New Erotic Fiction Presents – Natalie and Chloe

Natalie and Chloe

Natalie had a friend named Chloe.  They met in the same way many adults meet these days, through their kids.  Parents had long since denied themselves any form of identity other than that of mum or dad for many years.  These days when you see two adults talking it’s usually in a school playground, and it’s usually brief.  Adults are scared of each other in nearly every other place.  You don’t see many parents meeting in the street or a supermarket, unless they already know each other; their children drive them together…

   Well Natalie decided to put an end to her ‘playground’ relationship with Chloe and one morning in the playground after dropping off the kids, she asked straight out of the blue, “So do you want to go out for a drink or something at the weekend?”  As soon as she’d asked she felt ridiculously stupid for doing so; that is until she heard the reply.

  “Hell yes!”  Replied Chloe with gusto, “I haven’t been out in years, and it’d be great to just sod off for a change and leave him in charge of the kids.”  She pointed to a place behind her as though her husband inhabited some mysterious realm only she could see, just past her shoulder.

  “That’s settled then; do you want to meet up in the town or something?”  Asked Natalie, growing with confidence.

  “No, I tell you what, why don’t you come round mine at around sevenish.  We can get ready together before we go out!”  She giggled like a schoolgirl when she said this, and Natalie was overjoyed at her friend’s enthusiasm to go out.  Now she could see that perhaps every mother in the playground was just waiting to be asked out for a drink by another mother; she actually contemplated asking a few more to join them, but decided against it; it was better to start small she reasoned.

That night Natalie told her husband that she was going out and arranged the dinner for the kids before going upstairs to pack a bag to take to Chloe’s.

  “Aren’t you going to get ready?” Asked Jonathan, her husband.

  “No, I’m getting ready at Chloe’s tonight,” she replied proudly.

  “Wow!  Proper girly night then,” joked Jonathan, “are you having a sleep over?  Are you taking midnight snacks and DVDs?”

  “Oh ha ha!” She laughed.  “Actually we’re just getting ready together, I haven’t done anything like that in years, and I’m quite looking forward to it to be honest.”

  “Good for you.  Now go and enjoy yourself,” he said brightly.

When Natalie arrived at Chloe’s house she rang the bell and waited for Chloe to answer the door.  She could hear feint music coming from the upstairs.  She didn’t really know what to do so she just waited.  Eventually she’d had enough and she grabbed a couple of pebbles from the driveway and hurled them up to the window.  The hit their target with a large cracking noise and for a moment Natalie thought she’d broken the window.  In seconds Chloe was at the window.  She opened it and shouted out.

  “Oh Sorry!” Shouted Chloe, “I was in the bath, I didn’t realise the time had gotten on so far.  Come in, the door’s open I think.”  Natalie noticed that Chloe had nothing on except a towel.  She wouldn’t usually regard such a sight, but it felt just a little strange to see Chloe like this particularly when she’d only ever seen her fully clothed in the children’s playground.  Natalie surprised herself by making the observation that Chloe had really quite a nice body from what she could see.  Natalie shook her head as if to get rid of all these strange feelings and opened the door.  She walked in on the loud music; it was Whitney Houston, and Natalie hated Whitney Houston.

  “There’s a bottle of wine open on the dining room table Natalie,” called Chloe from the top of the stairs, “help yourself.  Glasses in the cupboard above the dishwasher.”

  “Thanks,” called Natalie in reply.  She glanced up the stairs and just saw Chloe walk from the top step.  She was naked, yet she didn’t know Natalie could see her.  For the briefest of moments she saw Chloe’s naked legs and tight little ass.  She couldn’t believe that she was beginning to feel a little turned on by the sight.  She stood for a few moments at the foot of the stairs after Chloe had left; she was slightly shocked at herself.  She thought that it must be that natural kind of emotion people get when they first witness a stunning work of art for the first time; surely it was Chloe’s aesthetic value that Natalie appreciated, rather than a sexual desire.  Quickly, she decided to snap out of it and have a drink; that would be sure to help matters.

