New Erotic Fiction Presents – A Fresh Look at an Old Friend

A Fresh Look at an Old Friend.

Guy had a friend called Annabelle who had a girlfriend called Sandy.  Annabelle and Sandy did a lot together.  This wasn’t just shopping and watching Eastenders together either.  Annabelle and Sandy liked to “get it on” as Guy like to refer to it, and he was always winding her up about it.

  “So Belle, when am I going to meet Sandy?” asked Guy when they met in the coffee shop.

  “I’m not letting you at her, are you mad?” laughed Annabelle, waving her hand dismissively at him.

   Guy and Annabelle had “got it on” once before, but it was equally dissatisfying for both of them.  They were drunk at the time, Guy couldn’t get it up properly and Annabelle passed out anyway.  Their friendship had been building towards it for years, but now they had experienced each other in that way, they were no longer interested.  One thing they both came to discover was that sex certainly did get in the way of a beautiful friendship; since their drunken fumbles they had both agreed never to go there again…

  “I’m seeing her tonight actually.  And you are not coming around!  Understand?” said Annabelle forcefully, trying not to smile.

  “Loud and clear my dear!” laughed Guy.  He thought briefly about what he would actually do instead of going to his friend’s house and it didn’t seem too promising.

  “I’ll get these,” said Annabelle, rising from her seat.

  “I won’t argue with that,” replied Guy.  He had been a bit broke and down on his luck lately.  He had lost his job in the city and the rent payments were piling up against him while he looked frantically for another position.  “You sure you two don’t want any company tonight Belle?”

  “No!  Guy, I think we will be just fine thank you,” she said, refusing to even face him, “now, shall we leave?”

   As they left the coffee shop Guy remembered that they had left their stuff on the table.  This was not an unusual occurrence, since both of them were usually hung over and had so many gadgets that they themselves actually forgot how many and whether they had brought them out or not.  There were laptops, Blueberry’s, iphones, iPod mp3 players, phones, pen drives, Nintendo DSs, pagers; the list was endless.  When Guy approached the table it looked as though he was gearing up to go into combat.  He collected his man bag and threw it over his shoulder, and then he loaded it with his paraphernalia, and collected Annabelle’s.   “If our heads screwed off we’d forget those you know,” he said as he passed her a purse and a handful of gadgetry.

  “So I’ll call you later yeah?” said Annabelle as she walked off in the other direction, not waiting for her reply.

  “I might have killed myself!” shouted Guy after her.  She waved and carried on walking.

   Guy wandered back to his flat and switched on the television.  He switched it off after a while when he remembered that he had seen quite literally everything before, about ten years ago; there were no decent new television shows.  The only good thing about having all this old rubbish on the TV was that he got to see Felicity Kendal in The Good Life, but even then he wasn’t sure it was worth twenty odd quid a month just to watch her and Richard Briers make a few amusing comments.  To see Felicity Kendal “get it on” with someone in the buff, yes, that was certainly worth the subscribers few and a little more; although sadly this never happened.

   Before he had managed to bore himself to death with the dreadful local newspapers, usually covering stories about dogs being stuck up trees or loud nuisance neighbours, his phone rang.  He rushed over to his man bag and nearly broke his neck trying to get the phone out before it rang off.

  “Hello,” he said frantically out of breath.

  “Oh, hello, have I disturbed her?” said a soft, female voice on the other end.

  “Pardon?  Disturbed who?  Who is this please?” asked Guy, now annoyed that he had nearly killed himself trying to answer a wrong number.

  “I’m sorry, I should have introduced myself, I’m Sandy.  I thought this was Annabelle’s phone?” she said inquisitively, “is she not there, or is she a little tied up at the moment, if you know what I mean,” she laughed.

  “No, she isn’t,” said Guy, taking his time to get the joke.  Then he realised that being out of breath must have signified something else entirely to this Sandy woman.  “Oh I see,” he continued, laughing, “No I’m not doing anything like that; I was just rushing to answer the phone.  I know what’s happened, she’s got mine and I’ve got hers.  It’s a bit like a bad movie plot really.”

  “Yes I suppose it is,” she said, laughing at his joke, “are you Guy by any chance?”

  “Yes I am, the very man,” said Guy, hitting himself in the thigh for sounding so stupid and shit.

