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Here’s a list of all the stories onsite right now folks.  If you can’t find something here to get you going then you’re clearly in the wrong place.  All the stories on this site are adult orientated and contain very graphic depictions of sexual intercourse and fantasy etc.  If you are under the age of 18 please leave now.

Alright then, take your pick:

  • Natalie and Chloe.  This is a story of lesbian temptation and experimentation.
  • What a picture.  This is an erotic story about male sexual fantasy.
  • Groupies.  This piece of erotic fiction tells the tale of a 1980s band and the fun they have after a gig.  This story was published in Forum Magazine (now Foreplay).
  • Woodland Walk.  A fine piece of erotic fiction about an outdoor threesome.  This story was published in Penthouse!
  • The Best Man.  An affair begins to happen a little earlier than it should.
  • A Fresh Look at an Old Friend.  This erotic story sees two friends realise that they have intense feelings for each other; with a little help from a third party!
  • Wash and Blow Job.  Published in Seriously Sexy Three from Excite Books, this erotic story is a comical and sexy encounter in the hairdresser’s.
  • Hyde in the Bushes.  A man allows temptation to get the better of him when he sees underwear hanging on the washing line.
  • Going for a Thong.  This erotic story masterpiece delves into the fantasy of pregnant sex.
  • Transport Jenny.  Erotic fiction doesn’t come better than this.  A truly sexual and emotional tale of two lovers who weren’t meant to be together.
  • The Library Assistant.  Real erotic fiction fantasy as a young man works late in the library.
  • Need a Lift.  Evey man has dreamed of giving a woman like this a lift home.
  • The Egg Man.  A frustrated housewife gives way to the man who delivers her eggs.
  • Four’s a Crowd?  A great erotic fiction piece on group sex.
  • Big Girls Have Much More Fun.  A BBW fantasy masterpiece of erotic fiction.
  • The People Watcher.  Voyeurism special.
  • Front of the class.  Every college lecturer’s dream come true!
  • The Veterinarian.  This is a very hot erotic story that delves into emotions and sexuality.
  • A Hard Day at the Office.  A great erotic story about a man who gets to see to his dream girl.
  • Relight my Boiler.  Every housewive’s dream is to have this guy around. 

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