preventing Joshua from seeing the panties she was wearing now was a tiny little denim skirt.  A little further up her body revealed a naked navel area and a white crop top stretched over a large, braless pair of beautiful breasts.

  “I’m sorry I shouted,” she said, looking him in the eye.  She was really quite beautiful, “I don’t usually hang around hedges shouting at people, I was just looking for my washing, I think the wind’s blown it off the line and over the fence.”

  Joshua remembered and quickly put his right foot over as much of the panties as he could conceal.  “Yeah, I’m sorry too,” he said nervously, “I don’t usually make a habit of going to the toilet in the bushes either.”  They both laughed.

  “I’m Rita,” said Joshua’s new friend.

  “Joshua,” he replied.

  “Well Joshua,” said Rita, looking down and laughing nervously, “tell me, why did you stand on my panties when I told you I’d lost some washing?”

   No, Joshua couldn’t believe his ears.  He’d been rumbled!

  “What?” he said in mock astonishment.  He looked down.  “Oh my god!  I …”

  “Please don’t insult my intelligence pal,” said Rita in a slightly less obliging tone, “I don’t like liars.  And I can see my stocking hanging out of your pocket.”

  There was little he could say or do.  He had the underwear, and right at that moment she was staring at the huge bulge in his trousers that had failed to go away.  Then something happened that Joshua has only read about in magazines.

  “Get it out then, let’s have a look at him,” Rita said.  She pointed at Joshua’s crotch and raised her eyes to meet his.  “If you don’t I’ll just have to go and call the police won’t I?”

  “I don’t think that now is the …,” Josh struggled with the words, and was abruptly interrupted.

  “Just do it will you.  If you like my knickers so much then put them on, I bet you want to.  I’ve met your type before, don’t worry,” said Rita.

   Edward Hyde crept back into Joshua’s consciousness and he had little choice but to  go along with it.  He looked at Rita straight in the face and yanked out his cock again.  It was pulsing with the newfound liberty.

  “Nice!” said Rita with a cheeky smile on her face.  “Put them on.”

  Joshua slipped off his shoes and put his feet on the dampening ground.  He slid his trousers and shorts off easily and threw them over one of the low branches.  He gently pulled on the thong.  He struggled with it past his thick thighs a little, but eventually he managed to pull it up to his waist.  His throbbing cock didn’t stand a chance of getting in side and his balls were sticking out, but it felt lovely around his ass.  He closed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief as though someone had released him from a man trap.  Not yet.  He reached down to touch himself, almost forgetting about Rita completely.

  “Wait!” she said.  “Allow me”

  Joshua opened his eyes abruptly, annoyed as if someone had interrupted him.  He saw Rita standing before him with one hand up her crop top squeezing her nipples, and the other down the front of her denim skirt, no doubt inside her panties.  She moved a little closer to him.  He just stood still, watching her, with his cock standing out like a flagpole.  They were so close now that they could smell each other and feel one another’s breath.  Rita took her hand away from her heaving tits and grabbed the stocking from Joshua’s pocket.

  “You like silk baby?” she asked, as she rubbed it between her fingers.

  Josh starred at her and nodded.  Rita pushed her hand into the stocking and wriggled her fingers, clearly relishing the feel of the silk.  Joshua briefly considered if women get that very same feeling every time they put these things on.  His thoughts were grounded when Rita grabbed his cock and began caressing it with her makeshift silky glove.  Joshua trembled as she squeezed his cock hard and then very gently, rubbing it up and down the shaft.  Joshua felt like exploding at that moment, but just as his cock started to twitch Rita stepped back a little and looked at him.  She showed him the end of the stocking, damp with pre-cum, and she licked it.

  “Mmmm, not bad,” she said.  “Do you want to fuck me Josh?”

  “Lift up your skirt,” he ordered in reply.

