Review of my Erotic Fiction Collection

I have received another review; this time from Forum magazine UK.  Forum is the International Journal of Human Relations.  In other words it talks about sex and fetish a lot!

I’ve had my erotic stories published in Forum Magazine before in 2008, and i have another one coming out soon…

Elizabeth Coldwell is an excellent, well respected writer and editor who knows what she’s talking about when she reviews erotic fiction.  Of course i’m bound to say that when she writes such things as this about Nothing Without a Woman:

A long-distance lorry driver who is about to retire has one last night of passion with his favourite truck-stop waitress; a lucky clubber finds that when he pulls a girl, her three friends want to be part of the action, too; a would-be voyeur has a bizarre encounter with a couple in a public toilet…

Published by an offshoot of Xcite books, Nothing Without a Woman features 15 tales of ordinary men caught up in extraordinary situations.  If you’ve read Hyde in the Bushes and Going for a Thong in Forum, both of which feature here, you should have an idea of the mood of these stories.  They are often grimly humorous as fantasy and mundane reality collide head-on, but occasionally strangely poignant, as with Transport Jenny, the story about the trucker and the waitress.  The underlying theme is how little men and women really know about each other, but how satisfying things can be when they finally make an erotic connection.  A promising debut.


This is indeed a glowing review from Elizabeth Coldwell, and one i appreciate very much.

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