New Erotic Fiction Presents – Jane


Jane was tired.  Jane was tired of her life with her boyfriend Tony, who spent his entire life devoted to what seemed to be the singular pursuit of making her unhappy.  She knew she should leave him but couldn’t.  She felt like Nancy from Dickens’ Oliver Twist; unable to break free from the oppressive and depressive state Bill Sykes held her in.  Tony was an emotional bully.  He didn’t allow Jane to wear certain clothes, stopped her going out with certain friends, and questioned everything she did and everywhere she went.  He was, not to put too fine a point on it, a complete fucking asshole… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – The Best Man

The Best Man

Rob was always the best man and never the groom.  He was ruggedly good looking, fit as a fiddle, and very popular.  Rob was also a player, he couldn’t settle down if someone paid him a salary to.  There were too many women in his opinion.  Too many to have fun with.  Too many to screw.  And too many that wanted to tie him down.  There was no way on earth he was going to let that happen… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction


I’m Les Hansom and I’m proud to present my new website where you can read my New Erotic Fiction.  Here you will be granted access to the best in new erotic fiction.  Want to know why it’s called New Erotic Fiction?  Well here’s why.   As soon as it’s all up and running I will make you a promise to provide a minimum of one new, short story length, piece of fiction each week!  Now that’s value for money.  Want to know why it’s value for money?  It’s FREE that’s why!

So click the categories on the right of the screen and you’ll get to read as many stories as you like.  I have quite a lot of new erotic fiction, but I’m only going to give it to you in small amounts; I want to keep you all on the edge of your seats so to speak.  I am always keen to here what you all think about my work too so if you want to contact please do so at