Natalie helped herself to a large glass of wine and took a seat on the sofa.  “Are you going to get ready then?” Asked Chloe as she walked through the dining room door in a short gown with a towel on her head.  She looked like she’d just stepped out of a sauna or something.  Her face was all hot and sweaty and Natalie could see the remnants of steam rising from her legs.

  “Looks like you’ve had a head start,” laughed Natalie as she looked Chloe up and down.  She could do nothing to defeat the new attraction she was experiencing, despite her attempts to define it as a mere appreciation of the female form.  Once she’d had a boyfriend who kept on about his ability to “appreciate” the male form, and later she found out he was gay.  Natalie was definitely sexually attracted to Chloe.

  “Well I thought I’d better get washed before you arrived because you might want a bath or shower, and we can’t very well get in together can we?” She laughed.

  “I don’t know about that,” said Natalie a little more seriously than she’d intended.  She felt a rush to the head from the very large gulp of wine she’d swallowed; it warmed her tummy.  “I mean, it wouldn’t be too bad would it?” She laughed, trying to salvage the obvious fact she wanted to be with Chloe in more ways than she had perhaps first imagined.

  “Do you want a shower or a bath then?” Asked Chloe, reddening and pretending not to hear Natalie’s provocative tone.

  “Well I could do with washing my hair actually,” replied Natalie, trying to regain her composure, “but I could just lean over your sink or bath and do it if you don’t mind.”

  “Sure, come up with me and let’s get ready.  I feel like a teenager again!”  Chloe was very excitable about going out, Natalie could tell; she almost skipped up the stairs.

  “Bathroom’s over there, there’s towels on the rack, and you can dump your bag in my room if you like,” said Chloe dashing off to her room.

Natalie followed her in and dropped her bag on the bed.  Chloe turned and held up two dresses: one tight looking blue dress, and one short looking red dress.  “Which one?” She asked eagerly.

  “Well they’re both stunning, and I’m sure you’ll look fantastic in them,” replied Natalie.  She was now virtually unable to take her eyes from Chloe, and she was feeling really horny.  It was a different type of attraction.  With Jonathan it was more animalistic, but this was an overwhelming, euphoric feeling; perhaps it was the forbidden that was having this effect on her.  She couldn’t quite concentrate on anything else.

  “I think I’ll go with the red one, it shows off my legs.  Just shaved them, look,” said Chloe lifting her leg onto the bed and giving Natalie a glorious flash of her neatly trimmed pussy as the gown fell open.  Chloe seemed unaware; either that, or unashamed.  Natalie however couldn’t take her eyes from Chloe’s beautiful thighs and cute looking pussy.  She had urges to walk over to her friend and stroke her soft, freshly bathed skin.  To kiss it and lick along the curves that defined her womanly shape.

  “Beautiful!”  Said Natalie, a little too enthusiastically than she’d intended.

  “Really that good?” Laughed Natalie, “you can come again,” she giggled.  It was then she noticed her gown had fallen open and she scrambled to close it.  As she did this she caught Natalie’s gaze and smiled at her.  “It’s not my legs is it?” She said seductively, “it’s this.”  With that she opened her gown all the way and dropped it to the floor.  “I wasn’t sure about you downstairs, but now I get it I think,” continued Chloe, now completely naked, “you’d quite fancy a bit of me wouldn’t you?”

  “Erm…,” stuttered Natalie, almost drooling at the mouth.  She had never known attraction like this in her life.  She felt like leaping on Chloe and stripping her own clothes off, just to be close to her.  Could she be gay?  She wondered.  No, she was very much in love with Jonathan, and loved to screw him.  She must be bi-sexual, she thought, but then so must Chloe because she had a boyfriend.  She decided to go with it.  “I’ve never done anything like this before Chloe,” she said quite assertively, as if to say, ‘if you have, please show me how right now.’

