New Erotic Fiction Presents – What a Picture

What a Picture.

Mark decided to go to the cinema, he didn’t go often.  He went on a Monday afternoon when it was quiet.  He liked going places when it was quiet.  He sat in the front row, despite what so many people had told him about how it’s bad for your neck, and you don’t get a good view.  The way he saw it was, the closer you got to the screen, the better view you had; a bit of neck ache was not a problem.  So he thought he was pretty much on his own.  There was an elderly couple sitting at the back near the entrance, probably for access purposes, and there were a couple of girls sitting over on the far right of the room, virtually out of sight, but not earshot; teenage girls are rarely quiet…  Just as the movie trailers were about to begin, as if from nowhere, like some kind of apparition, a girl appeared on his left.  She sat down next to him.  Out of all the empty seats in the cinema she chose to sit next to Mark.  She rattled her popcorn as she sat and said, “Don’t you just hate people who do that?”  She laughed and turned back to the screen.  Well here’s an uninhibited girl if ever he’d met one, he thought to himself.  There weren’t many women who would sit next to a complete stranger and crack jokes.  He thought at first that she might be drunk or on drugs.  “What’s on?” she asked, quite seriously.

  “You don’t know?” asked Mark, surprised that someone would come to the cinema, without a clue to what was playing.

  “I love all the movies,” she said, “I come to them all.  I just wondered what this one was.”  Just as she uttered these words the title came on the big screen, “ah!” she said, “I’ve been looking forward to this one.”  Mark was completely stunned by this girl.  Could she seriously watch every movie that showed here?  If she did, she must have a lot of cash, and a lot of spare time.  Gone were the days when there was only one screen and one picture.  In those days that one screen and one picture would last for a couple of weeks.  Now there was usually a choice of around eight or more movies per week to choose from.  He thought that maybe she was pulling his chain.  He decided to ignore her and watch the movie.

   Not that she was easy to ignore.  She certainly wasn’t.  Mark was no monk, and this girl was certainly hot.  She was a little older than him.  Maybe in her late twenties, maybe even thirty.  She had long, curly, wavy, dark brown hair.  It smelled lovely.  She was wearing a subtle blend of makeup, not too overdone.  She had quite thick, sexy eyebrows that arched when she spoke, and these were further accentuated by the delicate darkness and shimmer around her, beautiful brown eyes.  Her skin tone was ever so slightly tanned, and she had the pinkest, sexiest lips he had seen in a long time; glossy in places and not in others.  These lips were the only ones Mark had ever considered; considered in the way one would consider just how the makeup was applied.  Really, all he wanted to do was reach across and stroke her lovely face, pull it to close to his and kiss those delicious looking lips.  Only gently, and then caress the naked shoulder she was showing off.  He would lift the strap of her bra and lick underneath it, kissing his way up to her neck.  He told himself that he had to stop this, but suddenly she spoke again, “Why don’t you just go ahead and do it then?” she said in a matter of fact way.  Had he spoken his thoughts out loud?  Mark hadn’t any idea what was going on.

  “I’m sorry?” he asked, “What did you say?”

  “You heard me, I’m sure,” she replied, smiling, “I said, why don’t you just go ahead and do it then?”

  “Do what?” he enquired.

  “Reach across and gently stroke my lovely face, pull it close to you and kiss my delicious looking lips.”

  “What…I don’t…,” stuttered Mark.

  “Don’t pretend now,” she said, laughing a little, “I’ve heard much more naughty things than that you know.  Most of them just want to invent my underwear, take it off, and then proceed to screw my brains out over the seats, regardless of who’s here.  There are some filthy minded men in the world you know.  But of course you know, you’re one of them,” she touched his thigh and gently squeezed it comfortingly.  “It’s alright, really, I like it.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t come would I?  Where were you anyway?  You were imagining licking underneath my bra strap and kissing your way to my neck.  Correct?”  Mark was gobsmacked, what could he say?  “Incidentally,” she said, “it’s not a bra it’s a bustier to be precise.”