  “Oh Annabelle had told me so much about you,” she said sniggering slightly.

  “Oh great, that sounds good,” said Guy, “listen, just don’t believe a word of it, she makes this kind of stuff up for a living you know.”  Sandy laughed out loud and Guy had to move the phone away from his ear.

  “So what are you doing later on Guy?  I’m in town for a couple of days and I’m supposed to be off to Annabelle’s tonight.  Could you let her…No wait, let me surprise her.  She’ll think it’s great when we both show up,” laughed Sandy.

  “Well actually I don’t think she’ll appreciate me being there,” said Guy, kicking himself.  If there was anything he wanted to do tonight, this was it.  “So I think I’ll give it a miss.  There’s some other stuff I really have to get done anyway,” he lied.

  “No way!  You’re coming.  I am dying to meet you,” she insisted, “and besides you have to give her back the phone don’t you?”

   When Guy got off the phone he switched it off through fear of Annabelle phoning him.  He had no idea what to say to her if she phoned.  She would think that he had just switched off his phone and gone to bed or something, and she wouldn’t worry about not getting any calls, except maybe Sandy’s.  He had agreed to meet Sandy at the end of Annabelle’s road before they both went around.  He knew it was a mistake but he couldn’t help it.

   Guy stood at the end of Annabelle’s road half expecting her to walk around the corner and see him; promptly followed with a none too polite request to go home.  He was approached by a woman, a little taller than Annabelle, with naturally blonde hair down to her shoulders and innocent blue eyes.  Her face was welcoming and carried a great big, cheesy grin.  She had a beautiful body, a little heavier than Annabelle but this weight looked as though it was stacked in the right places.  Her tits had certainly benefited from it, and so too had her lovely legs and fabulous, big ass.  She approached him.  “Guy?” she enquired.

  “Sandy.  Yes, lovely to meet you,” he said stupidly, holding out his hand.  Sandy pushed it aside and grabbed hold of him.  She gave him a big hug and kiss and let him go.

  “I feel as though I know you already,” she said enthusiastically.  “Am I as you have imagined?” she asked, doing a twirl on the pavement.  “Do you like what you see Guy?” she asked shyly.

  “Are you kidding?” he asked, wandering why a woman this beautiful would even need to ask.  She smiled at him and they walked on to Annabelle’s front door.  Guy hung back a little and checked her out from behind.  Her ass was packed into a tight pair of jeans and looked as though it would spill out when they were wrenched down.  They were the type of jeans that didn’t allow anyone to stick their hand down the back through fear of cutting of circulation at the front.

   “You hide behind the fence there,” said Sandy with a little giggle, “I’ll ring the bell and then you can jump out.”  Guy could smell her perfume and it intoxicated him for the briefest of moments.

  “Yeah, sure,” he said, thinking to himself that this is one of the stupidest things he had done in a long time.  Belle is going to be really pissed, he thought.

   The door opened and Sandy gasped.  Now or never, thought Guy, so he jumped around the door frame and saw Annabelle standing there in little white dressing gown and nothing else by the looks of her.  Her hair was tied up roughly but she had a smattering of makeup to define her cheekbones; Guy had always been drawn to her face, she was beautiful in every sense of the word.

  “Wow Belle!  You look fantastic!  You never dress like that for me babe,” said Guy, absolutely astounded at what he saw before him.

  “What the hell are you doing here,” she shouted.  Suddenly she turned to look at Sandy, “You look great Sandy, come in.  How did this reprobate find you?” she said looking sternly at Guy.

  “We arranged to surprise you,” said Sandy, sadly.  “Only it seems that it was a waste of time.  I thought you two were friends?”  Annabelle looked concerned for a moment and then smiled.

  “We are, I just didn’t expect him to turn up that’s all,” said Annabelle.  Then she leaned into Sandy to whisper, ineffectually in Guy’s opinion since he could hear her, “I thought it was going to be just the two of us, you know,” she giggled a little at the end.  “Well come on in sweetie,” she said turning to Guy, “you can have a quick cuppa and then on your way.”  She grabbed Guy by the ear as though he was a naughty little boy and pushed him through the door.

