For the Women

If you want great erotica and you’re not sure where to get it, you’ve come to the write place. I write dirty stories, you’ve probably already guessed, but i would also recommend the link above too. This is where you’ll get quality erotica and you won’t have to pay a fortune for it.

Here you’ll get naked pictures and stuff like that, but it’s done with taste, and there was definately a woman behind it’s creation. For The Women really do know about women.

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Going for a Thong

My apologies for not posting on New Erotic Fiction for a while, i have been rather busy with my adult content writing service.  Now i intend to get back to the matter in hand and write more stories when i can.  In the meantime here is the very first erotic story i wrote; this was published by Forum Magazine (UK) back in 2008!

Going for a Thong

The clinic was as busy as ever.  There were women all over the place, and hardly any men; men didn‘t seem to take the same interest as they did a few years ago.  The toilets were full and the queue of huge women outside them seemed never ending.  Janice sighed, squeezed her husband’s hand, and joined the back of the line.  She was visibly desperate, to the point of rocking from one foot to the other.  Her husband looked for his seat… Continue reading