   Mark didn’t dare say another thing, and there was silence between them for a few uncomfortable seconds, and while he just gazed into her magical eyes the lights were dimmed.  Now she had told him her bra was actually a bustier he began to imagine what it would look like as she took it off.  Suddenly, before he knew what was happening, exactly what he imagined came true.  She started unbuttoning her shirt and underneath was one of the most beautiful sights Mark had seen in his life.  The bustier was absolutely fantastic.  It was black with very thin straps over the shoulder.  Her large breasts were hanging by these straps, supported underneath by a thin bone support, lifting them, yet allowing their free movement.  It was black and semi-translucent in design.  He could make out her large brown nipples, standing prominently from beneath the thin material.  Between the cups of the bustier there were two of the flimsiest straps attempting to hold the big boobs together and prevent their natural spread across the chest.  She looked at Mark hard, and she noted his awe.  Sure enough, he went on to imagine her giving her lovely, big tits a long shake, and she did.  He marvelled at the flesh wobbling inside the cups of her bustier.  Where her lightly tanned skin was visible at the top of her tits, Mark could see them heave and wobble to get out the top.  Before he knew it he was giving orders to this girl.  “Bounce them,” he said, “bounce them up and down, and let me watch them shake.”  She obliged, and his cock stiffened at the sight, to the point of ripping through his jeans.

  “Like that?” she enquired, slightly out of breath with all the bouncing on her seat.

  “Yes,” he said commandingly, “keep going. Try and bounce them out the top.”

  “I’ll try.”

  She continued bouncing up and down, and each time she went down, her tits went up, and each time they did, they looked like they were going to jump out the top of her bustier.  What kind of material was it that held in such monsters? He thought briefly to himself.  She reached across and unzipped his jeans.  His cock sprang out and she jerked it fast while she bounced.  The whole thing was great.  It was like his very own, living wanking machine, with free visual stimulation.  Mark had never had a girlfriend who would jump up and down, shaking her tits, while she wanked him off.

   The other occupants of the cinema didn’t seem to notice a thing, they were clearly too engrossed in the movie; lucky for Mark.  It was quite a large cinema and they would have had to squint to see the two of them messing about in the dark anyway.  If only they knew what was going on, they would have caught a much better show.

   As Mark watched her long fingers caressing and wanking his stiff cock, he imagined her starting to suck it, and sure enough she did.  She stopped shaking her tits and managed to catch her breath for just long enough before she put his cock in her mouth.  There was no messing about at first, like how some girls kiss around it and stroke the legs and so on.  This girl went straight down on it like she meant to impale her own head.  She took the whole length into the back of her throat and swallowed back the excess saliva, causing glorious sensations around his dick and a throbbing in his balls.  He jerked slightly up and down.  This was completely involuntarily.  He was too aware of his cock in the back of the girl’s throat to do it on purpose, he didn’t want to choke her.  “Sorry,” he said, out of breath, and panicking slightly, thinking that someone could see them.

