New Erotic Fiction Presents – Front of the Class

Here’s another free new erotic fiction piece for you fans out there.  This one has some lesbian action and some threesome action in it.  I hope you enjoy yourself.

Front of the Class.

 David Smith was a university lecturer.  He was good at his job and he was professional at all times.  His specialism was 18th century literature, but because demand was low he also taught Victorian literature on the English degree; he didn’t seem to mind, and he like them both equally.  On one particular sunny afternoon, when everyone would have rather been outside, he was teaching his third year degree students an 18th century novel by Henry Fielding.  It was a comedy, road trip novel about a young man who travels with a clergyman.  It was called Joseph Andrews.  Under half of his class had actually read the novel.  They never gave it a chance really, 18th century literature, mainly because they couldn’t get “into” it apparently.  They would however listen with interest to readings of John Cleland’s Fanny Hill, but this was for the sexual content…

   His class was quite young really, with only a couple of mature students.  The girls seemed to frequent the front row of the lecture theatre when he was teaching.  David was no fool, and he realised that he was a handsome man, but when his wife kept telling him how the girls in his class flirted with him, he didn’t believe her.  He thought she was trying to boost his self-confidence or something; he never saw it himself.  David was one of those men who just completely failed to notice when a young girl was admiring him.  She would have to flirt quite blatantly for him to notice, perhaps necessitating her to remove her knickers and wave them in his face to make him realise; ironically enough, a little like our good Lady Booby from Joseph Andrews, who desired the young protagonist as her Foot-boy!  There were always groups of students, girls in particular, who always sat together.  This was the case in virtually every class.  Today it was the same, and David knew that it would be exactly the same next week.  As he looked out at the familiar faces of his 18th century class, he remembered he could see underneath the desks of the front row.  Now this wouldn’t normally interest him.  He had seen girl’s legs, flashes of knickers, men in skirts, and all kinds of strange clothes under these desks in his years at this university, but something else caught his eye today.  There were two girls sitting together on the front row who always sat together.  He hadn’t noticed anything odd about this before, but now he could clearly see them fondling each other under the table.  It was lucky in many respects that this revelation came towards the end of the lecture because it was quite distracting.  He had no idea these two were that way inclined, and it aroused him somewhat to see them.  Their names were Kristy and Rebecca, and they were both around twenty years old.  He had never really considered it before, but now he noticed they were both very attractive.  They both had blond hair, and they both had it tied back today, tightly at the back of their head.  This allowed him to see their faces.  Rebecca was what had come to be known to him as a standard, very beautiful blonde babe; certainly nothing to complain about.  Kristy was a little stranger looking however, and she had a certain something about her face that made her highly attractive.  Her eyebrows looked almost too bushy, and her nose was quite long and disproportionate.  Whilst he was talking about how the novel ended, David caught himself staring at her a little longer than he meant to.  She smiled at him and her mouth was wide and welcoming.  He glanced down again and saw only too clearly what they were doing to each other under the table.  Their hands were in each other’s crotch.  They both had on very short skirts and their legs looked deliciously soft and inviting.  He could see the heavy lights from the lecture theatre shining off the bottom half of them as they stuck out from beneath the desk.  He quickly looked away and averted his eyes toward the rear of the lecture theatre.  It was probably some kind of university joke going around, he thought to himself, there had been similar things; although nothing that appeared as real as this!  The last few minutes of his lecture felt like the longest he had ever spent inside a classroom.  He could feel Kristy and Rebecca’s eyes on him whilst he delivered his concluding comments.  He dismissed the class in quite a hurry and scurried off, out of the room. 

   He walked upstairs to his office and sat down.  His heart was beating tribally, and it felt as though it would explode.  This was no good for his blood pressure, he thought, slowing his breathing in order to control himself a little.  There was a knock at the door and it made him jump, ruining all the controlling exercises he had started.  It was his secretary, “Do you know you have another lecture this morning David?  I was just asking, because you’re usually downstairs preparing for it,” she said helpfully before closing the door.  She was right.  He had forgotten all about it.  He needed about twenty minutes to prepare for the next lecture and there wasn’t much more than that left before his next class arrived.  He grabbed his files and ran down the stairs and burst through the door of the lecture theatre.  When he entered he was greeted by two simultaneous gasps from half way up the seating.  He looked up and saw a sight that very nearly made his heart stop.  Kristy and Rebecca had clearly never left the lesson, and they were engaged in a sweaty display of sexual appetite; that is, Kristy was licking Rebecca’s pussy like it was the cream from a donut.  Rebecca was naked on her bottom half, all except her shoes, and she was perched between the third and fourth row of the theatre.  He ass was wedged between the end of a desk on the row above and the back of the chair on the row below.  She looked well and truly stuck.  Her legs were wide open as though she were on a horse, and her beautiful pussy, now visible because Kristy had surfaced, was pointing up to the ceiling in all its glory.  Kristy was still fully clothed.  “What the fuck!” shouted David, dropping all his notes on the floor.  He turned back to the door and flicked the lock across quickly so no-one else could enter.  “What the hell are you two doing?  No, don’t answer that,” he said, very flustered.

