New Erotic Fiction Presents – Groupies


Steve was a guitar player in a local band and considered himself a guitar hero.  He was only twenty years old and had a lot of ups and downs to face during his unsuccessful musical career before realising that he would marry and settle down with children, and a good steady job.  But he would always have memories of crazy nights had with his mates, the other members of the band…

   The last time they played together was at one of their favourite venues, The Crown Inn.  It was a huge place with low ceilings, giving it excellent acoustics.  They built up quite a following, as did most alternative bands back in the eighties, so the place was packed out.  Everyone was looking for something new to listen to back then, and everyone wanted to know someone who was in a cool band doing something new.  There were as many different hairstyles as there were bands, and at last people were beginning to express themselves in their appearance again.  Their gig was filled with mainly punks and goths; it was that kind of music.  Steve loved the goth girls best of all.  They looked so sexy, dirty and mysterious; some of them were almost tribal looking with all that black and purple make up on.  They would wear their hair one of two ways mostly: either sticking out all over the place like a scared character in Scooby Doo or straight down like the sexy milf from The Adam’s Family or The Munsters.  Steve loved all of them, they looked so miserable all the time, and as he liked to put it, in need of a “good, hard seeing to.” 

   On this particular night the drummer, Stuart, had brought his dad’s austin allegro and he was driving them home.  This was because The Crown was in the middle of nowhere.  In fact Steve and the other guys often wondered just how half of their fans ever managed to get out there to see them play.  They packed most of the gear away and it had already been decided to leave the drum kit at The Crown and collect it tomorrow.  Because the bass player lived within walking distance of the venue, Steve, Stuart and Lee, the singer, could fit a couple of girls in the car.  So they set about looking.  They never usually had to look very hard, the girls usually found them actually.  Back in the eighties groupies really were groupies, and they would do anything!  This night was no different.  There had been a group of goth girls at the front of the stage most of the night, moping and shaking their heads like extras from Dawn of the Dead.  Lee didn’t find them attractive at all, and they weren’t particularly interested in him either.  Lee used to wear bright coloured, funky belts and he looked as though he would have been more at home in a band like Duran Duran.  This wasn’t the image the band really wanted, but Lee was a good singer so they couldn’t say too much to upset the equilibrium.  The girls were always more interested in Steve and Stuart.  They wore long dark coats and motorcycle boots.  They looked the part, morose and brooding, a bit like morbid versions of Gary Cooper.  It never failed to get the girls.  No sooner had Stuart and Steve left the stage after clearing up, than they were bombarded with congratulations, pats on the back and big purple kisses all over their faces.  Sometimes the band would look as though they’d been fighting because of all the black and purple lipstick that covered their faces.  Steve was what many women termed as a “pretty” guy.  His skin was soft, almost like a girl and his eyes were blue and wide.  He had blond wavy hair and a slim, somewhat muscular body; a young Samson springs to mind.  It wasn’t unusual to see him exploit this fact either.  He would often wear sleeveless shirts to show off his arms, or sometimes no shirt at all, showing off his stomach and chest muscles.  He really didn’t have to try hard, and he had a lot of self-confidence.

   Two girls in particular caught their eyes on this particular evening and their names were Emma and Mandy.  The reason they stood out was not solely attributed to the way they looked.  What weighted Steve and Stuart’s decision quite heavily was the fact that the two girls carried them over a bottle of beer each; a well deserved drink after their second hour long set.  They walked off and sat down with the girls, hardly any words were spoken.  It was like an automatic coupling.  Other girls, who were prowling around, waiting for their chance to pounce on the guys, automatically turned and walked away when they saw that they were taken.  It was like mating season at the end of a gig.  David Attenborough would have done wonders narrating the events of this evening, it was as though the whole room were full of primates; it was stripped down to basic human needs and desires.  If there had been a stash of clubs available then Steve and Stuart would have been carrying the biggest.

