New Erotic Fiction Presents – The Best Man

The Best Man

Rob was always the best man and never the groom.  He was ruggedly good looking, fit as a fiddle, and very popular.  Rob was also a player, he couldn’t settle down if someone paid him a salary to.  There were too many women in his opinion.  Too many to have fun with.  Too many to screw.  And too many that wanted to tie him down.  There was no way on earth he was going to let that happen…

   His latest venue was at a local registry office, then onto the town hall for a knees up.  His friend was David Lambert, and he had known him for around twenty years now.  Rob was surprised that Dave had asked him to be best man, since only a year ago he had slept with Dave’s wife-to-be, Suzy.  They had all been very grown up about it, and it turned out that Dave didn’t really mind, he had put it down to wedding nerves and last flings, that kind of stuff.  The fact was that Suzy fancied Rob much more, but Rob couldn’t commit to whether he wanted tea or coffee, never mind a relationship of any sort, so inevitably she chose Dave.

   The ceremony itself went without a hitch.  Everyone went on to the town hall to tuck into a buffet of chicken legs and the other usual suspects.  Rob had done his speech and was enjoying the free bar.  He took this opportunity to finally speak to his friend.  It never changed a bit.  He had been best man at more weddings than he could remember and he never actually got the chance to talk to the groom.  To be fair, Rob was usually necking with a bridesmaid in a quiet corner somewhere by now, but tonight he felt a little older than usual.  He saw Dave approach the bar amid pats on the back and words of congratulations.

  “Well, I have to say it mate, you’ve done bloody well!” said Rob, raising his glass in a genuine gesture of congratulation.

  “Cheers mate,” said Dave, “you got beaten again.”

  “My time will come my old friend,” said Rob.

  “Jesus, I never thought I’d hear you say that,” said Dave, quite astounded. 

   As they were talking Suzy appeared behind them, like Dave, fighting her way through the congratulations.  She stepped up to them both and put an arm around each. 

  “Well boys,” she said, clearly a little drunk, “which one of you lucky fellas gets to take me home tonight?” she laughed raucously and attracted the attention of friends and relatives behind her.  Rob and Dave stared blankly at each other before joining her laughter.  A flashing thought passed through Rob’s mind for a second, and he wondered what life might be like if he were indeed taking Suzy home tonight.

  “Of course, we could both take her home,” said Dave, winking at Rob, “Do you reckon you could handle us love?” he said, shooting a glance at his new wife.

  “You two aren’t man enough for me, I’d eat you both alive,” replied Suzy.  She looked at Rob as she turned to whisper in Dave’s ear.  She whispered deliberately loud enough for Rob to hear, “I’m going to eat you alive tonight baby.  I‘m going to swallow you whole!”

   Dave’s cheeks flushed a little.  He could see that Rob had overheard and he avoided his eyes.  Rob smiled and turned back to the bar.  He felt a pinch on his backside and turned to see Suzy running off through the dance floor back to her friends, glancing provocatively over her shoulder as she ran.

   They both drank scotch and water in relative silence, only interrupted by the odd well wisher.  “What’s the matter mate?” asked Dave, “you’ve usually got your claws into someone by now.”

  “I’m tired mate,” laughed Rob, “it’s time I hung up my top hat and tails.”

  “What about the bridesmaid?” asked Dave, eager to lighten his old friend up a little.  “If I wasn’t married, I’d give her a good seeing to.”

  “Jesus Dave!” exclaimed Rob, “You’re only just married you know.”  He laughed out loud, and soon they were both laughing and pointing out the women in the crowds on the dance floor, just like they used to.  Rob went to the toilets.  He needed some space and a little air so it was as good a place as any.  He walked down a corridor to the side of the bar and went inside. 

  “Where’s the best man?” asked Suzy as she ran back up to her new husband, propping up the bar.  “Is this a taste of things to come my darling?” she asked, mockingly.  “I don’t expect to have to entertain myself whilst you stand at the bar for the rest of our marriage.  You never know what I might do,” she laughed.  “So where is he?”

  “He’s gone for a piss love, is that alright with you?” joked Dave.  “He’s probably gone for some peace and quiet, to get away from your mouth.”  They stood for a while talking and innocently groping each other.  Suzy was very horny.

  “Shall we leave and go home for a good hard shag?” she whispered into Dave’s ear.

  “What about all these people love?” replied Dave.  “You know I’d love that, but there’s plenty of time babe.”  Suzy looked quite upset, and she began to fidget.  She reached down and stroked Dave’s cock through his trousers.  She didn’t care who saw her, and Dave’s auntie Joy looked on in horror.  Dave quickly slapped her hand away.  “Stop it will you!  You’re uncontrollable.  Have you had Viagra or something?” asked Dave.  “Why don’t you go see what’s taking Rob so long, I think he’s fallen down the toilet,” he laughed, “bang on the door and tell him there’s a fire.”

   Suzy stormed off down the passage.  She pushed her way past several guests on her way.  This was nothing to do with the drinking.  In fact, she wasn’t that drunk, it was just that Suzy had always gotten her own way and she did not like it for a moment when anyone, particularly her own husband, said no.