  “No-one knows what we’re doing,” she reassured him, with a mouthful of cock.  She was barely audible, but the vibrations of her voice made him go crazy.  He actually thought he was going to shoot down her throat there and then; he was certainly close.  She slowed down the movement on his cock and lifted her head slightly, so that she was sucking and licking more on the end.  He relaxed in his chair a little and started to stroke her lovely wavy hair.  Gradually his hand worked its way down to the back of her neck and onto the straps of her bustier.  He stroked her soft skin down under the back of the bustier, and stayed there for a minute or two, just stroking her skin.  She felt very comfortable to touch.  His fingers gradually worked their way to the base of her spine and the waistband of her jeans.  It felt good to Mark, to have reached something that required unwrapping.  He pushed his hand down the back of the jeans in the gap that seemed to be just the right size for his hand.  Of course it was.  He was beginning to understand that this must be the work of his imagination, so everything must be good, and fit just right.  He felt a little further down and discovered the tiny triangular piece of material that signified the back of her thong.  He pulled it and let go, twanging it onto her back.  She jumped slightly and giggled.  With his cock in her mouth, this felt great.  Mark felt like doing it again but quickly reasoned that it would not have the same, desired effect as the first.  Reaching further still, and leaning slightly to his left, over her shoulder, he found the crack of her arse.  He pulled the string of her thong out from between her cheeks and pushed his hand under it.  He felt her squirm as the silky material of the thong must have rubbed and pressed against her pussy at the front.  She moaned with pleasure and the vibrations sent his cock crazy again.  It was twitching a lot.  She pulled her head off his cock and he watched her wipe her mouth as a load of saliva ran off her lips, onto her chin; she looked great!  “That’s nice,” she said, “no-one usually strokes me.  Am I your little pet?” she laughed out loud.  There was a little laughing coming from the teenage girls, and Mark thought for one paranoid minute they had been rumbled.  That’s all he needed, the cops coming in to arrest him, especially if this girl was a figment of his imagination and he just had his cock in his hand.  She moved back, completely into her own seat and sat back.  Mark looked on and imagined her sitting there, just in her underwear and a pair of boots.  Sure enough, not to disappoint, the girl stood as discreetly as she could and tugged off her jeans.  They were flared jeans and luckily she didn’t have to remove her boots.  She sat back down and smiled at him.  Mark didn’t think that this girl could look any better, but she had proved him wrong.  Then she sat with her legs up on the seats, one heel in the drinks holder, wearing nothing but her underwear and boots.  He tiny little thong was silk and lace at the front with a very black patch of cotton where her pussy was hidden.  He looked on hungrily at the entire picture.  The bustier had to come off.  She obliged, as ever, and lifted it over her head, freeing the massive tits beneath.  They shook as she pulled it over her head.  By this time, Mark had actually got his cock in his own hand, and he was enjoying the show by having a nice slow wank.  His cock was still wet and slippery from her mouth.  He thought about her turning around to bend over the seat, showing him her thong from behind.  Mark was one of the many men who would rather see a beautiful woman in her g-string or thong from behind than naked.  It didn’t have the same effect to see a pussy winking at him, not as much as it did seeing it all nicely packaged anyway.  She did this for him and he stroked her ass.  He nudged her slightly to the right, indicating that he wanted her to get on the floor.  Mark was a little more private and he did not relish the thought of an elderly couple and some giggling teenagers watching him screw this girl doggy style over the chairs.  She got to the floor and wedged herself between the seats.  It was lucky for Mark that these days they provided a little more leg room than they did years ago.  He smiled to himself as he got to his knees, briefly remembering the old seats where he didn’t even have room to put his popcorn box on the floor.  He had her completely wedged between the seats now, and she started to complain a little that she was sore.  Mark was quite turned on by this, and having her in such a vulnerable position was just what the doctor ordered.  His cock stuck out of his jeans like a flagpole from the side of building, as he knelt behind her.  He pulled her thong to the side and impaled her on the end of his cock.  He thrust in hard and fast, making her gasp a little.  He felt her try to pull away from him when he was at full thrust, but she was wedged tight between the seats, making it a virtual impossibility.  In the darkness between the seats he could just see the flesh of her beautiful ass wobble as he pounded her hard.  He slapped her and then stopped moving, suddenly remembering where he was.  “Don’t stop!” she called from down below.  He started again, only slower.  He bent forward and reached the best he could around her to just lightly touch her swinging tits as he fucked her.  He felt her shudder to a climax, and it was only then that he realised she had her own hand between her legs playing with her clit.  She must have got as big a kick out of being stuck as he had.  Spurred on by this, feeling that he only had himself to please now, Mark took long slow thrusts into her soaking pussy.  He felt her fingers tickling his balls as he wrenched his cock out quickly to shoot his load on her back.  He let out a torrent of cum that felt like it had been building up for weeks.  On reflection, he thought, it actually had been building up for weeks.  He sat back on his legs, all bright red, breathless and flustered.  He grabbed her bustier from the chair and wiped his cock clean.  When he looked up at her, she had gone.  He looked at the situation.  He was sitting on his legs between two rows of seats with his cock in his hand and a bustier form an imaginary girl.  What a movie this would have made.  He had no idea what the actual movie was that he came to see, he had forgotten.  He left with a huge smile on his face as soon as he had tidied himself up, taking the bustier with him as a souvenir.  What a picture!

  “Don’t you like the film,” said the elderly gentleman as Mark passed him near the entrance.

  “Oh yes,” replied Mark, “I might even come back for the evening show!”


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