  “I’m Emma, and this is Mandy,” said Emma, breaking the silence, “we thought you guys were really good!”

  “Yeah, I’ve never been to see you before, how long you been playing?” asked Mandy.

  “It’s dull and boring,” said Steve, tired of the same old conversations after each gig.  Lee protested and waved his hand in Steve’s face but the girls didn’t seem to mind Steve’s bad attitude.

  “Well, actually,” said Emma, leaning forward, “I didn’t think it was that good!  I’ve seen better, but it wasn’t the music I was interested in.”

  Steve was astonished for a second.  At last someone real, someone honest, and someone who really turned him on.  “Really?” he asked rhetorically, “I didn’t think it was that good either.  So what were you interested in?” he asked.

  “We’re interested in you two studs, that’s what we’re interested in!” interrupted Mandy, moving closer to the two of them.

   Steve and Stuart were sandwiched between Emma and Mandy, sitting in a type of booth, in the shape of a semi-circle.  Steve was unusually excited.  Usually he could take his pick but didn’t care too much about whom it was, but tonight for the first night in years he actually wanted Emma; really wanted her.  He felt animal instincts and urges growing inside; urges he usually had to prompt to get going.  Emma was sitting right next to him, and Mandy was next to Stuart.  They both looked good enough to eat, but Steve was growing more and more fascinated with Emma’s look.  Emma was a pretty girl, but not overly so.  Her goth look was perfect.  Her lips were deep purple, lined with black, and her eyes matched.  She had made the rest of her face pale.  This made her eyes stand out even more, because despite the blackness surrounding them, she had the most beautiful, sparkling blue eyes he had ever seen.  There was a wanton look about her too, as though she was aching for attention, kisses and caresses.  She was shorter than him, much shorter, and he liked looking down on her cleavage, particularly when she laughed or moved in any way.  He could see the soft flesh wobble inside the cups of her half visible, black, lacy bra.  She looked as though she had big tits.  Steve loved big tits.  Emma looked up into his eyes, just as they were averting from her tits.  He went a little red and then realised he was supposed to be cool so he shrugged and winked at her.  Emma laughed at him.  She had a hearty laugh.  Lee and Mandy saw him flush and they joined in.  Steve didn’t like it at all and over compensated by grabbing Emma’s arm and pulled her across the leather seat of the booth, so that she was almost sitting on top of him.  He kissed her hard and deep.  The only reason they stopped is that they had to quite literally come up for air.

  “Bloody hell, you’re a bit rough aren’t you,” complained Emma, whilst winking at Mandy, “although I can’t say I don’t like it.”  They all laughed.

   It was getting late and Steve was getting tired.  All he really wanted was to find out whether or not he would get any action from this girl or not.  There was only the four of them left in the bar, and Steve noticed the barman indicating to Stuart about getting out now.

  “So do you girls need a ride somewhere?” asked Stuart, grinning at Steve.  Steve was getting impatient and tired.  He got quite bad tempered when he was tired.

  “Make your minds up girls, we’re off,” he said, doing the aloof act again.  He stood up to leave and secretly crossed his fingers in his pocket, in the hope that Emma would want to come with him.

  “Well, we can’t bloody well stay out here in the middle of sodding nowhere can we?” said Mandy.  “And what’s wrong with you guys, can’t you see a good thing when it’s standing in front of you?” She laughed out loud and stood up to follow them.

  Steve turned to Emma, “Are you coming?” he asked.

  “Yeah sure,” she smiled and looked at Steve with those sparkling blue eyes.  Steve was moved by them again and felt a stiffy growing in his trousers.

   They climbed aboard the old allegro and Mandy got into the front with Stuart.  They seemed to be getting along just fine, and there was little doubt in Steve’s mind that Stuart would be taking her home; straight to her bedroom that is, not the front door.  They had been kissing and groping in the car park until Steve grumpily insisted they get moving.  He was dying to try his luck with Emma; he could barely keep his hands off her.  He got into the back seat with her and sat tightly against the door away from her.  Steve hadn’t been nervous since he was a kid.  There must be something about this girl, he thought to himself, as he looked at her across the seat.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t think I had the plague!”

