New Erotic Fiction Presents – Big Girls Have Much More Fun!

“Big Girls” Have Much More Fun.

   Marion was a big girl.  She had been a big girl ever since her parents and their friends had labelled her a big girl in her infancy.  Just what was wrong with saying the words fat, chubby or tubby these days was beyond her.  Now it was all: big boned, bubbly, heavy set, and of course ‘big girl’.  Marion, like most fat women, was actually more offended by people trying to skirt around this ridiculous language problem.  She wasn’t too concerned with being a little overweight and chubby at all.  In actual fact she championed the fact, and was forever trying to convince her teenage daughter that the people in the TV shows and teen movies she watched were not real people at all; at least not compared with them.  “Many of these people,” she would say, “have teams of personal trainers and nutritionists, not to mention lots of surgery!” Marion often joked that some of these movie stars bought each other new heads for Christmas.  It was important to keep her daughter’s feet firmly on the ground when it came to celebrities and aspiring to be like them… Continue reading