New Erotic Fiction Presents – Wash and Blow Job

Wash and Blow Job.

Tim needed a haircut.  Tim needed a lot of things, but at the moment his wife had decided that he needed a haircut.  His wife decided lots of things.  His wife had decided that Tim should have a vasectomy, just as easily as she had decided that he would not go out on his mate’s stag night this evening, and that he is going to grout the bathroom when his hair had been cut; in a salon of her choosing, that she had booked on his behalf.  His wife stopped him going to the smoky old barber shop in town because the men talked about women all the time and what they would do with them given the chance.  Not only that, there were pornographic magazines in the barber shop.  Of course, by pornography she meant those national papers that printed pictures of naked women.  Basically, anything that could potentially give Tim a hard on was banned.  What her problem was with Tim getting a stiffy was unknown.  Maybe she was put on earth to torture him.  But whatever the case, she certainly didn’t oblige him herself…

   The salon was in the centre of town above a shop that sold clothes.  He saw the sign outside – Trim – and climbed the stairs inside.  He briefly considered the connotations of the salon’s name and chuckled to himself as he opened the door.

  “Private joke?” said a cheerful voice, catching him off guard as he entered.

  He looked up, startled, and saw a young girl of about twenty years old smiling at him from behind a small counter.  She had shoulder length, curly blonde hair, tanned skin and little to no makeup at all.  This girl didn’t need it, she was naturally beautiful.  Her face instantly cheered him up, and the prospect of getting his haircut didn’t look so bad after all.

  “Hi,” he said, “no, I was just thinking of a programme I watched last night.”

  “Do you have an appointment, Mr…?”

  “Young,” he replied, “Mr. Young”

  “Oh yes, I see here.  Only this says Mrs. Young,” she looked at him and smiled, “did your wife make the appointment for you?”

  “Yeah…Erm, I didn’t have time to.  That’s right, sorry,” replied Tim a little too self consciously.

  “Doesn’t matter to me who makes the appointment Mr. Young,” she said.

  “Please, call me Tim, are you cutting my hair?” he asked.

  “I am a hairdresser Tim, and I’m the only one here.  Come on over and take a seat.”

   Tim followed her over to one of those backward sinks.  He didn’t realise that his wife had booked him in for a wash also.  The sinks made him nervous.  He’d read somewhere that they could trap nerves in your neck when you bent over them backwards.  He did the British thing and went along with it anyway.

  “Make yourself comfortable Tim, and I’ll be back in just a second.”  She started to walk away and then stopped and turned towards him, “I’m Jessica by the way.”

  Tim sat in the chair and leaned back.  He was surprised because the sink had a cushion under his neck; it felt quite comfortable.  When Jessica returned he noticed that she had removed her cardigan.  She had exposed some flesh and she looked very nice indeed.  She was wearing shorts just like Tim, with the pockets all over them, the ones that are so far down your leg that you put your back out trying to get your wallet.  On top she was wearing a low cut yellow vest top.  Tim raised his head a little and looked at her pert little tits.  She was not wearing a bra either.  He put his head back down and sighed to himself.  ‘If only I were a little younger,’ he thought.

  “Right then,” said Jessica, leaning over him from the side, “let’s get you all wet shall we?”

  Tim rolled his eyes into the bottom of their sockets, straining to look down her top.  She caught his eye and smiled.  “Well,” said Tim randomly, pretending not to notice her smile, “I didn’t realise I was booked in for a wash?” he enquired.

  “You’re not,” she said casually, “but it’s the end of the day and you’re my last customer.  I thought I’d treat you a little, you look like you deserve it.”

  Tim was amazed.  “Well, thanks.  But, you don’t have…”

  “Enough now; just relax.  If I didn’t want to, believe me I wouldn’t.”

  Tim did exactly that.  He closed his eyes and watched the light change as she moved her arms over him.  He wanted to moan with pleasure when he felt the warm water run through his hair.  As Jessica moved over him, stretching to the back of his head, he caught the smell of her perfume in the air, and mixed with the shampoo she was using, he fell under the spell of her strange pheromone and almost swooned.  The skin of her wrists brushed across his forehead.  She felt very delicate, like she might break if she rubbed the shampoo in too hard.  He had an overwhelming urge to sit up and hold her tight.  He could feel a stirring in his shorts.  His wife certainly would not agree with this, but how could she have guessed that washing his hair would give him an erection.

  “All done, now just sit still and I’ll wrap a towel around your head,” she said.

   They moved over to a chair by the window.  It was beginning to get dark and the street lights had just been turned on.

  “What time is it please?” asked Tim.

  “It’s a little after 5.30,” answered Jessica, closing the blinds near the mirror, “I’m just going to put the closed sign up and lock the door.  Back in a two shakes of a lamb’s tail.”

