New Erotic Fiction Presents – Jane


Jane was tired.  Jane was tired of her life with her boyfriend Tony, who spent his entire life devoted to what seemed to be the singular pursuit of making her unhappy.  She knew she should leave him but couldn’t.  She felt like Nancy from Dickens’ Oliver Twist; unable to break free from the oppressive and depressive state Bill Sykes held her in.  Tony was an emotional bully.  He didn’t allow Jane to wear certain clothes, stopped her going out with certain friends, and questioned everything she did and everywhere she went.  He was, not to put too fine a point on it, a complete fucking asshole…

Jane had one really good friend called Isabelle.  Isabelle was married with a couple of children and had a very secure relationship with her husband.  There was never any question about where Isabelle wanted to go, or who she wanted to see.  And it was Isabelle that broke the vicious monotony of Jane’s relationship with Tony the loser.

They went out together on a Saturday evening.  This in itself was a very difficult thing to engineer, since Tony did not approve of Saturday nights and he certainly did not approve of Isabelle; ‘too bloody flighty,’ he would often say, ‘she needs taking in hand.’  Jane had managed to plan it so that Tony was staying over at his friend’s house in the city; because it was alright of course for him to go out when he wanted.

Isabelle was meeting up with one of her ex boyfriends and a few other friends.  At first Jane was horrified at the thought of Isabelle meeting her ex; this would be tantamount to cheating according to Tony.  She warmed to the idea, knowing that Isabelle was faithful to her husband.  Isabelle and her ex were really good friends and Jane soon discovered that they met quite often and even went to each other’s house for dinner.  This was the kind of relationship she wanted with Tony.

They went into a bar, ironically enough called Tony’s, and soon they met up with the crowd.  There were a few too many people for Jane to remember but she had no trouble with Isabelle’s ex.  His name was Harry, and he was absolutely gorgeous.  Jane almost swooned when she was introduced.  What the fuck was wrong with this guy, she thought, glancing at Isabelle.  Tony’s worst nightmare was happening, and Jane was becoming very attracted to Harry. 

He was a strapping man, over six feet tall and very broad chested; just how she liked her men.  Facially, he had natural good looks.  There was nothing that looked too cosmetic: no fake tan, no concealer, no aftershave (from what she could tell), and no jewellery.  She thought about picking him up and setting him down in the mountains or somewhere equally as rugged, and then allowing him sweep her off her feet.

  “Hi,” she said nervously, “Isabelle has often mentioned you, but she…,” said Jane, stopping short of telling the guy he was a god.

  “That’s nice,” he replied, “but she never told you I was gay?  Is that what you wanted to say?”  Asked Harry with a smile.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck’, went Jane’s internal dialogue, ‘why me?’  The first time in ages she manages to free herself from the clutches of Tony the merciless, and she is thrust into the grasp of the most beautiful man she’s ever met, only to find out he’s fucking gay!  She couldn’t believe her luck.

  “No, she never said that,” replied Jane awkwardly biting her lip.  She smiled back.

  “I’m just kidding!”  Laughed Harry, as he gently stroked Jane’s arm, “I’m not really, but I think I had you there.”

  “Yes,” laughed Jane, “you have no idea.  You certainly did.”

Jane looked down at her feet and reddened with embarrassment.  She had made it pretty clear that she fancied Harry, albeit unintentionally.  She felt his eyes on her.  She was an attractive girl, even in her own opinion, and reasonably self confident when she wasn’t at home with Tony.  She too was quite tall, about as high as Harry’s mouth, and she had a nice little figure on her.  Her bottom and her boobs weren’t too big and this made her happy and enabled her to choose pretty much whatever clothes she wanted.  She had a wardrobe full of dresses and pretty outfits she had yet to wear simply because she never went out.  Before they went out on this evening she’d spent around an hour selecting something, finally settling on a tiny little black evening dress she bought six months earlier in a boutique in the city.

  “So Isabelle tells me you’re married?”  Asked Harry.

  “Yes I am,” she replied nervously, “are you?”

  “No.  No one will have me,” he laughed to himself.

  “Well, perhaps it’s time you came out of the closet,” said Jane with a smile.

