New Erotic Fiction Presents – Unfinished Story

This story is written unedited as I write this blog. Sometimes it’s very liberating to simply sit down at the computer and type a story straight into the blog.  I can’t be held too responsible for errors though since this is written completely off the cuff.

Let’s start with a couple shall we?  We’ll call them Bernie and Karen.

Bernie and Karen had been married for about ten years, quite happily.  They had never once really thought about cheating on each other and the chance had never really presented itself.  Well, to tell the truth, Bernie had thought about it as often as a regular male thought about fucking someone else; I can’t lie to you.

This story is how all that got well and truly fucked up when they both decided to try something new, ironically at the same time.  There was a night out planned by Steve, one of Bernie’s mates from work and Bernie was due to go out in the city and have one hell of a time.  Karen felt as though she wanted to go out too, on the same night, with her friends.  Although this was a little to do with the fact that Bernie was going out, it wasn’t the only reason; Karen rarely got out these days and since they’d had their children there just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get things done.

So it was decided that both of them would go out and they’d get a sitter.  Everything was great, and the two of them got on the train and headed into the city for a night out.  It was a little weird for them both to turn up at the same station and split off with different friends though, and both of them felt a little torn and wanted to be with the other.  Bernie and Karen were very much in love and usually did literally everything together.

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