Naked Cody on New Erotic Fiction

Cody loves to take a bath.  Wouldn’t you just love to take a bath with him?  I bet you would.  However, looking at his picture you’d have to get the selfish little shit to move up a little wouldn’t you?

  “Hey Cody!  Move your ass boy!”  That’s what you could shout at him, and I’m sure he would listen; at least in your fantasy anyway.

  “Yeah babe, sure,” he’d say, “do you want to fool around?”

  “Well of course I do,” you’d assert, “I need to feel just how firm those muscles are,” you’d say as you stepped into the warm water and felt his leg against your ankle.

  “I think you should put your hand under the water babe, and see if you can help me find the soap,” says Cody looking you in the eyes and lifting his powerful, youthful arms out of the water.  “I can’t seem to find anything except this long hard thing, but I don’t think that it’s the soap!”

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