New Erotic Fiction presents: A Hard Day at the Office

Adam turned up the volume of his iPod as he sped towards Liverpool Street Station.  He dreaded the morning commute.  This morning he’d been lucky to get a seat on the train.  Just getting to the station in the morning and organising himself was so tiring these days that he was even reluctant to give up his seat for a pregnant woman standing right behind him.  It was one of those moments where everyone spotted her and no-one moved.  He was quite used to this kind of situation and could hold out for a long time.  He and his wife had two children, and he played this game in the morning when they entered his bedroom.  His wife would stir slightly and pretend to be asleep, but Adam was better.  He would mutter incomprehensible things that made him sound like he was sleep talking.  This always made the children go to their mother, and she would curse and sigh as she led them out the room…

Eventually a kindly looking, older gentleman a few seats further up the train relinquished his seat for the pregnant women and tutted and sighed at everyone as he passed them in the aisle.  This is why Adam’s iPod was on maximum level.  He hated the sound of anyone until at least nine thirty.  Then, suddenly, something hit him like the screeching feedback of an electric guitar.  A girl entered the carriage.  He not only saw her enter the carriage, he felt her and heard her over his music.  He turned off the iPod and almost swooned.

The girl in question was like none he had ever seen before, and her entrance was something out of a movie.  This must have resulted from his instant sexual attraction to her he knew, but it still appeared as though she’d been transported through the door of the carriage like some strange, luminous spirit.  Her long, wavy blonde hair caught the rays of sunlight through the dirty carriage windows as it bounced its way around her beautiful face.  She had what all the latest adverts on the TV were calling ‘The London Look’, but this was achieved, surprisingly enough, with little to no makeup at all.  Her eyes were characterised by their hugeness.  They were as innocent looking as a child’s and as blue as the tiny pieces of material they placed over the back of the passenger’s seats in a futile attempt to keep hair products from causing a mess.  Her lips were not overly full like the majority of women these days, but Adam certainly noticed a wanton look about them.  They were naturally pink and very inviting.

She was wearing a small grey vest top with no bra, tight jeans and a pair of pumps.  There was absolutely nothing striking about what she was wearing and this baffled Adam even more; why was he so strangely attracted to her?  He eyed her pert little breasts through the loose vest top and felt his cock begin to stiffen.  He hadn’t had a woody on the train in years, and he’d seen plenty of beautiful women.  As the train moved he watched her tits wobble ever so quickly, almost vibrating rather than bouncing.  He imagined himself cupping them from below with his thumb and forefinger, as though he was trying to show someone a specific measurement.  Her waist nipped in beautifully and showed off her naked hips rising above the top of her jeans.  Adam crossed his legs so the woman sitting opposite him couldn’t see his hard cock straining at its zipper.

Then suddenly, there it was.  She looked at him.  And when she looked at him he was smitten and even harder than ever because she smiled at him.  To Adam this may as well have been a neon sign saying “Fuck Me!”  Everyone else on the train, in fact even the train, disappeared from his peripheral vision.  All he could see was his blonde siren, casually leaning against the entrance to the carriage.  Wait a minute!  He could have given up his seat for her instead of stare at her like a mind fucked idiot.  Damn it.  Just as he was about to arrange his things and signal her that there was a seat available the train started to slow down.   

Adam’s preoccupation with this girl had clouded his arrival at Liverpool Street Station, and before he knew it the train stopped and she disappeared into the fog of human shoppers and suits.  He pushed his way past a few people and walked swiftly along the platform, through the barriers and was born into the shocking whiteness and glitz of Liverpool Street station, with its hordes of people staring hopefully and perplexedly upwards at the huge departure lists.  His blonde was nowhere to be seen.  He knew better really than to expect he’d be able to catch her up; there were too many people.

He went about his day reluctantly, and all he could think about was the blonde woman on the train.  Perhaps she’d be there on the way home this evening, he thought to himself.

  “Hey Adam are you coming for a drink?  It’s Charlie’s birthday, we’re off to a couple of bars down Soho,” said a friendly voice from behind his desk.  It was late afternoon and it was a ritual for London office workers to hit the pubs and bars in order to do some networking or perhaps just avoid the rush hour.  This was only for single people, and that’s why Adam usually liked it so much, all the married ones had to get home to their partners.

