Sex in Marriage?

Sex in marriage (or a long term relationship) is one of the most beautiful things in the world.  If you are open with your partner you can fully express your most intimate desires.  All this comes with time of course…

I have been married for quite a while now and my wife understands my desires, as i do hers; that doesn’t mean i get what i want though!

Sex can be as comfortable and relaxed as you want, or it can be as wild and crazed as you like.  Gone are the days of having to spray a little deoderant down your pants before going to meet the girlfriend, or getting naked quickly and jumping under the covers.  Gone are the days of sucking in tummies and hiding away cellulite!

It’s all uninhibited sex!  What more could we ask for.

I’ll tell you what more we could ask for.  Some fucking time to do it in!  That’s what we could fucking ask for!

Because when you’ve been married as long as i have, inevitably chidlren follow.  Now i’m not talking about when they are babies either.  Everyone knows that when they’re babies you can’t have as much sex with your partner because you’re both tired and the baby needs feeding every fucking 5 seconds!  I’m talking about when they’re older: 2, or 3, or 5, or even bloody 15!

There is no “good age” i’m afraid.  When you’ve had children, you’re sex life because a stealth life!

This morning was a prime example.  My wife hadn’t been feeling like it for a day or two, but this morning she woke up with a desire to have me!  Yes!  However, i quickly remembered that it was a school day and the alarm would be shooting off a lot sooner than i would care to.  Not only that, there were two sets of footsteps in the room, and they did not belong to my wife and i.

Maybe later.  If we get the kids to bed.  If we do!  And then we’ll probably be too tired.  Thank goodness for pornography.  At least it’s accessible.

Maybe I’ll just write another sex story!

2 thoughts on “Sex in Marriage?

  1. I totally get what you’re saying regarding sex with a long term partner, it is so awesome! I do things with my bf that I would’ve never done with anyone else. Not looking forward to stealth sex though, don’t have kids yet…I guess I can always learn from the scene from Enemy at the Gates with Jude Law and Rachel Weisz, was that the best secret sex or what?

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