New Erotic Fiction Presents – Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk

Graham and Chelsea went for walks often.  They had been together for around eight or nine years and they found that going out for walks at the weekend was the only way they could really become sexually stimulated.  They would screw each other outdoors wherever they went.  Chelsea had been the instigator of it all, Graham was quite happy to sit in front of the T.V and watch other people do it instead.  On this particular, eventful day they had decided on the local woodland walk shag, one they had done many times before…

   They parked their car up in the woodland picnic area and they put on their walking boots.  They walked for what must have been a mile into the adjacent woods, following the red coded path that meant the long walk.  In their experience not many people chose the red path these days; they lived in an unfit generation.

  “Here,” she said excitedly, “It’s nice and soft in those ferns at the edge of the path.”

  The weather had warmed up and the ground had lost its dew.  They moved to the side of the path.  Chelsea pushed him onto the floor.  He fell with a slightly uncomfortable bump into a patch of long grass and crushed what appeared to be the last of the flowering bluebells.

  “Lift it up,” he said, indicating Chelsea’s long, wavy skirt.  She always wore these so she could lift it up quickly, or alternatively when she went on top she could spread it out to cover their exploits.  He considered her for a moment when he looked up, she really was very beautiful.  Her face looked fresh, straight from an advert on skin care.  Her cheeks looked ruddy and her eyes and smile were of absolute happiness.  Chelsea didn’t have huge breasts at all, but the top she wore on this particular day made it look as though she had.  It was a loose design, tight at the abdomen, up to the beginning of the chest where it pushed the breasts upwards.  It reminded him of the kind of thing he saw serving wenches wear in period dramatisations on the T.V.  When she wore this all he really wanted to do was squeeze her tits, pop them out the top and give them a good licking.  Chelsea lifted her skirt high so that it covered her face.  He sat in awe of what he was presented with.  He saw his favourite panties, and not only that, she had on some knee length socks in black to match.  His cock strained at the bit to get out.  The black panties were high waisted and Graham followed their path over her beautiful, prominent hips.  They had tiny diamante letters spelling the words ‘Glamour Girl’, covering her beautiful, moist little snatch.  They were just tight enough around her pussy to outline the lips.

  “Move closer,” said Graham, “walk forward with your legs open.”

  She moved closer, staggering in the long grass with her legs open.  “What are you doing?” she giggled, unable to see.  Graham sat up straight and slid his hands up the back of her legs, discovering the lovely fleshy mounds of her ass cheeks.  He gently shook them in his hands.  They felt fantastic and soft.  He gripped a cheek in each hand and pulled her towards his face quickly.  She let go of her skirt in surprise and it fell over his face.  Underneath the skirt Graham went to work.  He nuzzled his nose and mouth around the top of her panties and took a deep breath in.

  “You smell fantastic,” he said in a muffled voice.

  “You feel fantastic,” she replied.

  He stroked the back of her legs, tickling inside the back of her knee and slid up to her ass.  Then he hooked his hands around the sides of her thong and gently pulled at it.  He continued doing this whilst he licked at her pussy through her panties.  They were soaked and his tongue was aching.  He finally decided to pull her panties to the side, allowing him access to her juicy pussy.  Chelsea took in a sharp breath of air as Graham hooked his tongue underneath her lips and moved it up, discovering her clitoris.  He flicked it with his tongue very gently, salivating whilst he did it, making things even more wet.  Chelsea clamped her soft thighs around his head and squeezed.  Graham moved his whole head up and down now, a little faster than he had been licking her.  His whole face rubbed against her clit, giving her sensations he could only imagine.  His nose kept flicking into her pussy, making her shudder briefly before his pointed chin did exactly the same, and all the time he was lapping at her like a dog in a water bowl.  With her legs still trembling, Chelsea moved away from him and let her skirt slide off his head revealing a very wet faced Graham.

  “Sweet,” he said, “come and get my cock out baby.”

  “I want to sit on it baby, I need to cum,” she replied.

  Graham fell onto his back and signalled for her to approach.  She squatted over him and started a little tussle with his zipper before finally releasing his cock.  It sprang out like a dog with the scent of fox in its nose, twitching impatiently.  Chelsea lowered herself down under the cover of her long skirt.  Her panties were pulled to one side, and Graham could feel the screwed up gusset of them with the end of his cock as she guided him inside her.  She was soaking wet and very warm.  “Oh yeah! That’s good,” exclaimed Graham with a huge smile.  Chelsea sat right down on his cock and just stayed there for a little while feeling him inside her, twitching her muscles.  She leant forward and laid on top of him, forcing his cock to press hard on her clit.  She put her arms around his back and tensed all the muscles in the lower half of her body.  She was virtually rigid.  Graham gripped her ass cheeks and did the work for her.  He thrust himself into her and moved rapidly, despite being partially restricted.  Chelsea fumbled around his back and clawed at the long grass and weeds as she approached her orgasm.  When she came she gripped him so hard that she almost lifted him from the ground.

