New Erotic Fiction Presents – A Hungarian Tale

Alright folks, this one isn’t on this website.  I’ve done this for a good reason, and the reason is that i want to showcase my new DIY erotica service.  New Erotic Fiction has been bringing you free erotic fiction for some time now, and it’s about time you paid for it!  Just kidding of course, i don’t intend to charge you for anything i post here!

However, if you go and read A Hungarian Tale, you will be able to see exactly what sort of thing i can do for you if you order a custom story from me.  This story was written for a client recently and they have been kind enough to allow me to publish it on my website.  This website is dedicated primarily to selling adult web content to the adult industry, but i am also doing some business with those fans out there who would like to have a story written just for them.

Check out the story on my adult content website and if you like it you’ll get the chance to ask me about one for yourself if you fancy it.

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