  Tim watched her lamb’s tail walk away in the reflection of the mirror.  It had that lovely little swaying motion that all the best asses have, moving up, down, and side to side like a slow waltz in her shorts.  Tim’s cock twitched again.  He reached under the waistband of his shorts and found it.  He gave it a little squeeze to try and get it down, but alas it did not work; he only excited it more.  He tried trapping the end under his waistband also, but that didn’t work either.  Facing facts, Tim knew he just had to make sure that the smock she had placed over him did not drop down onto his groin area, otherwise he would make the whole thing look like a poorly constructed tent.  Jessica returned, switching off some of the background lights on her way.  There were only a few remaining and when she walked into the primary light over Tim’s mirror she looked amazing.  She had tied up her shoulder length curls into a kind of pony tail. What Tim liked about it was that he could get a good look at her face.  She had a big, almost simian jaw and mouth, a little like Billy Piper’s, the type that protrudes further than the other facial features on profile appearance, and the type that Tim just wanted to stick his cock into.  She stood behind him and took his hair in her hands, gently stroking it between her fingers.

  “You have lovely hair Tim,” she said, “what are we going to do with it then?”

  “Just a bit of a trim,” he answered, remembering the name of the place and trying not to laugh out loud.  He smiled to himself.

  “Something amusing?” asked Jessica.

  “Just the name of the place, you know.”

  “No?” said Jessica in an enquiring tone, “What about it?”

  “Have you never heard the expression “a bit of trim”?” asked Tim

  “Oh I get it, yeah.” she said, “but it’s not that funny is it?”

  “I think it’s generational Jessica.  Your lot don’t use it much nowadays”

  “So am I a bit of trim, Tim?” she laughed at the rhyme.  Tim joined her.

  “Oh yes!” he said, getting carried away, “you certainly are.”

  Tim immediately reddened.  He had loosened up a little too much and was pretty embarrassed at what he had said.  Jessica saw this and rescued him.

  “Right, one trim coming up.”

  They hardly spoke at all for a long time, and Jessica worked slowly and carefully, lifting his hair in her fingers and measuring the length before each cut of the scissors.  Tim liked it best when she walked around the front of him and put her hands either side of his head, gently pulling at his hair to check the symmetry of the cut.  She was at eye level with him, but not looking at his eyes.  He was looking at her though.  He felt as though he was behind a one way mirror and Jessica was oblivious to his presence.  They were so close he could feel her breath on the tip of his nose.  He looked a little further down and saw her pert little breasts standing up despite her stooping.  Her top was so low cut that he could see everything.  This gave him an enormous hard on; so hard it hurt him to stay in the same position.  He began to wriggle around.

  “Are you alright Tim,” asked Jessica, concerned about his awkward movements.

  “Yes, I’m sorry, I’m a little itchy with the hair.”

  “Let me get my brush,”

  Jessica reached for a soft neck brush and dashed it across Tim’s neck and face.  He sneezed and Jessica dropped the brush in his lap.  This little twist of fate revealed Tim’s secret, and created the poorly constructed tent he was so worried about.  Jessica reached for the brush, pretending to ignore the huge erection coming out of the black smock.  She failed to disguise her longing though because Tim saw her in the mirror.  Jessica moved around behind him again and tried to concentrate on the haircut.  She was getting hot, Tim could see sweat on her brow.  He was getting pretty hot also in the smock, and the fact that he was sitting in front of a beautiful girl he would love to screw, with a hard on the size of a king size toblerone, did not help matters.

  “So what do you do Tim,” asked Jessica, virtually salivating and looking down at his cock between scissor snips.

  “I’m in demolition,” said Tim nervously.  What he wanted to say of course was, ‘get my cock out now before it snaps under the pressure’.

  “What do you do exactly?” she asked.

  “I get to blow shit up.  It’s the perfect job for a bloke,” he laughed.  His cock was beginning to slacken a little as he felt a conversation beginning.

  “I like to blow sometimes too.  And it’s the perfect job for a woman,” Jessica laughed out loud.  Tim’s cock twitched again and he laughed out loud with her.  “Some people like that, and some don’t.  I suppose it’s a matter of taste,” she laughed.

  “And how you taste,” Tim chipped in.

  They both laughed again and looked at each other in the mirror.  Tim stifled his laugh when he caught Jessica’s eye.

  “How do you taste Tim?” she said, looking very seriously for a moment.

  “Pardon?” said Tim, not quite believing what he had just heard.

  “I want to know what you taste like.”

  “I…I don’t know,” he stammered, a little confused at the direction these minor flirtations were taking, “I don’t get much chance to taste myself,” he laughed nervously, trying desperately to make light of an obvious proposition.