  “Jesus!” said Graham, out of breath, “You needed that.”

  Chelsea sighed a long sigh and giggled to herself.

  “I think there’s someone walking this way!” Graham pointed out, startled.

  Chelsea sat up quickly, with Graham still stiff inside her.  Sure enough, there was a figure approaching from the trees a little further back along the trail they had been following.

  “Don’t jump up now, they’ll suspect something,” said Graham.

  “So what if they do?” replied Chelsea nonchalantly.

  “You might not care, but I do!  It would be very embarrassing, you don’t know who it might be either.”

  “It better be the bloody Queen, interrupting me like this.”

  They both laughed and continued to watch the figure as it approached.  Chelsea was still sitting on top of Graham, and he was still hard and twitching inside her.  The two of them just grinned at each other every time they twitched.  Chelsea picked one of the nearby bluebells and played with it, turning to look down at Graham as the figure approached.  It was hard to tell who it was because the stranger was wearing a wide brimmed hat, a little like Zorro’s; at least that was the first thing that jumped into Graham’s mind.  The stranger was wearing walking boots, jeans, a white jumper and the Zorro hat.

  “Morning!” said a female voice, “it’s beautiful isn’t it?” she said as she approached them.  She wasn’t walking straight past!  Graham began to panic, and his dick got limp, almost falling out of Chelsea.

  “Yeah, it’s great!” replied Graham nervously.  Then suddenly conscious of their position, he carried on talking, “we’re absolutely knackered, I don’t know why we come on these long walks.”

  The female stranger came a little closer and eyed them both: Graham laying on the floor and Chelsea sitting on top of him with her skirt spread all over like a picnic blanket.  “You don’t know why?  That’s odd.  I do,” she laughed.  She raised her head, liberating her face from the shade of her hat like Clint Eastwood in one of his Spaghetti westerns.  She was quite beautiful in a Streisandesque kind of way.  Her large nose was offset by some beautiful blue eyes and a wide, inviting mouth.  She grinned at them both and looked down at the position they were sitting in.  “If I asked you both to get up, would you?” she asked.

  Graham smiled nervously, “Well,” he said, “don‘t let us keep you from your walk.  We‘ll rest up a little more I think”

  “I’m sorry,” said the stranger, slightly offended.

  “No, I’m sorry,” interrupted Chelsea, shooting Graham an evil glance.  “My husband didn‘t mean to sound so rude, I’m sure.”

  “I really don’t want to…,” said the stranger before she was interrupted.

  “We’ve never seen you here before in the mornings, we come quite a lot,” said Chelsea in a welcoming voice.  Graham rolled his eyes and put his head down onto the grass again.

  “I come almost every morning, and I’ve seen you two many times,” said the stranger, winking at Graham.  “I’ve often thought about joining you to be honest.  What do you think?”

  “I…erm…what?” stuttered Graham, looking bemusedly at Chelsea.

  It was then that he noticed a little glimmer in Chelsea’s eye.  She grinned at him and looked at the stranger in a way she usually reserved for him alone.  He could hardly believe his eyes.  She wasn’t bad, he supposed, the stranger.  Whilst he was staring he felt himself twitch back to attention inside Chelsea.  She looked at him in a knowing way, and squirmed a little.

  “Are we actually doing this?” she asked him.

  Without thinking too much he replied, “Yeah, I guess we are.”  They both looked into each other’s eyes and began to screw again, Chelsea rocking and rubbing herself against Graham’s groin. 

  “Oh, I see that I’ve interrupted something, should I go?” laughed the stranger, taking off her hat.  Her hair fell out of its hiding place like a cascade of shining, golden water, and Graham grunted as he looked on, thrusting hard into his wife.  He reached out his hand and stroked the leg of the stranger.  Chelsea’s pussy felt soaking wet, so wet and squelching that it became audible. 

  “You want me to join you?” asked the stranger rhetorically.  She moved forward and unbuttoned her tight jeans.  She kicked off her walking boots and slid her jeans down easily past her knees and stepped out of them with a little tousle at the end.  She smiled at Chelsea who was staring in awe at this magnificent specimen of woman standing partially naked in front of her.  She stopped rocking on Graham’s cock and reached out to touch their new friend.  The stranger stepped back a little.

  “Just wait a little,” said the stranger.

  “Oh man, this is too good,” said Graham.

  The stranger lifted up her loose, woollen jumper that was resting just below her ass, and she revealed a beautiful golden, shiny thong.  She turned around, bent over a little and glanced over her shoulder at her new audience, teasing them.  Graham began to move inside Chelsea again.  It was as though he had his very own private strip show as he screwed his wife.  The stranger lifted her jumper off, standing naked and revealing a fantastic body with beautiful, big, heavy tits; only a pair of black knee high socks like Chelsea’s remained.  Graham’s cock hardened even more, straining inside his wife’s wet pussy like a jemmy bar trying to force a door frame.

