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Here’s a list of all the stories onsite right now folks.  If you can’t find something here to get you going then you’re clearly in the wrong place.  All the stories on this site are adult orientated and contain very graphic depictions of sexual intercourse and fantasy etc.  If you are under the age of 18 please leave now.

Alright then, take your pick:

  • Natalie and Chloe.  This is a story of lesbian temptation and experimentation.
  • What a picture.  This is an erotic story about male sexual fantasy.
  • Groupies.  This piece of erotic fiction tells the tale of a 1980s band and the fun they have after a gig.  This story was published in Forum Magazine (now Foreplay).
  • Woodland Walk.  A fine piece of erotic fiction about an outdoor threesome.  This story was published in Penthouse!
  • The Best Man.  An affair begins to happen a little earlier than it should.
  • A Fresh Look at an Old Friend.  This erotic story sees two friends realise that they have intense feelings for each other; with a little help from a third party!
  • Wash and Blow Job.  Published in Seriously Sexy Three from Excite Books, this erotic story is a comical and sexy encounter in the hairdresser’s.
  • Hyde in the Bushes.  A man allows temptation to get the better of him when he sees underwear hanging on the washing line.
  • Going for a Thong.  This erotic story masterpiece delves into the fantasy of pregnant sex.
  • Transport Jenny.  Erotic fiction doesn’t come better than this.  A truly sexual and emotional tale of two lovers who weren’t meant to be together.
  • The Library Assistant.  Real erotic fiction fantasy as a young man works late in the library.
  • Need a Lift.  Evey man has dreamed of giving a woman like this a lift home.
  • The Egg Man.  A frustrated housewife gives way to the man who delivers her eggs.
  • Four’s a Crowd?  A great erotic fiction piece on group sex.
  • Big Girls Have Much More Fun.  A BBW fantasy masterpiece of erotic fiction.
  • The People Watcher.  Voyeurism special.
  • Front of the class.  Every college lecturer’s dream come true!
  • The Veterinarian.  This is a very hot erotic story that delves into emotions and sexuality.
  • A Hard Day at the Office.  A great erotic story about a man who gets to see to his dream girl.
  • Relight my Boiler.  Every housewive’s dream is to have this guy around. 

Bernie and Karen Part Six

  “Hey Sarah!”  he shouted from across the room.  After he’d shouted, his friends turned to him as though he’d completely lost the plot.  “It’s alright,” he said, “I know her, she’s an old college friend.”

He was about to stand up and go over to her as she looked his way, trying to distinguish where the voice had come from, then he realised that the stiffy in his trousers was going to prevent him from doing pretty much anything that involved standing up.  So he resorted to the only thing available to him, he started to wave his hands in the air and continue calling her name.  If she didn’t recognise him he was going to look like a compelte fool in front of all his friends here.

For a moment she looked at him with a mixture of confusion and pity.  Then suddenly something came across her face like a light had shone.  She recognised him!  Bernie couldn’t believe his luck; he hadn’t expected she would.  Now he had to try and explain why he couldn’t be bothered to get his lazy ass off his chair to walk over to her and decided it was acceptable to yell her from across the room, wave his hands madly and expect her to come running!

The hard-on in his trousers just twitched even more at the thought of being introduced to this gorgeous babe with the big hooters…

Get your free erotic stories here

When you go off looking for your free erotic stories you don’t want to pay for them do you? Of course you don’t, that would be quite mad indeed. I’ve known readers of erotic literature cruise the internet for hours looking for good, free sexy stories, but sadly always ending up with something dreadfully substandard.

Having free stories shouldn’t mean that you have to out up with poor stories. All the stories on this website have been written by myself and i am ma published author of literary erotica. If you want to buy my debut collection of short stories you can go ahead but i wouldn’t bother if i was you. If its just the story you’re after and not the aesthetic value of owning the book then just read them here for free!

I should have a story for just about all of you on here, but if there’s something missing then please don’t hesitate to let me know; i thrive on constructive criticism and realise that it is indeed the only true path to success as an artist.

Bernie and Karen part five

The siren that entered was one of exquisite beauty. Bernie had never seen a girl quite like this before, and all he could think about was her boobs. These boobs were even better than the bar maid who had served him only a moment before and whom his friends were still having a good old laugh about. She didn’t look like a bar maid, she looked like one of the dancers. However, she didn’t look much like she was going to go on stage, in fact she didn’t even look like she was dressed for anything associated with a lap dancing joint.

This babe was wearing a simple pair of those skinny jeans and a very loose fitting top; not loose enough to disguise her huge boobs however. He managed to take his eyes from her boobs for long enough to look at her face briefly. He wasn’t disappointed. This girl looked like a girl he’d seen once in college; she had massive hooters too and Bernie thought about them for a few seconds and got an instant hard on.  Hang on a moment, he thought to himself, it was her! The girl he was looking at was Sarah Jameson from college, and she didn’t look much different.