  “Sure, why not,” he replied, cheering up a little.  Let them have the rush hour he thought.  He’d rather getting pissed and travel home on an empty train.  The smell of people on the London underground was not unlike visiting a farmyard.  People always seemed to be packed in like cattle, and no-one ever spoke to each other; a quintessentially British thing.

There were four of them in the end, including Adam, and they all walked into a pub called The King’s Head.  It wasn’t in Soho, but it was on the way.  Adam poured some wine down his neck and the others followed with their pints of lager.  Whilst they were waiting for more drinks Adam looked over into the corner of the room, and there he saw his blonde from the train.  He couldn’t believe it.  There she was with a tiny white apron around her waist, serving customers.  Just as his eyes moved over her body, towards her face, she caught his eye and smiled.  She approached him.

  “Hi, I remember you from the train this morning!  You were staring at me like you’ve never seen a woman before,” she laughed.  Her eyes lit up and her pert little boobs wobbled just like they did on the train, as she moved excitedly.

  “Yeah, well I couldn’t believe my eyes,” said Adam, allowing his inhibitions to vanish, “you don’t see many lookers like you on the train first thing in the morning.”  He looked into her eyes and almost swooned.  He desperately wanted to fuck this girl, she was seriously hot.

Now he was up close to her he could see just how beautiful she was.  She was wearing pretty much the same as she had been that morning on the train, all but the apron, that Adam found particularly erotic.  He looked at the shape of her shoulders and neck and imagined kissing her and stroking her as he stripped her clothes off.

  “Excuse me!  Miss?”  There was a loud voice from the corner of the room, and an obnoxious American man stood to request service.  The blonde girl smiled at Adam and walked off briskly to serve her tables.  Adam sighed and went to the toilet.

On his way out he bumped into her just outside the door.  She opened her arms to support him, and he fell straight into them.  Without thinking straight he moved his arms around her back and gently squeezed her ass cheeks through her tight jeans.  Her ass felt fantastic, and to Adam’s surprise, she didn’t move a muscle; she merely squirmed a little in his arms, seemingly more out of pleasure than discomfort.

Without uttering a single word she pushed him backwards through a doorway, and into a dark room.  She pulled a cord hanging from the ceiling and a light flickered on.  They were in a tiny store room.  The shade-less light swung, intimidating like some form of interrogation room.  Adam looked into her eyes again just before she clamped her lips on his face and kissed him hard and deep in the mouth.  He murmured an unconvincing plea for her to stop, before opening his mouth wide and allowing their tongues to intertwine.

She shoved him again and he fell back against some bottle crates with a loud clatter.  He looked up at her and she smiled back down at him with her finger close to her pursed lips in order to indicate he had to be quiet.  He sat there, on top of about three crates, and he felt his cock rising harder and harder.  “Take out your cock,” commanded the blonde, “I want to see it.”

  “My pleasure,” said Adam with a smile.  He reached inside his zipper and took out his hard dick.  It jumped into the stale air of the store room like it had been trapped for centuries.

  “He’s happy to see me isn’t he?”  She reached forward, and without taking her eyes from his, she grabbed a hold of his cock and rubbed it firmly.

Adam looked down at his cock as she wanked him off.  She had a firm grip on him, and she wanked him slowly.  Every time she brought her hand to the end of his cock she looped her thumb and forefinger together and whipped over the head gently two or three times, making it twitch in her hand.

  “I want to fuck you so bad,” said Adam uncontrollably reaching out to her.  She backed away from him and let go of his cock.  Just as Adam thought that was it, and he’d scared her off, she untied her sexy little apron and lifted her vest top over her head.  There they were those glorious little titties he’d been imagining all day, ever since he’d first seen them on the train this morning.

His blonde waitress pushed herself against him and allowed her nipples to be licked and sucked.  Adam relished them and reached up to cup them as he’d imagined.  They were perfect.  The feel of her skin against his face was uncontrollable and he needed to feel her breasts against his naked chest.  He opened his shirt and stood up in order to push himself against her.  She felt fantastic against his skin, and as comfortable as climbing into a freshly made bed.  He looped his arms around her waist and found her beautifully tight ass tucked neatly inside her skinny jeans.  He tried to push his hands down the waistband at the back of them but there was barely enough room to allow her to breath.  She instinctively and submissively popped her button at the front and helped Adam tug her jeans down past her ass.