  “Do you know, you might have hit on something there!”  Said Harry with mock astonishment, “maybe I am gay and I’d have a lot more luck with the same sex.”  He nodded towards a stereotypical gay looking man over near the door.  Jane looked also and then the man turned to catch them both.  They both turned their heads away quickly to the bar laughing.

“So where’s your husband tonight Jane?”  Asked Harry, “Are you off the leash, so to speak?”

  “I’m never off the leash,” she said with a mixture of sadness and smiles.  At that point Isabelle popped her head up between them.

  “You could do a lot worse than this one Harry,” she said brightly, winking at Jane.

  “She’s married you devil!”  Said Harry in reply.

  “Did she say happily married?”  Quizzed Isabelle, “I just heard her say that she’s never off the leash, and let me tell you it’s a pretty tight leash,” she said.  Isabelle stroked down Jane’s right cheek and Jane coloured instantly.

  “I don’t think we really need to talk about that now do we?”  Said Jane firmly.

  “No, quite right dear,” said Isabelle, “sorry.”  There was a brief, uncomfortable pause until Harry broke the silence.

  “Anyone for a drink?”  He asked brightly.

  “Yes, please,” said Jane in a hurry, “make it a fucking large one too,” she said quite loudly.  Some of the others turned to look at her and Harry looked a little surprised at her use of language.  She didn’t care much what people thought at that particular moment in time.  She was determined to have a good time, no matter what the cost.

Harry bought some more drinks, took Jane’s arm and sat them down at a nearby table.  He sat very close to her and she could feel his breath on her neck when he leaned in to talk to her over the dreadful, loud music.  She was beginning to lose all her inhibitions with Harry sitting next to her.  She wasn’t used to receiving so much attention from a man; so much positive attention.

“So your husband’s not very nice then?” Asked Harry, out of the blue.

  “As a matter of fact no, he isn’t, but it’s nothing to do with you is it?” Said Jane nonchalantly.  “And if you think you can chat me up by putting my boyfriend down, then you are very much mistaken.  I’m not a bloody stupid bimbo who’ll drop at your feet just because you’re so bloody handsome you know!”

  “Whoa!  I didn’t mean anything by it,” said Harry laughing to himself, “I was just trying to talk to you about something.  Some people like to talk about their problems, but obviously you don’t, so let’s not sweat it alright?” He sounded sincere and genuinely sorry and Jane felt even more attracted to him because of it.  She thought to herself that there was perhaps nothing she could do to fight the urges she felt towards this man?

  “So why did you split up with Isabelle?” She asked, thinking that this would uncover something that might extinguish her desire to take him to the toilet and let him fuck her in the ass.

  “Well, it’s a little personal actually,” he replied.

  “Ah,” she said, “a cheater I bet.”

  “No, if you must know it was more of a bedroom problem,” he said quietly as though the whole bar could hear him.

  “Oh I see,” smiled Jane, shifting in her seat a little.  There, she had it.  He probably couldn’t get it up, or maybe he shot off too quickly like some eighteen year-old kid.

  “No, no no no.  Don’t go thinking stuff like that now,” said Harry as though he could read her mind, “There’s nothing wrong with my plumbing you know,” he laughed.

  “Well?” Asked Jane as she moved a little closer.  She touched legs with him again and felt a moist patch in her panties.  She was enormously attracted to Harry.

  “Don’t tell Isabelle, but one of the reasons was that she wouldn’t go down on me.”

  “Really?” Asked Jane, hardly believing her ears, “is that it?”

  “Well no, there were obviously other things, but that’s just one of them.  I think it’s quite important in a relationship, and if you’re with someone who disagrees then you’re going nowhere,” said Harry with passion.  “And besides I give excellent oral sex, so I expect the same in return.”  He laughed.

  “I can hardly believe it.  I had no idea Isabelle didn’t give blow jobs,” laughed Jane as she looked over at Isabelle at the other side of the room and met her eyes.  They waved and smiled at each other.

  “Don’t you bloody tell her I told you,” said Harry.  “Anyway, I’m off to the toilet, here,” he said passing her a ten pound note, “get some more drinks in.”  He left in a hurry and Jane watched him walk to the door.