  “That’s alright, you come over here and we’ll see what we can do for you.  I don’t think we’ll be going out very early, do you?” She laughed again, only quieter, more seductively.

Chloe’s body was straight out of one of the magazines Jonathan had once bought: FHM, or Maxim, one of those.  It was smooth and shapely in all the right places.  Her skin tone was ever so delicately tanned and looked quite natural.  Natalie noticed this first when she’d seen Chloe’s legs, long and slender like polished wood.  Her thighs were like perfect, shiny, smooth avenues of sensitive pleasure leading towards her carefully trimmed pussy; Natalie couldn’t wait to explore and stroke them.  Her hips stuck out at the front, gloriously outlining her navel area and the swift dip to where her pubic mound began, and Natalie was virtually salivating as she started to approach her from across the room.

When she arrived within inches of Chloe she felt as though she couldn’t touch her, like Chloe was a delicate artefact that needed carefully replacing with an equally weighted bag of sand to avoid any traps, just like an Indiana Jones movie.  Chloe guided Natalie into a comfortably seated position on the very edge of the bed.  When she touched her Natalie felt something not unlike electricity across her shoulders and neck.  She was virtually level with Chloe’s fabulous tits now.  She lifted her hands to touch them, and only delicately brushed the backside of her hand against the sides of them.  Chloe’s nipples began to stand up erect as though they were stretching out towards her, asking for some attention.  Natalie obliged and gently pinched them between her thumb and forefinger.

Neither of them had spoken a word since Natalie had been seated on the bed.  What was there left to say anyway?  They both desired each other so much that there was little chance it was going to stop here.  Natalie had images from websites and dirty movies that her husband had shown her flooding her head, and she suddenly felt like she was compelled to replicate all the lesbian love scenes she’d witnessed in the past.  She could feel the outside of Chloe’s legs against the inside of her own thighs through her trousers and desperately needed to click her fingers and be magically naked before her new lover.

  “Strip me!”  She said to Chloe, completely uncharacteristically.  She had never really been assertive in the bedroom with Jonathan in the past, and this was the first time she’d been really able to express herself openly to another lover.  She felt comfortable with Chloe.  Chloe obliged her without uttering a word.  She was forced to almost fight Natalie’s hands from her boobs though before she could get near enough to lean over and grab the top Natalie had on and pull it over her head.  As the top rose, and Natalie felt the warm air of the room on her skin, she felt as though she’d been pulled deeper into the whole fantasy, as though each part of her body was climatising to the sexual tension in the room.  Chloe backed off when she’d taken off Natalie’s top and stood naked in front of her looking at Natalie just sitting there, breathing heavily in her bra and her trousers.

  “Now that is a wonderful sight,” she said, “I can’t wait to get that bra off, you take it off while I pull these trousers off.”  Chloe sounded almost clinical when she said this, and Natalie was very nearly put off for a second when she transiently pictured Chloe as a nurse, patronisingly asking an elderly patient to help in the removal of their clothes.  However, as soon as she felt Chloe’s hands on her waist and a gentle tugging as her trousers came down her thighs, all such thoughts escaped her and she was snapped back into the reality of the situation.  Whitney Houston called out that she wanted to dance with somebody as Natalie unclipped her bra and allowed her ample boobs to tumble out, free from their unhappy prison.  The music and the smell of freshly washed hair and shaved legs was enough to make her believe she was sixteen again, and Natalie kicked off her trousers and quite literally ripped off her own knickers in a desperate flurry in order to get Chloe on top of her as quickly as possible.

  When Natalie pulled Chloe down on top of her on the big, comfortable bed, she felt as though she was going to come almost instantly.  Was this a bad thing? she thought to herself.  No, it couldn’t be, just because it didn’t happen with Jonathan it didn’t mean it wasn’t supposed to, and it was the guys who had problems if they came too soon.  She wanted to call out to Chloe how good it felt and how it was nothing like her experiences with men, and how she wanted Chloe to press her fingers against her now swollen clit to make her climax as she felt she was about to.  This was unnecessary however, and she soon realised that Chloe must have already noticed her wetness simply because the next move seemed to invite Chloe to rub her delicate little thing in between Natalie’s.  Chloe pushed it against Natalie’s pussy with some force and Natalie pushed back down.  Natalie felt her lover’s mouth around her neck and her hands on her boobs as she came for the first time with another woman; it was incredible and not at all how she’d expected it would be.