When he managed to get hold of her naked ass cheeks he moved his hands in a circular motion, just feeling the softness, and youthfulness of her skin.  As he moved his fingers towards the top of her ass he felt the small triangle of flimsy material in the small of her back that was part of her thong.  He pulled her close and leaned over her shoulder to watch his own hands on her ass.  It was a silky looking black thong.  Adam tugged at the sides of it and it slid down easily to where it could go no further.  She opened her legs a little and allowed him to push it down to her knees.

His fingers soon found her wet pussy, and he squelched them around her opening without any further hesitation.  She was soaking wet, and Adam moaned his satisfaction as he easily slid two fingers into her welcoming pussy.  She shuddered and kicked her feet to get her shoes and jeans off.

Eventually she was naked and Adam removed his fingers from her pussy in order to step back and look at her.  Her body was statuesque, like some Greek classic from a museum.  He approached her again but she pushed out her hands and gently held him back.

  “Strip!”  She commanded him.  When she said this she rubbed the top of his cock and stuck her own fingers between her legs; she moved them quickly.

  “Fine,” said Adam, looking on in amazement.  He wrenched his shirt off, revealing his hairy chest and pulled his trousers down in a way that only a man who had been promised sex could do.  He didn’t hesitate in pushing himself onto her when they were both naked.  They embraced hard, and they rubbed against each other as though they were trying to start a fire.

Adam pushed his cock down so that the very end of it put pressure between her legs.  She parted her pussy a little to allow his cock to press hard on her clitoris.  They both gripped the other’s bottom and moved gently against each other.  The fact that he hadn’t penetrated her yet pained Adam, but he couldn’t help getting excited just by watching her get off by rubbing herself on his cock.

Within a minute she was rubbing faster and faster, and pretty soon her legs started to shake.  Adam supported her a little by putting his hands firmly under her beautiful ass.  When he did this she removed her hands from his ass and added them to the party between her legs.  He felt her fiddling with herself fast and furiously, and before long she came.  She gave out a little squeal and went limp in his arms.

She pushed away from him and gave him a sultry, satisfied look, only achievable by those who have just been fucked in the last three minutes.  Adam smiled at her and took his cock in his hand.  “Can I put this somewhere?”  He asked with a little laugh.

  “Come here,” she said.  She walked over to the crates, put her hands on either side of one of them and bent over to give him a lovely view of her arse and moist pussy, waiting hungrily for some more action.

Adam didn’t need asking twice.  He approached her and pushed his cock deep inside her wet pussy without a second thought.  She was warm and lovely inside, and Adam decided to just leave his cock in there for a few seconds without moving it, just to acclimatise it to its new luxurious environment.  However, it wasn’t Adam that moved first anyway.  Before too long she pushed back onto him, and then gently forwards until Adam’s cock was very nearly out.  He felt the cool air on the end of his cock only briefly before she slammed her pussy back onto him.  This happened several times before Adam decided to grab hold of her by the waist and fuck her hard and fast.  He could feel himself approaching his own climax and wanted nothing better than to shoot his load of cum all over this gorgeous waitress.

  “I’m gonna cum,” he whispered into her ear as he leaned over her to stroke her lovely little tits.

With that she pulled herself from his cock and sat down on the crates.  She jerked him fast and didn’t stop as the hot spunk started to shoot out of his cock.  Adam could barely stand as this girl milked ever last drop of cum from his aching balls, all over the crates and bottles in the storeroom.

No sooner had she finished wanking him off, she stood, put on her clothes and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

  “I’ll consider that a tip,” she said with a wink.  And with that, she opened the door and left Adam standing there in the storeroom naked.

He never saw the blonde waitress on the train again, and he never saw her in that bar again.  After he’d pulled his clothes back on that day and left the room as discreetly as he could, he couldn’t find her in the bar anywhere either.  Perhaps she really was a mysterious, luminous spirit as he had first encountered on the train that morning.


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