New Erotic Fiction Presents – The People Watcher

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The People Watcher

 Daniel watched people.  It was a habit.  You see, Daniel was a writer and he liked to observe human behaviour.  He said it helped him reach a level of realism he had never managed to get to before, in the old days when he drank all the time for inspiration.  He was unable to drink these days thanks to the doctor making booze blasphemous, but it didn’t stop him watching others getting stewed.   On this particular day, Daniel wasn’t in a bar however; he was drinking coffee in a department store restaurant.  It wasn’t one of his usual practices, but today was particularly cold.  One wouldn’t think so to look outside however because the sun was shining high in the sky, and this is another reason he decided to take his coffee in this particular store; it had a huge window with a great view of the sea. 

   The place was full of the usual sort of people who congregate in department store restaurants at around eleven in the morning.  The all-day breakfast eaters and the three generation group of females shoppers: granny, mother, and daughter.  Daniel had his eye on one particular couple who had taken their seats directly in front of his sea view.  He hadn’t even come here to observe people, it was their fault they were now being observed, he thought to himself, because they sat right in front of him.  They appeared to be a couple, a man and a woman that is.  The woman was much younger than the man, by at least ten years, he thought; or at least is appeared to be so.  She was tall, and she was still wearing a long black coat and a grey scarf with the label clearly visible at the front like a white medal.  She had the full English breakfast.  Her husband, or partner was a shorter than she, but clearly not as cold.  He still had on his sweater, a terrible multi shaded brown thing, but he had chosen to drape his coat over the back of the chair.  Husband only had a roll for his snack.  A roll with one of those dreadful ‘single’ portions of jam; he was probably watching his cholesterol, thought Daniel to himself as he looked on.  Daniel was doing the same thing himself and it wasn’t easy at all; he felt for the man.  Neither of the two spoke to each other for the entire time Daniel was watching them.  Now, let’s get this in context.  That might not seem so strange to the reader, but what must be considered is the amount of time Daniel usually watched people.  Well, once he gets interested (usually in the first 30 seconds) he will not stop watching them until they leave, or he may even follow them; that’s how bad it gets.

   They continued to eat and say nothing.  Daniel found this hard to believe because they didn’t even comment on the view from their window; the sea looked beautiful.  The sun was reflecting from its surface and it made it appear almost solidified, like set yoghurt or a moose.  Perhaps it was this spectacle that silenced them both into awkward reverence.  Some people just didn’t appreciate stuff like that, he thought to himself.  Then he began to guess what might have happened to make them the way they were on that particular morning.  Someone could have died perhaps, or maybe they had agreed to divorce following an affair the younger woman was having with their gardener; no wait, he thought, that’s a little too D. H. Lawrence.  This man was no Clifford, and she was certainly no Lady Chatterley.  It was much more likely that life itself had just beaten these two poor wretches into a submissive silence with each other.  They perhaps had nothing left to say.

   Daniel continued to watch them and drink coffee.  He had nowhere to go.  Twenty five minutes passed and still nothing was said.  Then without warning the woman leaned across and whispered something in the man’s ear.  He didn’t flinch, just nodded, and then they both started to collect their belongings and make a move for the entrance.  Daniel was far too intrigued to let this go.  They sat there saying nothing, and then she whispers to him and they leave; strange.  Either he was some sort of submissive robot, or they were both secret agents.  Daniel had an overwhelming desire to know which it was, so he finished his coffee, gathered his journal and pen and put on his jacket.  When they left the restaurant he very nearly lost them before he began, but as luck would have it they both turned to go to the toilets.  Daniel didn’t usually make a habit of waiting outside toilets but on this occasion he was very curious because they both went in to the same one: the gents.  He gave it about thirty seconds and then followed them in, after all, he thought, he was man and perfectly entitled to go in.

   The inside of this toilet was very upmarket, much better than the ordinary public, precinct ones with half an inch of piss on the floor and holes drilled into the cubicles to stick your dick through; something he had often considered doing, just for the thrill of it.  This place even smelled clean, and someone could eat their lunch off those floors.  Daniel looked around and couldn’t see the couple anywhere.  Curious, he thought, perhaps they went in the ladies and he hadn’t noticed.  He didn’t want to get himself too excited here, but to begin with, he automatically thought they would be in one of the cubicles screwing each other’s brains out, but then he rationalised whilst he pretended to wash his hands and look at his hair in the vast array of mirrors that would rival backstage at the London Palladium.  They had more than likely gone into the ladies, and it was probably because one of them had something in their eye or something equally as dull.  Being a writer really did make his imagination run riot sometimes.