Jane fetched the drinks back to the table and decided she too needed to go to the toilet.  Once inside the cubicle she toyed with herself a little, imagining Harry’s head between her legs.  She pictured his thick, dark hair and her fingers running through it as he tongued at her swollen clit.  She stuck two fingers into her pussy while she sat there and made herself soaking wet.  That was it, she decided, she was going to go back out there and get this man.

When she left the toilet she saw Harry waiting in the passageway.  He took her hand and led her out the front door without saying a word.  She followed him, blindly obedient to his lead.  They entered the car park and Harry led her right to the back into the darkness.  He pushed her against a wooden fence and kissed her hard on the mouth.  He tasted fantastic.  It was a mixture of whiskey and general mannishness.  She remembered her fantasy and pushed him away.

  “Lick me,” she said in an innocent voice.

  “Here?” Asked Harry, “Are you sure?”

  “Yes, just do it, I want it,” said Jane.  She was feeling so hot and wet she thought she might pee in her panties with excitement.  She watched Harry drop to his knees in the darkness and could only just make out the top of his head as he went out of sight.  He pushed up her little dress and pulled her panties to the side so quickly that she hardly knew he’d done it.  She felt his nose hit her above the pussy first and then felt the rest of his face rub against her.  His fingers were next.  She felt them fiddling with her pussy and flicking at her exposed clit.  Then he started to work with his tongue.  He moved it delicately and slowly.  He moved it so slow and so soft that she found herself pushing out from the fence to try and get pressure on herself.  He was teasing her.

She found the top of his head under her dress and ran her fingers through his thick hair, just how she’d imagined it.  His tongue and lips felt wonderfully wet and expert on her pussy.  She grabbed a handful of his hair and pushed him hard onto her clit.  She pushed and pulled at his head as she approached orgasm.  She treated his head as though it was unattached to anything else.  Harry gasped for breath and then moved his hands up and around the back of Jane’s ass.  He stroked her ass cheeks and ran his finger under the string of her panties where they slipped into the crack of her arse.  She felt herself about to explode. Her stomach felt tight with the tension of her muscles, and then, just as she came Harry stuck his index finger into her asshole and made her squeal.  She shuddered to a climax and fell onto the floor.

Harry helped her get to a seated position on his knee as he lifted it into a proposal position.  She was exhausted.  What an orgasm.  She hadn’t climaxed with a man for around four years.  This was not something she would forget in a hurry, she thought to herself.  She smiled inwardly and turned to Harry.

  “How about a blow job then?” She said.

  “Are you kidding?  Of course I want one,” he laughed and stood up.

Jane dropped to her knees as she had done many times for her boyfriend.  This time it was different though; she really wanted to do this for Harry.  She really wanted him to feel good because she liked him enormously.  She pulled down his trousers and let his cock spring out straight into her mouth; she caught it as if she was catching a sweet she’d tossed into the air.  Within seconds she was working it with her tongue on the inside of her mouth.  Rubbing his length with her tongue felt so natural, unhurried and completely comfortable.  She looked up at him, well aware of the effect it would have.  Sure enough she met his gaze looking down at her.  She smiled at him with her eyes first and then her mouth widened into a crooked grin with his big cock in the middle of it.  She brought her hands into play by grasping his ass cheeks and squeezing them.  She left one hand there, pushing him into her mouth, and then with the other she tickled underneath his balls and stroked at the base of his cock.

Within a matter of minutes she felt Harry fighting back the urge to just grab her head and fuck it hard.  He was bucking at her like a mad thing.

  “Don’t hold back baby,” she said from around his cock, “fuck my face!”

Harry didn’t need any further encouragement, and before long he was taking deep thrusts into her head like he was clearing a blockage.  Jane took it all in and looked him in the eye as she did.  She knew that this would make him cum in seconds.  She was right.

  “I’m going to cum,” said Harry in a low whisper as though everyone inside would hear him.  He pulled it out and Jane grasped at it.  She pointed it to the left of where they were and jerked it a couple of times.  She watched his white jets of spunk go flying off into the night like shooting stars and then she licked it clean.  Harry looked down at her as thought it were Christmas morning.  Jane got to her feet and brought up his trousers at the same time.

After everything was tucked in a respectable they made their way back inside.

  “Where the hell have you two been?” Asked Isabelle.

  “Toilet,” they both said at the same time.


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