  “I’m sorry! Mr. Smith, it was all my idea, I couldn’t control myself,” said Rebecca hurriedly, desperately trying to get out of from between the desk and the chair.  Kristy didn’t help; she just smiled that big welcoming smile and looked straight into David’s eyes.

  “Care to join us Mr. Smith?” she asked quite blatantly.  He saw Rebecca look incredulously at her friend, wondering just what the hell she was doing.  David was shocked to the core, but couldn’t help being attracted to them both, particularly as one of them had their pussy wafting in the air like some animalistic mating ritual.  He swore that the pheromone was effecting his judgement, but before he knew what he was doing he walked up to them and spoke.

  “I suppose you speak for Rebecca also do you Kristy?” he asked, quite calmly.  Rebecca looked physically relieved and didn’t bother struggling any more.  She smiled at him.

  “Yeah, she speaks for me I guess, it’s just that I never thought you’d go for us,” she said.

  “We’ve been fantasising about you Mr. Smith,” said Kristy.  She started to take off her top, and she revealed a big pair of tits.  “Join in when you feel like it Mr. Smith,” she said, turning her back on him and going down on Rebecca again as though he wasn’t there.  He watched in amazement as Rebecca closed her eyes and squirmed against her friend’s, obviously expert tongue.  As she teased Rebecca’s clit with her tongue, Kristy’s boobs rocked forwards and backwards as though they were perfectly timed.  David watched them greedily.  He had a hard on and was beginning to touch himself through his suit trousers.  He felt very strange because all he thought about for a second was getting them off because he didn’t want to risk staining them. 

  “Alright, why not?” said David rhetorically.

  “Are you alright Mr. Smith?” asked Rebecca, opening her eyes for a moment to look at him.

  “Hell, yes, are you kidding?  Call me David.”  He watched how Kristy was bent over the back of the chair licking her friend.  Her hands were reaching up to Rebecca’s tits, squeezing her nipples and stroking the sides with the backside of her hand.  She was loving every minute of it.  Kristy’s large tits were driving David mad.  He wrenched out his cock and started wanking while he watched them swing.  He looked a little further down and saw Kristy’s ass pushing back and forth also.  He took one finger and gently lifted the back of her skirt to reveal her.  What a sight, he thought to himself, as he cock twitched and stiffened a little more, sending pulses to the end like it was going to shoot someone.  He could see her black thong, and it wasn’t quite sitting properly.  It was pulled neatly to one side, exposing her pussy.  He moved his hand over it and allowed the skirt to cover up what he was doing for a moment.  It turned him on to have her back to him and to cover up what he was doing; it felt like he shouldn’t be.  Rebecca gripped Kristy’s head in quite a sudden movement and kicked out her legs a little further, making her slip into the crevice even deeper.  Her foot caught David on the chin and he complained.  Rebecca was oblivious because she was approaching a glorious climax.  David stop wanking for a moment and took his hand from Kristy’s pussy and just watched Rebecca climax as though she were a new, fascinating species of animal, never before seen.  He was overwhelmed by her open-mouthed display of eroticism.  She had her eyes closed and her chest was heaving like she’d just finished a marathon.  David moved over her and kissed her long and hard on the lips.  She opened her eyes in surprise and made a muffled noise.  When he stopped she smiled and laughed to herself.  She let herself relax back but then clearly felt uncomfortable.  Instinctively, Kristy and David each grabbed an arm and pulled her free.  They sat her on the desk of the row above and David stroked her legs as Kristy took his cock in her hand.  “I never knew you cared so much Mr. Smith; sorry, I mean David,” said Rebecca, still thinking about the long kiss.

