Send me your pictures for New Erotic Fiction

I am a terrible pervert, it has to be said.  And this blog post is a plea to any and all women out there who enjoy my fiction to send me pictures of themselves to inspire me to write more and more.  I do write some pretty good custom stories, and if you want to order one from me you can go to my other website where i sell adult web content and buy one.

The price of the story is always dependent on the subject and the length.  I will always give you good rates because i’m a fair writer.  They’ll be some testimonials onsite soon from some people who have already bought custom short fiction from me.

Anyway, back to the pictures.  In order to give me more ideas about fucking and sucking and general nudity i need to have some resources; i’m simply not getting enough off the wife these days and i need some help!  Send any pics to and you’ll get Handsomly rewarded with a nice thank you and perhaps my phone number if you’re particularly my type!  LOL!

I will not publish pictures of people on the website, no matter how much you ask!

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