New Erotic Fiction Needs You!

That’s right New Erotic Fiction needs your input folks.  I need to know what you want from your friendly sex story writer.  All you have to do is email me on and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can…

Tell me what sort of stories you like, and i’ll do my best to write it for you, absolutely FREE!  Tell me if you like:

  • Toy boy erotic fiction
  • Romance erotic fiction
  • Bondage sex stories
  • Lesbian sex fiction
  • Group sex stories
  • Gay sex stories
  • Just plain old straight erotic fiction
  • Fetish erotic fiction

There are loads and loads of course, and don’t feel left out if i’ve missed your brand of sex stories, i’m sure i’ve written one before.  And don’t forget that i like to be challenged so use your imagination and really get down to letting me know what you want.

You can also have the choice of giving your name for me to publish on site, or alternatively if the idea is good enough then you might want to dedicate it to someone you love.

Take Care and keep reading.

Les Hansom

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