  “Mind if I find out?” said Jessica, already bending to her knees.

  “Are you crazy!” exclaimed Tim, “No, of course I don’t.  I mean, I don’t…, no thank you.  Please stop.”

  “Does your wife do this?” she said, ignoring Tim’s mindless and frankly unconvincing pleas.

  On her knees, looking up at him, she slid her hand up the inside leg of his shorts, forcing him to quiver as she approached his groin area.  Tim didn’t move a muscle.  This felt fantastic, and there was no way he would protest any longer.  This girl was right, why not enjoy himself.  She found her way to his boxers and without any further warning she put her hand up the leg of them and found his cock, nice and hard and bursting to get out.

  “Oh yeah,” she said, raising her eyebrows, “can I taste some of that Tim?”

  “If you don’t get it out soon, I will,” he replied, surprising himself with his newfound confidence.

  Jessica threw back the smock and it covered Tim’s face.  She wrestled frantically with the buttons on his shorts as he wrestled with the smock over his face.  When he finally saw what was going on he gazed in awe at the creature between his legs.  Jessica looked fantastic.  She had taken off her top, revealing those beautiful tits he had been peaking at and she was working on springing his cock from its joyless prison.  Jessica grinned at him hungrily and popped the swollen end of his cock into her mouth.  She had a tight grip with her hand on the base and it felt wonderful.  He watched her head move from side to side as she circled the end in her wet mouth.  He moaned out loud as he felt twitching around his asshole.  Jessica did not disappoint.  She opened that wide mouth of hers as far as it would go and shook his cock from its base, letting it bang and twitch around her lips and tongue.  She wanked it hard and fast while she did this, and Tim’s legs began to twitch.

  “Hit a nerve I think,” laughed Jessica, barely audible with her mouth full of Tim’s cock.

  Tim tensed his ass and legs, pointing his toes.  His wanted to cum so much he was starting to get a headache.

  “Relax, will you,” said Jessica, taking his cock out and stroking it gently in her hand, “you don’t need to help me.”

  “Right, okay,” said Tim, a little shakily.

  Jessica put his cock between her lips and pressed them together tight.  She looked him in the eye and moved her mouth, wobbling her chin up and down quickly to make lots of saliva.  She allowed a little of it to creep around her grip on his cock and slid her head down slowly, still looking at him.  She continued until she had the whole thing in her mouth.  She was so totally relaxed with his cock so far inside her mouth that Tim couldn’t believe his eyes.  She was still looking at him with innocent looking puppy eyes, as if asking him not to hurt her.  His cock started to twitch uncontrollably inside her mouth, but she did not let go of her grip, she just nuzzled a little further into his pubic hair at the base.

  “Oh my god!  That’s fantastic,” he exclaimed.

  There was a surprised sound from Jessica as though she were enquiring if what he said was really true.  The vibrations from the back of her throat when she did this made Tim’s cock tingle with pleasure and twitch harder than ever.  Jessica started to make sniggering sounds, like she was struggling to breathe through her nose, and it was quite clear that she needed to come up for air.  She slid her beautiful big mouth back up Tim’s length and let his cock end out of her vice-like grip with a ‘pop’.  She gasped and smiled all at the same time; it was quite a sight for Tim.

  “I want to cum so bad I could do it just looking at you,” he said.

  Jessica smiled, clearly flattered, and slid back down his cock again.  This time she did not stay at the base, she slid up and down the entire length and every time she went right down Tim groaned out loud.  He glanced up at himself in the mirror.  He looked flushed, and his nostrils were flaring like a dragon about to breathe fire.  He looked down to check the reality of the situation and found Jessica sucking him off faster and faster, still taking the whole length of him inside.  She had remembered how he liked it when she made noises so she did it again.  Her gentle moans whilst sucking his cock made him go crazy, the vibrations were like tremors of pleasure, rattling right down into his balls.  He began to gasp.  He tensed himself and tried to pull his cock away from her.  Jessica gave one last long slide down his length and made Tim cum a little in her mouth before pulling it out and pointing it straight ahead.  She gripped the base of his cock tight as it throbbed with all the pumping.  When she released her grip, Tim sprayed a long stream of cum as far as the mirror, running onto the shelf and across the floor, onto Jessica’s hand.  He looked up at himself and found that he had exploded all over his reflection in the mirror; in particular around the mouth.

  “There,” said Jessica, rising to her feet, smiling and pointing at the mirror, “now you can taste yourself.” 

   They cleaned up in silence before Jessica moved around the back of Tim’s head and held up the mirror, “well?” she asked, “Is that alright for you Sir?”

  “Sure, that’s great!” said Tim, tucking his cock back in his trousers, “the wife will be well pleased.”


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