  Natalie usually wanted to relax a little after an orgasm, but with Chloe she just wanted to carry on and on; and on top of that fact, she was well aware of the fact that she was yet to lay her hands on her new lover and sample the delights she had to offer; if the feel of her soft skin against Natalie’s inner thighs were anything to go by then there was a lot of fun on the way.

  “You’re so wet!”  said Chloe with a smile as she looked into Natalie’s eyes and kissed the end her nose.  Natalie felt so completely comfortable with Chloe on top of her that she could barely believe it.  Chloe was writhing on top of her, and it wasn’t too unlike when Jonathan had made her come and he was impatient to get his fun too.  She smiled at the thought and moved her hands down to where Chloe’s boobs were pushed against her own.  The feel of the their bodies so close together was beautiful.

  “You feel amazing,” she said, “I haven’t had an orgasm like that in a while,” she laughed a little, “and with so little work.”

  “Well,” said Chloe as she lifted herself a little higher from Natalie’s chest to allow Natalie to get a nice handful of her boobs, “I do tend to hit the spot when it comes to the ladies.” 

  When Chloe said this, Natalie had a fleeting thought that she was another notch in Chloe’s bedpost and that perhaps this woman laying on top of her had worked her way through the majority of the playground already.  She was about to let go of Chloe’s boobs when Chloe seemed to sense her anxiety, open one eye and look down at her.

  “It’s not like that you know?  You’re the first female lover I’ve had in a couple of years babe,” she said.  On this she sighed a satisfied sigh and slid her body up Natalie’s, moving her own wet pussy over Natalie’s breasts and positioned her pussy within centimetres of Natalie’s mouth.  Natalie couldn’t help whipping out her tongue to just catch Chloe’s pussy, as Chloe teased her with it by lifting herself up and down as though riding a cock.

  “Sit down for fuck sake!”  Screamed out Natalie, and before she could breathe in again her face was smothered with Chloe’s pussy and a little of her tight ass rubbing on Natalie’s chin.  At first Natalie didn’t know what to do.  She thought about what she should be doing and it made her nervous for a second, and then before she made a decision Chloe began to move on her.  It was as though Chloe was going to show her the way and there would be no need for thinking.  All Natalie did was stick out her tongue a little and before too long Chloe had positioned herself over it like a homing device, and she was moving herself against it exactly as she wanted Natalie to lick her.  When Chloe stopped Natalie continued.  She licked up and down Chloe’s pussy lips and explored her clit by poking at it and flicking it.  Occasionally she sucked it into her mouth and toyed with it.  She did this only so often because it was clearly best left as a surprise; the moans and sighs from Chloe were enough to tell her this much information.  Chloe tasted good, and it wasn’t a taste Natalie was at all familiar with.  She’d experimented as all women have in the past by tasting themselves, but she had never tasted another woman, and as she licked and snuggled her way into Chloe’s pussy she became more and more excited by the taste; but more so excited by the effect her oral technique was having on her lover.

  Suddenly and without any warning, not even a tensing of a thigh muscle, Chloe came.  She was soaking, and the juice from her pussy ran down Natalie’s cheeks and made her wet in the ears; it was very, very exciting.  Natalie had hold of Chloe’s tight little arse and she pulled her down hard onto her face, taking away Chloe’s reliance on her own muscles.  She pressed her face into Chloe’s pussy; her nose, her chin and her tongue worked up and down in order to completely soak her.  Then she pushed Chloe off and gasped for her breathe.