  “I was just giving you a little space, you know,” said Steve, mildly embarrassed.  He looked into the rear-view mirror to check if Stuart was watching; he wasn’t.

  “Do I look like a need space?” asked Emma, crossing her legs and giving him a better look at her tight skirt above the knee.  It was only when she crossed her legs that Steve noticed the fishnet tights he thought she was wearing were actually stockings.  They were stockings with lace tops to them, and quite clearly held in place by suspenders.  He watched her as Stuart started the engine and set off and then glided across the seat to sit by her.  She looked absolutely fantastic.  He had seen all kinds of things but this glimpse of Emma’s stocking top gave him an instant stiffy.  He could see the paleness of her skin as her naked thigh came into view.  He could see it through the fishnet, but this was nothing like the whole thing!  After all, everyone wore fishnets, he thought, sometimes even the guys!  He moved a little closer and put his arm around her; he had to get into her knickers.

   They sat like this for what seemed like forever.  Then, over the dreadful music Stuart had chosen, he heard his friend groaning in the front seat.  He leaned forward and found Mandy without her top on, with her head in Stuart’s lap.  “Lucky bastard!” said Steve into Stuart’s left ear, “keep your eyes on the bloody road, won’t you?”

  “Sure mate, sure,” said Stuart between gasps and groans.

Steve sat back and looked at Emma.  She looked up.

  “Are they having fun?” she asked with raised eyebrow.  What was it about her eyes that just kept on tipping Steve over the edge?  They made his blood boil.  He looked her up and down again.

  “I…I…,” he stammered.  Come on Mr. Cool, he thought, you’re making a prick of yourself here.  “Yeah, they are,” he finally said with a pathetic break in his voice as though he had just begun puberty.  Then without further ado he looked her straight in the eye and put his hand on her leg, just above the top of her stocking, on her skirt so he didn’t touch her naked skin.  Her skirt was a made of black satin and it felt fantastic as it slid on her stockinged thigh.  He’d come this far so he decided to reveal her naked flesh again. He took the plunge and started to play with the straps of her suspenders.  There were little black, silk bows on the clips where they attached to the lace top of the stocking; he toyed with one a little, flicking with his little finger and enjoying the feeling.  She quivered as his hand moved higher and touched her naked thigh.

  “That’s nice,” she said, “you have a certain touch don’t you?  It must be the guitarist in you,” she giggled a little and looked into his eyes again.  His cock strained and twitched violently.  He had never in his life been turned on so much by a girl’s eyes.  He continued to explore further along her thigh until he reached the crease where her thigh met her crotch.  Only the very tips of his fingers felt the silk of her panties.  He moved his fingers inside and felt the wetness of her pussy.  She closed her eyes for a moment and savoured the feel of his gentle pushing.  She reached her hand down to his crotch and felt the hard cock within.  “Get it out,” she commanded as she struggled a little with the zipper.  Steve used his other hand and released his dick into her grasp while he pushed his way towards her clit and moved his finger gently on it, in a circular motion as though he were rubbing the condensation from a steamy bathroom mirror.  He felt her get wetter to the touch and she started to move her legs further apart.  Steve looked up for a moment and caught Stuart peeking in the rear view mirror.  “Road Stuart!” he said.  His words startled Emma from a type of trance like state and she clasped her legs together as though she were being assaulted.  “What’s wrong?” he asked, looking into those beautiful eyes again.

  “I’m sorry, you made me jump,” she laughed and leaned into his inquisitive face and put him at ease with a long deep kiss.  Much to Steve’s delight, she kissed him with her eyes wide open.