   The three of them finally settled in the lounge where the television was blurting out some rubbish about dieting and not really having to watch what you ate anymore.  Guy gave it a dismissive look and turned to admire his hosts.  Although Annabelle had neglected to make any tea, she was certainly providing some entertainment.  She was sitting on the floor with her knees together, allowing her gown to show off her winking pussy lips beneath.

  “These diets never work,” she said, completely oblivious to what was on show.  Both Guy and Sandy could see her pussy as clear as day and without saying anything they knew the other could see too.  It was a type of psychic connection between them telling the each other that they should say something; but neither of them did.

  “I’ve never bothered with diets,” said Sandy, stirring in her seat.

  “You don’t exactly need to, you’re fit as fuck!” said Guy, unable to control what he was saying.  He flushed bright red and no one spoke.

  “Aren’t you the bright one Guy,” said Annabelle, looking a little pissed at him.

  “If I’m not mistaken I think you’re a little jealous of Guy being here Annabelle?” laughed Sandy.

  “Don’t be ridiculous,” said Annabelle.  She looked at Guy and he smiled, shrugging his shoulders and raising his palms to the ceiling. “No,” Annabelle continued, beginning to lighten up a little, “I was just looking forward to a night alone with you that’s all,” she said, smiling a cheeky smile at Sandy.  She turned to Guy and shrugged back at him.  “Hell, I wanted to introduce you two anyway, just not tonight.  Stick around Guy, you sad little shit,” she turned to Sandy, “after all he hasn’t anywhere else to go.”  They both laughed at Guy and he smiled.

  “Well, I suppose I better make the tea Belle, seeing as though you’ve forgotten how?”  He went to the kitchen.

   When he returned with a tray full of tea cups, milk and sugar, he nearly dropped it all on the lounge carpet when he saw what was going on.  Annabelle and Sandy were “getting it on” there and then, right in front of him.  Sandy was still fully clothed but she had got onto the floor and had her head between Annabelle’s legs.  Annabelle had opened her gown and she was showing everything.  It was clear that Sandy was pleased with what she saw because her hands were exploring upwards over Annabelle’s pert tits that stood up high on her chest defying age and gravity.  Guy had forgotten what they were like, particularly since he was drunk the last time he saw them.  Annabelle glanced over at him, smiling at his gaping expression.  Suddenly she had turned into one of Guy’s dream girls, and she was behaving like a porn star.  “You like?” asked Annabelle aloofly, as she glanced briefly at some dreadfully boring TV show about weddings.  She was momentarily snapped out of her seemingly relaxed position when Sandy clearly hit a spot that took over her entire attention.  She flushed red and looked as though she’d just received a hit of some terribly exciting party drug.  She put her head back and dropped the gown off her shoulder to allow a better view of her tits.  Guy could hear Sandy breathing in through her nose, perhaps smelling something lovely and fruity on Annabelle’s skin; she looked as though she had not long been out the bath.

  Then as if Sandy had read Guy’s mind she said in a slightly muffled tone, “You smell good enough to eat.”  Then she did just that, and it looked as though she had started chewing on Annabelle’s pussy.  Guy was still standing with the tea tray in his hand as the girls went at it.  He watched as Sandy lapped at his friend like she was an ice-cream, and stroked along the sides of her big beautiful ass as she did so.  Annabelle moaned with pleasure and moved her hand over Sandy’s head, pressing it harder onto her pussy, and running her fingers through her hair madly.

   Finally Guy put the tea tray down in front of the television.  He was a very curious mixture of immensely turned on, yet also very uncomfortable with the situation.  He contemplated grabbing his coat and leaving, but decided to make himself comfortable on the floor; after all he hadn’t been asked to leave.  The two girls just carried on as though he wasn’t there, Annabelle had her eyes closed and her head tilted back on the sofa, and Sandy’s face was completely hidden by Annabelle’s lovely thighs.

  “Fucking hell Belle, you don’t waste any time do you!” exclaimed Guy.  She ignored him and held on tightly to Sandy’s head, pushing harder and harder until Guy heard her cry out and saw her shudder under the pressure that was her orgasm.  Sandy coughed and pulled away as though she had been held under water for longer than she could breathe.  Annabelle went limp and allowed her head to fall back down onto the sofa cushion.  Sandy looked at Guy and wiped her mouth with the sleeve of her pullover.