   There was a definite, animal instinct overpowering the three of them, and the air was full of irresistible, relentless pheromones, mixed with the smell of the surrounding trees and vegetation, spurring on the participants of this potential, primal orgy to continue the human race by indiscriminately screwing anyone in the vicinity.  Caution was well and truly thrown to the wind.  None of them cared who saw them.  The stranger approached Graham and invited him to run his hands up her legs and feel in-between.  He felt the wetness smother his forefinger.  The stranger stood over them and leaned forward, cupping her lovely tits in her hand, shaking them for the couple’s entertainment.  Chelsea reached out and stroked them as though she were petting an overweight puppy, and as the stranger moved closer, she put one of her magnificent tits over Chelsea’s mouth.  Chelsea sucked and licked the nipple eagerly and hard.  Graham slid three fingers into the stranger’s wet pussy, making her moan, pulling out every two or three thrusts in order to circle her swollen clitoris, hanging and begging for attention.

  “I want you to lick her,” said Graham to Chelsea, as if their new friend were some kind of sex doll.  “Lay her down here and lick this pussy.”

  “Yes please,” said the stranger willingly.

  For the briefest of moments Graham was amazed by the familiarity of everyone and their loss of inhibitions.  He laughed under his breath as he watched the two of them rearrange themselves and he considered that if he had stopped this stranger in the street and asked for something as simple as the time, he would probably have received an abrupt, quite inconvenienced answer in return, whereas in this circumstance he could easily ask the same person to lay on her back and let his wife lick her pussy while he did all manner of obscene things to her.  Amazing.

  The stranger was lying on her back now with Chelsea lapping away at her pussy like a cat in a bowl of cream.  She closed her eyes and moved her hips gently in time with her new lover.  Graham wanked himself as he watched his wife’s body move in a dipping motion as she licked at this strange woman’s pussy.  He loved the way the stranger folded her arms underneath her big tits, making a pillow of trembling flesh out of them as they wobbled around.  Graham straddled the top half of the stranger’s body and he hovered his cock, twitching, over the stranger’s face.  She had her eyes closed and got quite a shock when she opened them to find Graham nudging at her wide, inviting mouth, with the end of his cock.  She smiled and opened wide for him.  Graham moved in and out of her wet, open mouth.  She clamped her lips tight around his shaft, making him gasp, and as he continued to push in and out, she circled the end of his cock inside her mouth with her tongue.  Just as Graham was ready to cum himself, he felt the stranger begin to shudder to climax.  He leant forward and thrust his cock, hard into her mouth, making her gag.  He turned to look at Chelsea.  She had the stranger’s ass cheeks clamped firmly in her hands and she shook her head around the stranger’s pussy like a dog with a toy bear.  They had this stranger exactly where they wanted her, and for a moment Graham felt as though they were both assaulting her, until he heard the moans of climactic pleasure coming from beneath him.  The stranger went limp and Graham rested his cock on her huge wobbling tits.  He shook them gently with one hand as he considered where he wanted to shoot his load.  Chelsea came up for air and stroked his back.

  “Did you cum baby?” she asked.

  “I want to cum on you both.  Get on your knees,” ordered Graham.  Chelsea obeyed automatically, without question.

  “Oh, I see that you’ve done this before baby,” said the stranger, looking at them both enquiringly.  She moved next to Chelsea.  “Let me have it big boy!”

  Chelsea smiled at the stranger.  Graham looked in awe at the two of them wriggling on their knees in front of him, completely naked except for those knee length, black, tight socks.  The stranger’s tits heaved back and forth with her heavy breaths, and Chelsea’s little tits trembled with the anticipation of what was to come; they had seen this before.  He jerked hard and fast and moaned loud.  Both Chelsea and the stranger stroked his legs and balls, and tickled between his cock and his asshole.  Suddenly the stranger flicked the end of his prick with her thumb and forefinger and it made Graham spasm forward, almost losing his balance.  She grabbed the back of Chelsea’s head and pushed it onto Graham’s cock, forcing her to gag a little as she strained to get it in.  The stranger then ran her hand in a rapid arc movement underneath Graham, finding his asshole, whereupon she gently worked her forefinger in until it was all the way inside searching for his prostrate.  When she hit the spot Graham thrust forward again, impaling Chelsea’s throat on his cock.  She pulled off it quickly, leaving a film of sloppy saliva all over it.  The stranger pulled out her finger quickly and grabbed his cock.  He gasped.  She worked it a couple of times and pointed it downwards to both her own, and Chelsea’s tits.  They both looked up at him with smiles on their faces as he exploded, squirting their tits with his sticky load.  A little landed on the stranger’s chin, and Chelsea gazed up at Graham before leaning over to lick it off the stranger’s chin and kissed her, open mouthed and heavily.  All three of them fell to the floor in a heap and enjoyed the sunshine on their naked skin.


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