  Rita dropped the stocking and lifted her skirt, giving a sexy little curtsey as she did.  She didn’t have on any panties, all Joshua saw was a beautiful, partially shaven pussy, looking moist and ready.  She approached him again, grabbed his hand and shoved it between her legs.  Joshua could smell her excitement as he squelched his fingers in and out of her, rubbing her fast, then slow.  Rita moaned with pleasure.  She reached around his body as he finger fucked her pussy, and she stroked his ass, feeling the straps of the thong around his sides.  She pulled one side of the thong so tight that the opposite side started to cut into the flesh of his ass.  He shouted, and then squealed a lot louder than he’d like to have done when she let go of the thong, snapping it against his skin.

  “Jesus!  What the hell is the matter with you?”

  “I’ve always wanted to do that to a man,” she laughed, “now screw me hard, I want to feel you deep.”

   With that, Joshua grabbed Rita with both hands around the waist and pirouetted her round so that her back was to him.  His twitching stiffy was just touching the small of her back, rubbing gently.  She gasped a little.  He slid his hands up and lifted the crop top until he felt the bottom of her tits.  One more lift allowed them to fall out.  Joshua grabbed both of them with delight and pulled himself toward her whilst he fondled them.  His cock slid up her back and pressed hard against her naked skin.  He could take no more, the animal inside him could repress no longer.  As the darkness began to fill the sky, Joshua shoved Rita forward and bent her over a large, low branch that seemed built for the very purpose.  She breathed in quickly, and sharp when her arms hit the rough bark, grazing her slightly.

  “Hey, easy!”  She said.

  “You want me or not Rita?” said Joshua, uncharacteristically sarcastic.

  He stroked Rita’s back, she had lovely skin.  He put both hands onto her ass and smoothed them around the shape, pushing the skirt up even further to get it out of his way.  He could wait no longer.  He shook his cock around Rita’s lovely ass and bent it down between her legs, gently tapping at her pussy as though he had to knock before entering.  Rita reached around and obliged him.  She pushed just the end of his cock into her lovely little pussy and there was an almost audible pop as she pulled it out again.  She was nice and tight.  Joshua allowed her to do this a few more times before thrusting his full length into her, causing her to make a sound like she had stubbed her little toe on a bookshelf in a library and had to suppress the noise.  He enjoyed the noise she made and it spurred him on a little faster. 

  “You’re a big boy Josh,” she said, slightly out of breath, “go easy.”

  Joshua eased off a little.  He looked down and in front of himself, underneath Rita’s arm, and spied her swinging tits.  They looked magnificent.  He grabbed a hold of them with both hands and bent himself over her.  He thrust a little more before he felt Rita’s body start to tense and shake slightly beneath him.

  “Screw me deeper baby.  Deeper,” whispered Rita under her breath.

  Joshua couldn’t go much deeper, and felt a little inadequate for a moment, until he bent over a little more, pushing her lovely tits onto the branch and forcing his cock to change position inside her wet pussy.  He worked faster and faster, making the tree shake and wet leaves fall onto Rita’s back.  She moaned and gripped him harder.

  “That’s it!” she panted, “there…”

  Rita went quiet, pulsed her pussy muscles against him and tried to control her right leg as it started to spasm.  Joshua put his arm under her thigh to support her so she wouldn’t fall off balance.  She shuddered to a climax and went limp beneath him, leaving him supporting her in his arms, aided only by the tree branch.  Her pussy twitched, teasing his cock.

   Rita was slumped over the branch when Joshua pulled his wet cock out of her.  She turned around slowly and sat herself on the low branch she‘d been bent over.  Her tits looked great, they were all moist with damp and had green bark stains across them.  She reached up and grabbed his cock.  She put her other arm under her tits and shook them for him as she wanked his cock fast.  Joshua tensed his legs and felt his orgasm build.  He pushed her hand away and grabbed hold of her head, pulling it down onto his cock.  Rita obliged, getting quite a lot inside her mouth.  He heard a slight gagging sound as he exploded into her mouth, holding her head there until he stopped twitching.  His cock slid out along with a mouthful of slippery cum that dripped onto the now flattened grass.

  “You can go now Joshua,” she said casually, “and leave my underwear here please, I like that thong, it’s part of a matching set.”

  “Sure,” said Joshua, already taking it off, “I don’t think it fits anyway.”


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