  “I had no idea you were watching Guy, I thought you were making tea?”  She laughed and looked at the tray in front of the T.V.  “Oh, you have made tea, you are a good boy!”  Guy just stared at her, he couldn’t believe that this girl could be so blasé about what had just happened.  She reached forward and grabbed a cup of tea from the tray, added milk and sugar and sat back on her heels as though she had finished a day’s work.  Annabelle looked like one of those characters from those terrible movies about heroin addicts.  She was all limp and high, with her head back on the sofa and her entire body on show, completely satiated and unaware.  Guy looked at her and felt his cock stiffening in his jeans.  He shifted himself uncomfortably as his dick struggled to find a position it liked best.  There was something about seeing his friend vulnerable like this that reminded him of the time many years ago that they had tried to shag each other, with disappointing results.  He hadn’t thought about Annabelle in this way ever since that night and even then he was as drunk as a skunk.  Guy was surprised to be feeling like this.  Not surprised to have a hard cock, after all, he thought, who wouldn’t after watching that.  No he was more surprised to realise all he really wanted to do was get his big tool out and stick it into his best friend while she lay there, seemingly helpless to prevent him.

   Sandy leaned towards Guy and whispered in his ear.  “Wouldn’t you like to give her a good seeing to Guy?”  He was shocked to hear her speak like this, despite the fact he had just watched her eating his best friend’s pussy.  She moved herself over to him and put her mug of tea down on the table.  Guy looked into her eyes.  They were very mischievous and he didn’t know quite what to expect.  Then she put her hand on his thigh and squeezed the muscle beneath.  He flinched slightly as she moved her hand down to his knee and back up again, right up to his groin.  She stroked firmly.  When she found his groin she had no trouble finding out which side he was hanging, or rather standing.  She used her thumb and forefinger to define the length and thickness of his cock as it throbbed under her fingertips.  “Shall we get that out Guy?”  she said.

  “Erm…Yeah, if you like,” said Guy, rather pathetically.  With this Annabelle opened her eyes and lifted her head.  She looked at Guy a little nervously.

  “You see?” She said, “This is why I didn’t want you to come over, it just gets complicated now.”

  “What’s complicated?” asked Sandy as she grabbed at Guy’s shirt, un-tucking it from his jeans.

  “Do you want me to go Belle?” asked Guy, holding off Sandy for a moment, and silently willing Annabelle to say no.

  “No, I don’t think so,” she replied a little shyly, “unless you want to of course.”  The pair of them had turned into nervous teenage lovers.

  “Oh for goodness sake,” said Sandy as she pulled Guy’s belt buckle apart and tugged at his trousers.  She pulled at him so hard that he fell onto his back.  Both girls got to their knees at his legs and pulled off his shoes and jeans.  Then without a moment’s hesitation Sandy pulled down his shorts and tilted her head back quickly in mock amazement as his cock sprang out.  “Jesus!  You’ll have someone’s eye out with that Guy,” she laughed.  They threw his clothes to one side and Annabelle grabbed his cock.  It felt good to have her hand on it.  It was only then that, at that precise moment when their eyes met, that Guy realised he had wanted her for so long, and their prior fumbles were nothing but a badly executed prelude to what lay ahead.  He moaned as she wanked him slowly.

   Guy watched Annabelle wanking his cock and felt surprisingly comfortable looking at her doing this completely naked.  She didn’t appear to mind either; it was as though they had moved on in a matter of seconds, from anxious teens to an elderly married couple.  Their eyes kept meeting, and they kept smiling at each other, safe in the knowledge that they were having a good time, and they fully intended to do it again and again after this episode.  Guy turned his attention to Sandy for a moment and noticed that she had unbuttoned her jeans and had her hand down her pants.  Feeling confident with the situation he motioned for her to come over to him.  She stood up right next to his head and started to tug her jeans down.  Her legs were softly tanned and smooth looking.  She had on a black thong with gold designs on the front.  When he got her jeans to her knees she turned around and gave Guy a glorious view of her ass as she lifted one leg and then the other to get her jeans off.  She bend forward to pull them off the ankle and Guy marvelled at her pussy, wrapped snug inside her tiny thong.  Annabelle was watching too, not only Sandy but Guy also.  Every time Guy looked at Sandy stripping his cock twitched a little harder in Annabelle’s slow wanking hand, and each time he twitched she looked up at his face and smiled.  Guy didn’t need to look at her to know this, he just felt it.