  They both laid there on the bed for what seemed like an age.  How different it was to be here together, naked, thought Natalie, especially when they only ever saw each other as mothers, girlfriends and women.  It was as though they were rediscovering how much pleasure there was to be had in life and how much they could get from each other; understanding one another was probably the most erotic element of the entire encounter.  Natalie glanced over to Chloe, who had her eyes closed and a wore an expression of pure bliss on her face, topped off with a lottery winner’s smile.  “Are you alright?” asked Natalie, as though she expected a negative answer.

  “Absolutely fine,” breathed Chloe as she opened her eyes and looked at Natalie.  “Have you got a dildo?”

  “Erm…,” Natalie stumbled a little at the question.  Why exactly she stumbled at this question when she’d just been quite literally eating Chloe’s pussy escaped her, but still, was she ready to divulge to Chloe that she had a massive glass vibrator hidden away under the bed?  “Well, yes actually I do,” she blurted, “and it’s a fucking good one I’ll tell you!”  She laughed out loud and Chloe joined her.  They turned to each other and embraced again.  Natalie could feel Chloe begin to squirm against her leg and then she too started to feel horny again.  Natalie wasn’t used to doing it again quite so soon, since Jonathan, as good as he was in bed, didn’t like to go at it again too soon; he said it was his age and overall fitness (something Natalie constantly wanted him to do something about).  There was nothing wrong with the fitness of Chloe however, and with some forceful flexing of her muscles she soon wrapped her thighs around Natalie’s knee and started to rub herself.

  “Reach down there under the bed on your side,” said Chloe, as though Natalie had a side in this bed, “there’s something I want you to see.”

Natalie reached down as far as she could with Chloe hanging on her leg like a dog on heat, until she reached something hard and cold.  She pulled it up in front of her eyes and saw one of the most beautiful designer glass dildos she’d seen; in fact when she went shopping for her glass vibe she hadn’t even seen this model.  This dildo had red, orange and yellow swirls going all the way through it.  It was inscribed with some name in French like a designer or something, so she reasoned that it was probably expensive.  Chloe held out her hand for it and took it from Natalie as she squeezed her legs together again, a little tighter this time.  Natalie became incredibly wet again at the thought of this thing, and as Chloe moved it up her thigh she almost salivated at the sensation it would cause; particularly since someone else was wielding it.  She had never told her husband about the glass vibrator she had, and she probably never would, so there was little chance he would ever use one on her.  This was the first time anyone had used a dildo on her and the anticipation was so strong for it that she ended up grabbing hold of Chloe’s hand to guide it towards her pussy.  Natalie was waiting eagerly with her legs wide open for the bulbous end of the glass dildo, and when it finally popped inside her she moaned and felt that lovely warmness as another orgasm threatened to rip through her body.  Chloe pushed it gently, further into Natalie’s pussy and then pulled it all the way out in order to press it on her clit nice and hard.  At first it felt uncomfortable on her clit but as soon as Chloe applied a little pressure Natalie felt another climax.  This time she virtually passed out with the pleasure.  All the muscles between her legs seemed to spasm and lock, and then suddenly release with an almighty, involuntary push, and for a moment Natalie actually thought that she’d emptied her bladder.  She screamed out.

  “Are you alright sweety?”  Asked Chloe as she removed the huge glass dildo from Natalie’s pussy.

  “Oh yes, I’ve never felt so fucking good!”  Replied Natalie in a husky, breathless voice.

  As she said those last words Natalie felt her lover tense and shudder against her knee and realised that Chloe had brought herself off again just by rubbing herself against her body.  They both fell to the side again and breathed deeply.  The tingling in Natalie’s tummy and between her legs was like nothing else she’d experienced before.  She turned to Chloe and smiled, “We’ll have to do this more often you know,” she laughed, “I don’t get out enough these days!”

  “We’re not going out tonight are we?” asked Chloe incredulously.

  “No,” said Natalie, brandishing the dildo in her hand, “you’re going nowhere.”

  And there they lay all night long, touching and experimenting with each other’s body until they fell asleep and woke to the early hours of the next morning.


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