What’s in a good erotic story?

Well, in my opinion (and i do know something about this), a good erotic story needs several things.

  • It needs to be erotic to start with.  There are too many sex stories out there that simply don’t get erotic enough.  Erotic doesn’t mean pornographic either (although all my free erotic fiction is), it means that it should stimulate you sexually, and not always by using graphic, sexually explicit language.  Sometimes just the flash of an eye, or the brushing of a hand against naked skin is very erotic; it depends on the reader.
  • Which brings me onto the next point.  The reader should be considerd.  You need to try and engage with as many readers as you can, even when you are writing niche material.  Don’t close off a certain group to your BDSM story because ther will always be erotic readers who are just curious.
  • Have believable characters.  Too many sex stories cut straight to the fucking and never introduce a character in any way.  Now, i don’t mean describe what they look like, but at least have them doing something believable or aspiring to something; people find characters like normal people much more erotic.
  • Be dirty!  In my experience, you need to be pretty dirty when it comes to the sex.  Sex is a dirty business and it should be celebrated with dirty, animalistic sex in your story.  Legs do not open like petals in the spring time people, they get pushed apart and caught on things.  Panties do not automatically vanish, they get ripped off or pulled to the side don’t they?  Be real and be dirty.
  • Don’t go on about one thing, move the story forward.  Even in an erotic story the pace is important, and if it doesn’t make someone smile, horny, or move the story along then it doesn’t need to be there.

Have fun with your writing, that’s the most important thing.  If you want any other tips feel free to contact me on webmaster@neweroticficiton.com, and please feel free to send small samples of your work if you want; i like to read what’s being produced these days.



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