  “Rob!” she yelled, as she banged on the toilet door.  “What the hell are you doing in there, having one off the wrist?” she giggled to herself and then stifled it with her hand as she heard the toilet flush.

   On the other side of the door, Rob had been sitting on the toilet, having a cigarette, with the window open.  Rob was very annoyed at the new law about smoking.  Soon he would only be able to smoke in his own home, in a specially designed chamber that filtered it before it entered the air supply.  He couldn’t see that there was such a big deal, in his opinion he’d smelled worse passive farts; he hated non-smokers.  “Just a minute,” he said as he flushed the toilet.  He knew it was Suzy; no-one else in the party was that loud.  He thought to himself that all he really wanted to do was wash grab her by the waist, pull her in here with him and give her a good seeing to.  He opened the door.  “Yes,” he said, in an old woman’s voice.  She laughed.

  “Are you coming out or what?  Wait a minute, I know that smell.  You’ve been smoking you naughty boy.”  She pushed past him and took his arm.  She started to spin him around and smack his bottom hard.  Rob turned and locked the door.  “What are you doing?” she asked nervously.

  “I want to see under that dress,” he said, quite casually.

  “I’m a married woman,” she protested, as she went for the door lock.

  “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me,” said Rob, knowing full well that she wanted him also.  She turned to him and kissed him hard on the mouth.  They kissed hard and explored each other’s clothes with curious, firm hands.  Rob pushed the dress against her ass so he could feel its shape.  There were so many layers on it that to take it off would be like playing pass the parcel.  His cock was aching to get out and into something wet and warm so he just pulled the whole thing up, screwing it into a ball like shape around her waist.  She gasped a little as he did this, but she did not complain.  He held her back a little at arm’s length, not letting her go, in order to get a better look at what she looked like.  She reached around her back and unfastened the clips and the whole dress fell to the floor as quickly as a magician clears a table.  Rob gasped.  “I had almost forgotten about you,” he said with an open mouth.  Suzy had a look of Nigella Lawson about her, Rob had always thought so.  It was in the darkness around the eyes, and the full eyebrows that arched like forward and back slashes on a keyboard.  Suzy had red lip gloss on but it didn’t over accentuate her full mouth.  Her hair was done wavy and it was tinged with blonde, almost sun kissed.  She stood as though she were posing for an adult lingerie magazine.  In fact what she was wearing made Rob’s cock so hard that he almost burst his trousers.  It certainly was straight out of some kind of magazine.  She wore a simple white thong and a white bra.  The beauty was in the simplicity of the set; no stockings and suspenders here.  The bra had a tie in the middle that held her generous pair of tits in.  Rob eyed her hungrily.  ‘Just one little tug on that bow and I’m in,’ he thought briefly.  It was subtly decorated with a floral design, and because the bra was see through, the flowers had been positioned strategically, yet perfectly over her hardening nipples.  The thong was the same.  It was tied delicately at the sides, and it had a double strap going around the back.  Over her pussy she had another flower.  Rob pulled her to him and kissed her deeply.  He turned her around and looked at her ass.  It was perfect in that little thong.  Both the straps came around the very bottom of her back before they joined together for the final plunge deep into the crack of her beautiful arse.  He smacked her cheek and watched the lovely tanned flesh wobble a little, leaving his hand there for a moment, touching her skin just enough to feel the smooth skin stroke him back, as if thanking him for the attention.

  “We’ll have to hurry,” said Suzy.

  “I don’t think I’ll have any problems there,” answered Rob, unzipping his trousers and letting them slide to the floor.  He frantically kicked them off over his shoes and wrenched his cock out of his shorts.  It sprang out straight into Suzy’s hand, big and hard.  She squeezed it and felt it throb between her fingers.  They held each other close, hugging and feeling each other’s skin.  His cock pressed uncomfortably against her, unable to stand up or go down.  He reached down and pushed it aside so he could get closer to her.  The end of his throbbing dick was sticking out the side of their embrace and Suzy, curious as to where it had gone, moved her hand down the side of her own body, stroking herself in search of it.  When she found the end sticking out, she gently stroked it with three of her fingers and felt a little pre-cum dribbling from the end.  They were kissing hard and getting very hot.  Rob suddenly turned Suzy around so she was facing the mirror.  He pushed her ever so slightly and she stooped forward, grabbing either side of the small hand basin.  She could see him in the mirror looking at her arse, and when Rob noticed, he looked up at her reflection and smiled.  Rob was thoroughly engrossed in Suzy’s lovely ass.  He quickly pulled her thong to one side and positioned the centre string of it, tightly across her right ass cheek.  It divided her ass cheek into two perfectly curvy mounds of wobbling flesh that Rob took great delight in slapping a little.  He toyed with the strap of Suzy’s thong while he started to shake his cock around her pussy.  He pulled it tight and pushed his cock into her wet pussy.  He fucked her slowly, watching her head in the mirror, shaking and tousling her hair with each thrust of his cock.  He pulled her to him by the strap of her thong and pushed her away with his cock.  Suzy was so wet it became difficult to stay inside her at this angle, but Rob wouldn’t have traded it for the world.  His view was great.  They were both trying desperately to be a quite as possible, but because of their position, their antics became audible with just the slaps of skin on skin.  Suzy’s pussy was so juicy that the inside of her thighs and the crack of her arse were soaking wet.  Rob accidentally slipped out of Suzy’s pussy and thrust back in, hitting her in the arse instead, making his cock slip just inside.  She gasped and then relaxed to let him enter a little further.  “Go easy Rob!” she said as quietly as she could.