   Without any further invitation or warning Sandy moved between the two love struck friends and stood over Guy’s face and lifted off her top to reveal another fantastic pair of tits.  As far as Guy was concerned there was no such thing as a bad pair, but these were truly great.  She lowered herself and knelt over Guy’s awestruck face.  He started to breathe heavily when he smelled her damp pussy.  She pulled her tiny black thong to one side and pushed her open pussy lips over his face.  Guy wasted no time in getting his tongue into gear, and he started licking her greedily.  Sandy moaned appreciatively when Guy flicked her clit with his tongue and nipped at it with his lips wrapped tightly over his teeth.  He pulled her until she was no longer resting any of her weight on her knees.  Guy wanted it all; he wanted his head covered with this beautiful pussy.  He ran his big, rough hands up Sandy’s body until he found the tits he had been staring at, wobbling like lovely huge jellies.  He found her nipples and squeezed them hard.  He flinched a little when Sandy pressed down hard on his face as a direct result of his squeezes.  Her thighs tensed and her juices ran down Guy’s cheeks and behind his ears.  He lapped it up.  He could feel Annabelle stroking under his legs as she wanked his cock.  She squeezed his calf muscles as he attempted to relax them though fear of shooting his load before he actually wanted to.  This was the only way Guy could ever control himself.  Sometimes, as soon as he started tensing his muscles he would shoot off, and he couldn’t possibly consider the idea at the moment.  He had never been with two women before, and these two had him completely under their control.

   Before too long Guy felt Annabelle sit astride his cock, and he longed to see her.  He gripped Sandy’s ass cheeks tight and pulled her hard down on his face and lifted his head off the floor.  He went at her like a puppy in its food bowl, making her writhe with pleasure as he put his entire face to work: nose, lips, tongue and chin.  Every now and then he gave his neck a rest and moved the entire lower part of Sandy’s body against his face by using his strong arms, just like he was eating a juicy fruit.  He started making noises as Annabelle quickened her movements on his cock.  He could almost feel it banging against something inside her and for a second he wanted to pull out and ask if she was alright; it didn’t stop her bouncing on it however.  The vibrations from his deep voice must have somehow resonated onto Sandy’s prominent, sensitive clit because every time he moaned with pleasure he noticed that she did also.  Her muscles were tightening even more as he continued and before he knew it her hands had moved down to where he was licking her clit, and she moved his tongue lower to work between her pussy and her arsehole.  He felt her fingers working frantically on her pussy as she raised herself on her knees ready to climax.  Then as she did she came collapsing back down on his face.  He rubbed her legs in a gentle coax to get her off and she obliged him, landing in a heap on the floor, centimetres away from the tea tray.

   Guy looked down and watched Annabelle fucking him like she was riding a horse.  Her hair was falling all over and she was looking down at his chest, balancing herself with her hands; her fingertips pressing down on his prominent stomach muscles.  His mouth opened in amazement at her.  He had never considered they could go back down this road together.  He was close to climax and wanted so much for her to go first.  He felt himself build up as Annabelle ground her pussy down on his pubic mound.  He felt himself about to explode and held himself tightly, not thrusting, while Annabelle rubbed herself harder and faster.  Guy’s prostate felt as though it might explode with the pressure.  His toes were pointed out straight and his entire body was tensed solid, his legs aching.  Annabelle clearly loved this feeling and she knew he was going to cum.  She started to climax herself and moved back of his cock and slammed down on his big, muscular legs in exhaustion and gently rubbed her wetness on his thigh as she grabbed his cock and jerked it.  Without any further holding back, Guy screamed out and let it go.  Both Sandy and Annabelle looked on wide-eyed as he sprayed his load of hot cum in a jet, straight up in the air.

   The two girls sat there looking at Guy’s cock twitching as it lost its life.  Annabelle leaned forward, sliding her body over Guy’s as she kissed him deeply on the mouth.  He touched her body as she lay on top of him, stroking her back and her perfect ass.  Guy had forgotten to even consider Annabelle as an option until now.  Sandy leaned into the pair and stroked them both, and the three of them sprawled in their nakedness until arousal came upon them again.