   He loved the feel of her hand on his stiff cock.  She pulled it quite firmly and grasped it like a pilots control lever.  He continued to play with her pussy whilst sitting back in the seat a little to allow her expert hand to work.  She wanked him hard and fast with her right arm.  She kept letting go to get a better grip, and every time she did it felt great.  Her right arm began to tire after a while so she leaned over him and grabbed him with her left.  She worked it a little slower with this arm, and a lot softer.  It was a nice contrast, he thought to himself as he approached orgasm.  He looked at her wanking him out of the corner of his eye, and he saw her glance up for the briefest of moments.  She looked fantastic.  Her eyes completely engaged his and her hair was shaking to the motion of her fierce wanking; in fact her whole body was shaking with the motion.  “Jesus, go easy back there,” called Stuart from the front, “I’ll crash this bloody thing!”

  “Shut up and drive man!” said Steve, in between gasping for his breath.  He was very close now.  But he couldn’t take any more of this amazing sight before him, he had to have her.  Something inside him took over and he lost complete control of his senses for a moment.  He leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth as she slowed her wanking down, swapping arms again.  She was getting tired.  “I have to fuck you Emma,” he said desperately in her ear.  At that moment she stopped wanking him altogether and it felt like someone had just wrapped an elastic band around his balls; he was so close.  She jumped up onto the seat on all fours and bent over for him to enter her.  The car was travelling quite fast now.  It was clear Stuart must be enjoying himself, and perhaps tensing the muscles in his legs, forcing the car to speed up.  Steve’s cock twitched angrily, calling to be finished off.  He eyed her bending over hungrily and looked at the little skirt she had on.  He noticed it had ridden up to show off the bottom of her ass.  It looked fantastic.  He could see the underside of her perfect globe of an ass.  At the sides of this he saw the two beautiful, black, bowed straps coming down to join onto the lacy tops of her fishnet stockings.  He reached out and stroked the naked skin on the back of her thighs and the bottom of her ass cheeks.  She flinched and moved against his hand, forcing him to stroke her naked skin.  She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled.

  “Well?” she said in a soft voice, “do you want it?”

  “Hell yes,” he said, and without further thought he thrust his face in between her legs and rubbed his chin and cheeks on the naked skin of her thighs.  He took in a deep breath and smelled her pussy; it was wonderful.  He watched her hand appear in front of his face and pull her silky panties to one side, showing him her juicy pussy and allowing him access.  Steve was so horny he felt like exploding.  He had been so close to climax when she let go of his cock.  With his cock in his hand, rubbing slowly, he knelt behind her on the back seat and nudged her pussy with his thick helmet.  He slid it inside her and she moaned out her satisfaction, reaching around to stroke his hips as he started to move in and out of her slowly.  She was very wet, and Steve relished the sight as he looked down in the dim light and watched himself enter her.  Suddenly Emma quickened the pace a little.  She banged her fist on the back seat and thrust backwards onto him further and faster.  He moved into her once more and felt himself approaching climax again.  Emma moved her hips in a circular motion, getting wetter and wetter with each rotation.  She made herself so much in control that Steve just gripped the back seat and the front, passenger headrest and stayed perfectly still while Emma fucked him.  He gasped and clenched his ass cheeks as she started to speed things up.  She used the springy seat and bounced on her knees making her pussy slip up and down his hard cock as well as round and round.  She came suddenly and beautifully in cries of satisfaction and torrents of soaking wetness.  Steve could take no more and before she stopped completely, almost collapsing, she gave one final expert bounce to make him pull his cock out of her and spray her beautiful ass with his cum.  He collapsed onto the other side of the back seat.  Just as he did he heard Stuart let out a huge moan, and in the shadows from the front seat he saw Mandy’s head lift from his lap.  Steve leaned forward and tucked his cock back in his jeans.  He patted Stuart on the shoulder and watched Mandy finish herself with her fingers between her legs, stretched out in the passenger seat.

   That was the last time Steve played with the band.  They all went their separate ways.  Emma and Mandy however, continued to enjoy the live music scene for many years ahead, and for reasons other than their love of music.


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