  “Nice big cock!” said Kristy.  She looked him in the eye and tightened a fist around it.  It was quite a big cock.  David had been blessed in so many ways, but this was one of his favourites, he had to admit.  She had her whole had wrapped around it hard and she was wanking furiously.  He watched her tits shake, bounce and spin, until they found the regular motion of the wanking, then they kept the same swinging pattern.  That is until David leaned forward and held his hand gently beneath them, not wanting to spoil the very sexy movement of them, but still desperate to just feel their softness.  They were both kneeling on the chairs, and before much more wanking, Rebecca came down to join them.  She sat behind Kristy however, and David thought for a moment that maybe she was gay and Kristy was bisexual.  She hugged Kristy tightly from behind and Kristy got up on her knees and allowed Rebecca’s hands to explore her big tits.  David could do nothing but watch.  He was approaching his own climax.  He kept reaching out to touch the hand of Rebecca whenever it stroked Kristy’s tits.  One of Rebecca’s hands had found its way between Kristy’s legs and David could hear the squelching coming from her wet pussy as Rebecca’s fingers went to work.  Kristy shuddered with excitement and bent down on all fours, across two chairs.  She took a little of David’s big cock into her mouth.  Her nose hit the end of his dick on its way into her mouth and made it twitch.  It twitched around so much that Kristy had to play a little came of catch in on order to get it in.  She was resting on her hands and knees so she was forced to follow it around, biting the air as though she were going to eat it.  Her mouth was so wet and warm inside.  She gently sucked on the end of his cock and swirled saliva around it inside her mouth.  David stroked her head as she moved on his cock, and he looked over at Rebecca.  She was shaking her head in Kristy’s snatch like a puppy dog with a slipper.  It worked for him because every time Kristy shuddered closer to climax, she rattled his cock around in her mouth like it was a lollipop.  Before too long, Kristy climaxed and virtually collapsed, exhausted onto the chairs; she was actually half on the chairs and half on the seats of the row below, they were all gradually working their way to the front of the class.  When she let David’s cock flop out of her mouth, she looked up at him and sighed.  She grabbed his dick and started to wank its wet length over her crumpled body.  Rebecca however had other ideas.  She turned around and pointed her ass in David’s direction.  She surprised him because she hadn’t been too interested in him until now.  She pawed at his hips and gradually guided him to her ass.  She spat on her fingers and rubbed them frantically around her pussy so they were soaked, and then she started rubbing them around her asshole.  She pushed three fingers into her ass and spread her cheeks wide for David to see.  “Fuck me in here Mr. Smith!” she said, a little out of breath.  David needed no further encouragement.  He moved forward and pulled her to him.  He rubbed the end of his cock against her wet, well lubricated asshole and pushed it in gently while she held her ass cheeks apart for him to see.  He moved into her slowly and hugged her from behind, nursing her pert little tits in his hands as he moved just his hips back and forth.  Occasionally she gasped and moved a little away from him.  This really turned him on and he just wanted to push harder and harder.  He pushed one final thrust, long and hard, and Rebecca screamed out loud.  David pulled out of her just as there was a knock on the door and a muffled voice, “is everyone alright in there?”  David held onto his cock tightly and wanked it hard.  He shot his warm load as far as her neck, and it felt good to watch it form a neat line down to the base of her spine.  He shook the end of his cock and whacked it on her ass cheeks before suddenly returning to reality.  By this time Kristy had dressed herself quite hurriedly, and Rebecca only just started to get to her feet.  She was dripping with cum all over her back.  David grabbed his pullover and quickly helped her clean it up.  He threw it in the bin.  She dressed in absolute silence and David fidgeted across to the table at the front of the class and began to fiddle with his notes for the class of students waiting outside the door right now.  All three of them looked absolutely petrified.  They could hear more muffled voices outside the room; lucky for them that it had a blind at the window, pulled down for projections.   “Is he in there?” asked one.

  “I think there’s a girl in there,” laughed another.

  “Yeah, I heard a scream.  Sounded painful!”

  “Maybe Smith’s having a bit of extracurricular activity,” said another one.  There was a bit of muffled laughter and then it stopped.

  “What are you lot still doing out here?” asked a deep voice.  It was David’s line manager, and the head of higher education; his voice was so familiar.  David didn’t wait to listen to any more, he was petrified.  Kristy was waving her hands frantically at Rebecca to hurry, but Rebecca was clearly a little worse for wear after David had given her a good seeing to.  She was fully clothed, other than her panties.  She was just pulling them on when all three of them looked at each other at the same time.  They turned bright red and burst out laughing, but it was all cut very short by David’s line manager, Pete Boreton, opening the door with his master key.  “Oh, sorry David, didn’t realise you were busy.  Tutorial is it?” he asked, looking at the two girls.

  “Yes Pete, a tutorial of sorts,” he smiled.  He turned to the girls, “you can go now.  I don’t expect to have these kinds of distractions anymore you know, you are degree students and I expect a good performance.  We’ll try again next time girls.”  They nodded and left the room together, walking past all the incredulous looking students at the door.

  “You do know you have a class waiting do you David?” asked Pete.

  “Oh yes, sorry Pete,” he turned to the class, “come on in and find a seat people.” He turned back to Pete and said, “sometimes you just have to give it to them hard Pete, would you agree?”


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