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Bernie and Karen part four

When they arrived at the club Bernie was his usual excited self, ready to burst into his shorts, and sure enough his friends mocked him.  When they entered he looked around the dimly lit bar area and checked out all the topless waitresses serving drinks to the surrounding tables.  He checked which area the girl with the biggest boobs was covering and went to find a table for all the guys.  The others hadn’t really paid that much attention to what was going on and where they should sit; all they really wanted was a drink.  Once he’d found a table Bernie called them over and they all sat to enjoy the scenery.

The waitress with the big boobs arrived at their table and stood very close to Bernie.  At the height he was when seated he could just about lick her nipples if he flicked out his tongue; better not though, he thought quickly, she doesn’t get paid for that.

  “Hell, haven’t you seen boobs like this before man!”  Exclaimed the waitress as she looked down and saw Bernie gawking at her tits.  He looked up and then around briefly and discovered all his friends watching him too.  Exactly how long he’d been watching them move he had no idea, but it must have been a length of time that was concerned abnormal by his friends standards; particularly as she only came to get the drink order.

  “Are you gonna order then or what Bernie?”  Shouted one of his pals, although which one he didn’t know.

  “Erm…yeah, sorry I was miles away.  I’ll have a beer please,” he said, finally looking into the waitresses eyes for a change.

Tonight was certainly going to be a good one, he could feel it in his shoes!  All his pals were having a good old laugh at his expense when suddenly in walked an absolute siren of a woman.

Girls, i know you’ll love PlayGirl

I know that my blog is read by more women than men, so this is why i’m trying to push some Playgirl content to you.  I don’t do this hidden shit, i know and you know that i’m trying to make you go along to Playgirl and sign up as a member; if you don’t want to then it’s up to you of course.  However, if you do then i’ll get a little cash from your membership.  Don’t worry it doesn’t cost you anything extra and i won’t know who you are.

Click the picture up top if you want to see some free pictures of naked men and you might just be interested in Playgirl’s website.  It’s pretty good actually.

New Erotic Fiction – Behind the scenes

Well, it’s not really behind the scenes, it’s just me rambling about the new erotic fiction that I’ve been producing lately that’s all.  The next collection of short stories that comes out soon will not be quite different from the last collection, Nothing Without a Woman, because of one main element.

The new stories will be all be written from a female perspective.  It’s a new challenge I’m setting myself and it’s proving to be a lot of fun.  When a man tries to write from a woman’s perspective it can become quite tricky because we have never directly experienced their desires and emotions during sex.  I’ve tried my best to get quite near and I would really appreciate it if you would go and take a look at my story Natalie and Chloe in order to critcise it.  If I’ve got something fundamentally wrong please let me know; oh, and it would be pretty cool if you told me you liked it also.

What is it you like about New Erotic Fiction?

I am really interested in knowing what makes you all tick.  If you can let me know a little of your fantasy I can turn it into an epic!  I kid you not!  Just send me a little idea of what you like and I’ll write a story that will realise it for you in a way that you never thought possible.

This will be absolutely free of course because it will only be published on my website, all you do is provide the idea for me.  I can change names for you if you like etc, but if you’re just desperate to see your saucy tale on the screen then don’t hesitate; get in touch with me now

These ideas can be about anything you like as long as it’s legal.  If you contact me about writing stuff that is illegal don’t expect a nice response because you won’t get it!

New Erotic Fiction Presents – A Hungarian Tale

Alright folks, this one isn’t on this website.  I’ve done this for a good reason, and the reason is that i want to showcase my new DIY erotica service.  New Erotic Fiction has been bringing you free erotic fiction for some time now, and it’s about time you paid for it!  Just kidding of course, i don’t intend to charge you for anything i post here!

However, if you go and read A Hungarian Tale, you will be able to see exactly what sort of thing i can do for you if you order a custom story from me.  This story was written for a client recently and they have been kind enough to allow me to publish it on my website.  This website is dedicated primarily to selling adult web content to the adult industry, but i am also doing some business with those fans out there who would like to have a story written just for them.

Check out the story on my adult content website and if you like it you’ll get the chance to ask me about one for yourself if you fancy it.

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Natalie and Chloe

Natalie and Chloe

Natalie had a friend named Chloe.  They met in the same way many adults meet these days, through their kids.  Parents had long since denied themselves any form of identity other than that of mum or dad for many years.  These days when you see two adults talking it’s usually in a school playground, and it’s usually brief.  Adults are scared of each other in nearly every other place.  You don’t see many parents meeting in the street or a supermarket, unless they already know each other; their children drive them together… Continue reading