   He turned to leave the place, but then decided to take a leak before he went.  He turned and entered a cubicle.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.  This place was as clean as the outside.  Perfectly, new-looking, beige floor tiles and gleaming white toilet, above which was a packet of seat covers of all things; this was the first time Daniel had ever seen a public toilet with seat covers.  He pulled one of in curiosity and heard a faint ‘Shhhhh,” from the cubicle next door.  It wasn’t loud enough to be meant for him, he thought, no-one would need to concentrate on doing their number two that much.  He flushed the seat cover down the toilet and opened the door.  He closed it again, but stayed inside the cubicle and stood up onto the seat of the toilet under cover of the flushing sound; whoever it was next door would think he had gone.  Daniel felt awfully sneaky, like some form of secret agent; memories of the latest James Bond movie filled his head.  He waited a short time and then peeked over the top of the panel between the two cubicles, and there they were, the quiet couple.  They were kissing passionately.  The man was looking over his partner’s shoulder all the time as if someone were going to walk through the cubicle door any minute; despite the fact that it was quite clearly locked.  Daniel almost fell off the seat of the toilet; he too was keeping his eye on the door, if someone were to catch him sticking his head over the top of the cubicles then he would almost certainly be reported and subsequently arrested.

   Well if they were married, they were certainly not getting divorced, he thought to himself as he watched them explore each other’s mouths with their tongues; unless of course this was a farewell session.  Maybe that’s the reason they couldn’t speak; too much snogging.  Daniel paid a little more attention to what they looked like now; it was amazing what a bird’s eye view could accomplish.  Strangely enough he noticed the man first.  Later Daniel would ponder on this and believe himself to be subconsciously homosexual, and then rationalise that it was merely because he wanted to save the best until last.  They guy had thinning hair, grey, with black streaks here and there.  He must have been in his fifties, or perhaps even sixty.  He was much shorter than her, necessitating her to lower her head to him in order to kiss.  He had taken off his coat and hung it on the door hook.  He was wearing a patterned pullover like the ones seen in the ‘older man’s’ clothing section in those cheap mail order catalogues.  To match it he had a pair of stretch trousers on with a crease down the front, probably Farahs.  His hands were what Daniel noticed next, primarily because they were groping his wife’s ass.  She had one of those beautiful asses reserved for eighteen year-old girls who couldn’t fuck up their figure if they tried; unless they sat on their ass all day sucking down fried chicken and burgers.  She too had put her long, black coat on the hook and she was showing off a wonderful figure.  Her ass was enhanced by the long black skirt she was wearing.  It was ankle length, and it would have been quite wavy if it were not for its weight.  There was made of so much heavy material that it hung down tightly against her beautiful ass, really showing her shape.  The guy’s hand was cupping her lovely ass cheeks and lifting them up and down, testing the weight of them as though they were plump, ripened grapefruits.  Daniel watched in awe as he watched the flesh of her ass move in huge, man size handfuls, underneath her skirt.  He could see that every time the guy lifted her ass and squeezed it, her skirt lifted a little higher from her ankles, exposing some black leather, high-heeled boots.  The man’s other hand had worked its way up, and underneath her top at the back.  It was thin knit, turtle neck, white sweater.  As he lifted the back of it Daniel saw his first glimpse of naked flesh.  He imagined what it would feel like to touch and stroked his on fingertips over the back of his hand in a desperate attempt to get near to a definition.  Daniel ducked down pretty quickly as the woman tilted her head back in pleasure as her man found a sensitive spot on her back.  When Daniel looked again he saw that she was pulling off her top, and her bra was loosely dangling from the inside of it also; the guy must have flicked it open when he was exploring.  She leant behind her and hooked them onto the door.  From Daniel’s position her tits looked great, like peaks sticking out of her chest.  He couldn’t make out how far they hung down, only how far out they went, and these ones looked like they belonged to an eighteen year-old girl; very pert.  Her husband pushed her back slightly and looked straight ahead, staring at her tits.  They were just about at his level, he was so short.  She moved forward and grabbed the back of his head.  She pushed him onto her neck and he opened his mouth to begin kissing and sucking on her.  Before long he had his head in her tits and she loved every minute of it.  Suddenly there was a bang and the toilet door swung open.  Daniel ducked down and remained squatted on the toilet seat.

  “Did you fucking see her face man?” said a young, hostile sounding voice.

  “Yeah man, yeah.  I think she fancies you,” said another.

  “I’d only wanna fuck her, I wouldn’t want owt else.  Jesus!  I’m too busy for that shit man!”  said the first voice.

  “Are you having a piss then or what?”

  “Yeah,” he said.  There was a sudden crash as the cubicle door on the other side of Daniel smashed open with a kick.