  “Do you want me to stop?” he asked, not really wanting to, it felt fantastic.

  “No, it feels great, don’t stop.”

  Suzy had a tight arse, and Rob loved it even though it frightened him a little when he pushed harder, causing his foreskin to very nearly go a little too far back.  Pretty soon he was as deep inside her ass as their physical forms would allow.  His balls slapped against her pussy beneath and it made her shudder.  He leaned over and brought his hand into play, rubbing at her wet clit.  Suzy joined him and moved his hand to where she wanted it, stroking his fingers as he worked her clit like he was a DJ scratching records in a club.  He continued to ram his hard cock into her beautiful little ass until she started to moan a little too loud.  He pulled out, “Jesus Suzy, you’ll have everyone in here sweetheart, bring it down will you?” he said, getting a little nervous, and actually listening at the closed door.

  “Get back over here.  Let’s get on with it,” said Suzy.  She was sitting on the hand basin with her thong still pulled to one side, showing off her pussy.  She held out her arms as though she were greeting him after being away for a long time.  He almost ran to her, she looked so good.  Immediately he grabbed hold of her by the ass cheeks and started fucking her for all he was worth.  Her sweaty back banged and rubbed against the mirror, making a squeaking sound like she was cleaning it, as he screwed her hard.  Suzy reached down and stroked the base of his back as he went in and out of her.  She moaned gently and began to squirm a little more.  She pushed him off her and tried to get down on the toilet floor.  It wasn’t too bad, but she could hardly get completely flat and straight like she wanted to.  Rob was standing over her, panting, with his cock pulsing and glistening with all the wetness of her pussy.  From her position on the floor, it stood out like a wet flagpole from the side of a tall, solid building.  She was on her back now with her legs apart, one resting on the toilet.  She beckoned him to her.  He struggled to get down also, and he kicked out in frustration at the wall because his legs were too long.  She guided him inside her and he started to screw her again.  Because of his position he was slightly bent over, and this made his cock almost vertical on entry into her wet pussy.  She writhed with the pleasure of this sensation, Rob had a big cock, and because of his position it was rubbing hard against her swollen clit.  She tensed all the muscles in her body and clawed at Rob’s ass cheeks as he pumped her harder and harder.  She began to tremble, and then suddenly she went slack with a sigh of relief that was so audible there was a knock on the door.

  “Suzy?” said a voice “is that you in there love, did you find Rob?”  It was Dave.

  “No,” she said with an expression of pure horror on her face.  She looked at Rob, who was by now wiping his cock on some toilet tissue and putting hit back in his trousers.  “He wasn’t in here,” she continued, weaving a more tangled web.  “Do you mind, I’m busy in her Dave, can you wait?” she asked petulantly.

  “I can never wait for you love,” he replied in a voice a little lower, “what are we going to get up to when we get home baby?”

  “Not now Dave, just wait, I’ll be out in a minute.”  It all went quiet and Suzy got to her feet, making as little commotion as possible.  Rob looked at her and held his hands in the air in a classic ‘I don’t know’ pose.  He looked around and saw that the window was big enough to climb through.  He began to open it.  He didn’t look at Suzy.  As he stepped onto the toilet she grabbed him and dropped to her knees.  Before he could complain she pulled out his cock and started to wank him off.  He got hard straight away, just at the sight of her on her knees wanking him over her beautiful mouth.  She slipped the end of his dick in her mouth and swilled it around in saliva, making it lovely and wet.  She pushed his foot off the toilet and lifted the seat.  She pointed his cock over the toilet and wanked hard.  It started to make noises, and Rob’s breath got heavier and heavier.

  “Are you coming out love?” asked Dave.

  Suzy snapped her head towards the door and shouted, “Fuck off Dave, for Christ sake, I’m busy!”  As she turned back to Rob’s throbbing cock, he squirted a jet of cum onto the toilet wall before she could point it down into the toilet.  The rest dribbled down her hand and into the water beneath.  She gave it a little shake and wiped the end of it with some tissue, before putting it, still twitching, back into Rob’s trousers.

  “You better go now,” whispered Suzy, “I think the party is over for you.”

  “Congratulations Suzy,” said Rob sincerely.  He kissed her on the cheek and left through the window in the street outside.

  “Suzy?” said Dave, “is there someone in there with you?” he asked suspiciously.

  She opened the door and smiled, “only you sweetheart.  Let me tell you, I was getting a bit horny in the toilet, I had to sort myself out, know what I mean?” she laughed.

  “You dirty little bitch!” he said with a grin, “I hope you saved some for me?”

  “There’s plenty where that came from,” replied Suzy, “Did you find Rob?”


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