   Annabelle and Sandy started to kiss deeply while they moved around on top of, and the side of Guy.  He felt their every movement as though he was somehow programmed into their senses.  Annabelle smiled and winked at him as she rolled off his naked body and onto Sandy’s.  He watched them kissing and rubbing their bodies against each other while he wiped up his mess with one of his socks.  He sat himself up and reached out to them, touching both of them as they explored each other’s flesh with their finger tips.  Guy moved around to their legs.  They were so intertwined they looked as though they were one: a wondrous creature with four legs or perhaps William Shakespeare’s beast with two backs.  He watched as they groped at each other.  He considered them for a second or two.  They were in a missionary position.  He was sure there was a name for it when it was two women, but missionary would do for him he thought.  Their hands were between each other’s legs, all except one that belonged to Annabelle, and it was holding Sandy’s hair back out of the way so they could kiss.  Their kiss was phenomenal, and he was surprised how they looked so passionate, like they were in love with each other, and this wasn’t just about the sex.  They continued to rub their bodies over each other, now putting their thighs tight between the other’s legs and tensing their muscles.  Guy’s cock stood to attention as he heard their breathing quicken, and he decided to get involved again.

   For the briefest of moments he thought they would tell him to go away, and he very nearly didn’t bother.  He approached the beast with two backs from the rear, stroking the full length of his cock slowly to maximise its stiffness.  He was starting to get sensitive feelings back into it again and longed to just get his hands around the two of them and stick his cock in a lovely wet pussy.  As he approached he put his hands around Annabelle’s waist and entered into a mounting position.  Sandy reached between Annabelle’s legs and grabbed Guy’s cock as he did this.  He felt a sudden tingling feeling of well-being as both girls welcomed him to their embrace.  Annabelle moved her hand from Sandy’s hair and stroked Guy’s legs and Sandy had hold of his cock.  They were still kissing and playing with each other.  Sandy started to shake Guy’s cock between Annabelle’s opening and her own, rubbing it on their clits, making them both shudder and push closer together.  All three of them moaned as Sandy put Guy’s cock inside her and he moved in a nice slow rhythm.  As he thrust into Sandy gently, on the bottom, he could feel Annabelle rubbing her clit on the top ridge of his hard cock.  She did this until she came again and then just writhed a while before getting off.  Guy didn’t feel close to an orgasm at all, and was thus very relaxed and unconcerned.  This seemed to put his partner even more at ease, and Sandy was left to discover just what she could do with his cock unhurried.  She pushed towards him as he thrust and they collided firmly like they were trying to push the other away.  He felt her pussy grip him hard as though he wouldn’t be able to pull away.  As he tried to pull out she gripped even tighter and there was sloppy noise as his nob end came out and slid back in again.  As he teased her with the end of his cock Annabelle reached underneath him from behind and started to tickle his balls with her fingernails.  He bucked wildly when he felt this, and it caused Sandy to gasp in shock as he thrust deep inside her again, stiffened almost to his maximum again.  Sandy’s gasp turned him on immensely and made him fuck her hard.  He started to sweat as he pounded away at her, and Annabelle’s tickling increased its speed and eventually evolved into her squeezing his balls.  Sandy lifted her legs into the air and started to screech like she was in pain.  She twitched violently like she’d been shot and at that precise moment Guy felt his balls shoot up as Annabelle gave them a thoughtlessly hard squeeze.  He screamed in pain and pulled his cock out.  He dribbled his cum onto Sandy’s pussy and rolled off into a heap on the floor.  Annabelle fell on him, stroking and hugging him.

   The three of them remained semi naked for the rest of the evening and watched boring television in between sweaty, exhausting sex.  Where his relationship with the two of them would go, Guy didn’t care too much about at that moment in time.


One thought on “New Erotic Fiction Presents – A Fresh Look at an Old Friend

  1. I read your story and I thought it was good,because all woman’s erotic fiction is suppose to be hot and turn a woman on. with this story for have what many woman think about some of there best guy friends. you also have what some men want with two woman. thanks for the story, It was really one of the best ones I have read.

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