  “Fucking good job no-one was in there!” said one of the voices; Daniel couldn’t decipher which one.  In fact, they were beginning to sound pretty much the same.  What with the swearing and the general bad attitude, there was little to tell them apart.  Daniel laughed to himself under his breath and considered that, were he to look at them both, they would probably look the same also.  He heard one of them urinating next door and then heard them both leaving in a crash of doors.  The toilet was not flushed and the taps did not run.  Daniel found himself cursing the filthy lads for their hygiene habits, and then he stopped to consider what he was doing himself and quickly gave up passing judgement on them.

   He was very unsure now, whether he should look over the top again.  After all, those lads could have scared his passionate couple away, or put them off.  He listened intently, but he could hear nothing at all.  Then after about a minute, or what seemed like one anyway, he heard the husband moan out in pleasure.  Daniel leapt back up on the seat so fast that he almost fell off and made a hell of racket.  He paused before looking over, just to make sure the tables hadn’t turned and they were not listening to him instead.  When he finally plucked up the courage to take a look he found them in different positions.  The husband was sitting on the toilet seat with his trousers and underpants around his ankles, and his wife was on her knees with his cock stuck in her mouth, slowly sucking up and down on it, pausing occasionally to take it out, savouring it like an ice-cream.  Every time she took his dick from her mouth she looked up into his eyes, but from where Daniel was observing, she didn’t appear to be smiling at him.  A sudden thought passed through Daniel’s imagination, and that was, what if this woman was not his wife at all, or even his partner; after all she looked a bit like a pro, and there was absolutely no emotion there.  Maybe this guy liked to bring high-class hookers to department stores for a late breakfast before he gets his rocks off.  Daniel felt his cock harden at the thought.  He would be sure to write this one down.  He looked down to the toilet in his own cubicle in search of his journal, but then he quickly decided not to bother with it; he might miss something.  The hooker, as Daniel now termed her, was now topless, but she was still wearing her skirt and boots.  As he willed her to take them off she stopped sucking on the guy’s dick.  This guy looked exhausted already, thought Daniel, what the hell could he do now?  She stood in front of the guy on the toilet and slid her long, heavy skirt down over her hips and it fell to the floor.  What Daniel saw made him wrench out his instantly erect cock from his trousers and start wanking.  This woman looked amazing.  The boots he had caught a glimpse of came right up to her knees.  They were real leather, and Daniel could almost smell them from his position.  The heel must have been about four or five inches high, and they made her already beautifully long legs look even longer.  As he looked up her long legs he found that she was wearing some of those panties that didn’t quite cover her ass.  They were like really tight cotton shorts.  These ones were black like her heels and they were stretchy in all the right places, with a little frilly seam around the edges.  Working girl just stood there for a while and Daniel and the guy took their cocks in their hands and wanked off slowly.  Daniel’s cock was quite long and he had to bow his back a little, sticking out his ass, so that he could get long even strokes on it.  He felt it pulsing in his hand and squeezed it harder when he saw the hooker bending over her man again.  As she bent over her guy, Daniel could no longer see her tits.  However, he imagined that they were tickling the end of the guys cock judging by the expression on his face.  The guy leaned forward a little and kissed the hooker on the mouth.  Hang on, thought Daniel, that can’t be right.  He didn’t think that hookers were supposed to do that kind of thing with their clients; well at least that’s what he’d seen on the movies anyway.  Maybe she was his wife or girlfriend.  Whoever she was, she was now sucking the guy’s cock again, and her whole body was bobbing up and down with the motion.  Occasionally, Daniel caught a glimpse of her tits swing out to the side when she went down particularly fast, and both the guy and Daniel let out a gasp of pleasure; one of them at the feeling, and the other at the image.  Daniel was getting week at the knees and he was wanking his cock quite fast now.  He had never considered himself a voyeur before, at least sexually anyway, but he had always guessed it would be the case if he was placed in a situation like this one.

