The Notorious Mr. Trouser Snake

I’ve left it far too long.  I’ve been writing mainstream stuff for other people in order to make a good living for the family and totally forgotten about my dirty side.  Erotic fiction is where my true talent is, and this is why I’m introducing you to a new piece I’ve been working on.

The Notorious Mr. Trouser Snake is a witty and sexy story set in the late Victorian period.  It follows a young lawyer (and part time detective), with an enormous cock, on his journey to solve the murder of a young man.  It’s not great on plot, but there are plenty of laughs in there and a lot of erotic fiction.

There is a Facebook page for the book, so I’d appreciate it if you could “like it” (that’s the thing these days for some reason).  I only expect you to like it if you like my erotic fiction.

Next week I’ll post a little of the book to give you an idea where it’s going.  It’s very near completion, but I don’t want to get carried away and fuck up the ending, if you know what I mean.  This is a problem for many erotic fiction writers, and I am one of them.  Endings are not a strong point!

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