  Again, quite suddenly the door to the toilet opened, and frustratingly, Daniel bobbed his head down under cover again.  He still had his cock in his hand, and he was starting to sweat.  It was even more frustrating because he could still hear the moans from the cubicle next door.  In fact he could hear the woman also, and she sounded like she still had a mouthful of cock.  Daniel’s dick swelled again in his hands, despite the fact that there was an unknown presence in the toilet with them.  He felt invaded, as though the window cleaner had decided to do the upstairs just when he had decided to sit on his bed and have a wank.  The thought suddenly occurred to him that perhaps he should warn them, because it was quite clear they hadn’t heard.  But if he warned them his own cover would be blown.  Thinking quickly, Daniel coughed out loud, made a little clattering noise and flushed the toilet again.  The moans stopped and there was a stifled giggle.  Then suddenly Daniel’s cubicle door was pushed.  He stayed perfectly still.  Then he heard the one next door again.  Daniel heard the guy’s belt unfasten and then his trousers fall to the floor.  Oh great, thought Daniel, this guy’s taking a shit; just what he didn’t need.  His dick went instantly limp in his hand, just hanging there, redundant with a little pre-cum settled on the end.  There was no noise from the lovers either.  Everyone stayed perfectly quite except for Mr. Crap pants next door to Daniel, who actually grunted as he finished his business.  Finally he flushed and went on his way.  Both the naughty neighbours laughed out loud when they heard the toilet door close, and then for the first time Daniel heard one of them speak.  “Sit on me and fuck me sweetheart,” commanded the man.  Daniel heard yet another moan of pleasure, and again faced the challenge of peering over the top.  The excitement and anticipation hardened his cock again in an instant, and it almost grew into his hand, screaming out to be beaten; he obliged and stood up straight.  He peered over to see the next position.  This time he had the perfect view of the action.  He looked straight down to see “sweetheart’s” tits bouncing up and down as she rode her man’s cock with her back to him.  He was stroking her back and panting, trying to stop himself slipping of the seat.  They were making quite a noise.  Sweetheart’s panties were lying on the floor in a heap and her heels were clicking on the beige floor tiles as she jumped up and down on her man’s cock.  “Oh god Jonny that’s hitting the spot, right there!” she shouted out.  Whether he was hitting the spot or not, Daniel didn’t know, but he could clearly see her flicking her clit like a mad thing, so someone was hitting it.  She slowed a couple of times as her legs gave way on her, and her man took over briefly, ramming his hips toward the ceiling like a new Latin dance move.  Daniel wanked harder than ever as he watched sweetheart’s ass cheeks bouncing and wobbling each time they were slammed by the little man underneath her.  Her mouth was open wide, her jaw completely relaxed, shaking with the motion as though she had been punched in slow motion.  Then sweetheart dropped onto her man’s legs and let him lift her into the air around five times.  She made an ineffable sound on each of his thrusts, and she climaxed with a single sigh into a forward position with her hands on little man’s knees.  Little man leaned forward and threw his arms around her and rubbed his hands up and down her legs, still twitching himself in and out of her gently, lifting her dead weight.  Daniel was approaching a climax of his own.  He had one hand at the base of his cock with his foreskin pulled right back, and the other hand took the form of a diver’s “ok” signal, gently whipping up and down the end.  Because both his hands were busy on his cock he had to balance himself using his chin to carefully hook him over the edge of the cubicle divide and balance on his tiptoes.  Despite this precarious position, it still felt so good to wank off to a live sex show; he didn’t know why he hadn’t thought of it before.

   Eventually Sweetheart took herself off her little man.  She was exhausted and he was still bounding with energy.  Not surprising, thought Daniel briefly between strokes, since he had sat on his arse for the entire duration.  In the blink of an eye little man stood up and grabbed his lovely, long-legged lady and pushed her into a bent over position over the toilet.  She had a hand on either side of the porcelain as her little man stuck his hard tool into her.  She moved instinctively forward and he grabbed the front of her thighs in an effort to prevent her.  Her thick mane of black hair shook wildly as he hammered away at her.  She tilted her head up to the ceiling and Daniel thought for one scary second that she may have seen him.  He only did a half duck this time and peeped at them, waiting for her head to go back down.  When she faced the toilet again he popped up and over the divide like that classic drawing of the man with the big nose, seen on a thousand school walls all over the UK, saying “I woz ere”.  Daniel got a real grip on his cock now and wanked harder and harder.  Suddenly little man yanked himself out of his sweetheart and sprayed her back with a load of hot cum.  He stood there jerking his cock, shaking it firmly like he was getting the last cake mixture off his wooden spoon.  All fell silent but for Daniel’s wanking, which had inadvertently turned into a slight tapping on the divide as his hand whipped up and down.  Finally he gripped tight and then released his load all over the wall.  The sticky mess ran down the divide wall and Daniel watched it in a semi trance-like state.  When he looked up again he saw little man and his sweetheart staring straight at him.  Daniel couldn’t get any redder than his furious wanking had already made him.  He didn’t say anything; he merely sank down slowly, allowing his feet to fully touch the toilet rim.  The last thing he saw of the two, were sweetheart’s smiling face, as she gathered her panties from the floor, and little man’s shocked expression, as he clumsily fumbled for something to cover his still erect cock.  They all sat quite silently, awkwardly in their cubicles, waiting for the other one to leave.


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