New Erotic Fiction Presents – Bernie and Karen part four

When they arrived at the club Bernie was his usual excited self, ready to burst into his shorts, and sure enough his friends mocked him.  When they entered he looked around the dimly lit bar area and checked out all the topless waitresses serving drinks to the surrounding tables.  He checked which area the girl with the biggest boobs was covering and went to find a table for all the guys.  The others hadn’t really paid that much attention to what was going on and where they should sit; all they really wanted was a drink.  Once he’d found a table Bernie called them over and they all sat to enjoy the scenery.

The waitress with the big boobs arrived at their table and stood very close to Bernie.  At the height he was when seated he could just about lick her nipples if he flicked out his tongue; better not though, he thought quickly, she doesn’t get paid for that.

  “Hell, haven’t you seen boobs like this before man!”  Exclaimed the waitress as she looked down and saw Bernie gawking at her tits.  He looked up and then around briefly and discovered all his friends watching him too.  Exactly how long he’d been watching them move he had no idea, but it must have been a length of time that was concerned abnormal by his friends standards; particularly as she only came to get the drink order.

  “Are you gonna order then or what Bernie?”  Shouted one of his pals, although which one he didn’t know.

  “Erm…yeah, sorry I was miles away.  I’ll have a beer please,” he said, finally looking into the waitresses eyes for a change.

Tonight was certainly going to be a good one, he could feel it in his shoes!  All his pals were having a good old laugh at his expense when suddenly in walked an absolute siren of a woman.

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Unfinished Story

This story is written unedited as I write this blog. Sometimes it’s very liberating to simply sit down at the computer and type a story straight into the blog.  I can’t be held too responsible for errors though since this is written completely off the cuff.

Let’s start with a couple shall we?  We’ll call them Bernie and Karen.

Bernie and Karen had been married for about ten years, quite happily.  They had never once really thought about cheating on each other and the chance had never really presented itself.  Well, to tell the truth, Bernie had thought about it as often as a regular male thought about fucking someone else; I can’t lie to you.

This story is how all that got well and truly fucked up when they both decided to try something new, ironically at the same time.  There was a night out planned by Steve, one of Bernie’s mates from work and Bernie was due to go out in the city and have one hell of a time.  Karen felt as though she wanted to go out too, on the same night, with her friends.  Although this was a little to do with the fact that Bernie was going out, it wasn’t the only reason; Karen rarely got out these days and since they’d had their children there just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get things done.

So it was decided that both of them would go out and they’d get a sitter.  Everything was great, and the two of them got on the train and headed into the city for a night out.  It was a little weird for them both to turn up at the same station and split off with different friends though, and both of them felt a little torn and wanted to be with the other.  Bernie and Karen were very much in love and usually did literally everything together.

New Erotic Fiction – Behind the scenes

Well, it’s not really behind the scenes, it’s just me rambling about the new erotic fiction that I’ve been producing lately that’s all.  The next collection of short stories that comes out soon will not be quite different from the last collection, Nothing Without a Woman, because of one main element.

The new stories will be all be written from a female perspective.  It’s a new challenge I’m setting myself and it’s proving to be a lot of fun.  When a man tries to write from a woman’s perspective it can become quite tricky because we have never directly experienced their desires and emotions during sex.  I’ve tried my best to get quite near and I would really appreciate it if you would go and take a look at my story Natalie and Chloe in order to critcise it.  If I’ve got something fundamentally wrong please let me know; oh, and it would be pretty cool if you told me you liked it also.

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Natalie and Chloe

Natalie and Chloe

Natalie had a friend named Chloe.  They met in the same way many adults meet these days, through their kids.  Parents had long since denied themselves any form of identity other than that of mum or dad for many years.  These days when you see two adults talking it’s usually in a school playground, and it’s usually brief.  Adults are scared of each other in nearly every other place.  You don’t see many parents meeting in the street or a supermarket, unless they already know each other; their children drive them together… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – The Best Man

The Best Man

Rob was always the best man and never the groom.  He was ruggedly good looking, fit as a fiddle, and very popular.  Rob was also a player, he couldn’t settle down if someone paid him a salary to.  There were too many women in his opinion.  Too many to have fun with.  Too many to screw.  And too many that wanted to tie him down.  There was no way on earth he was going to let that happen… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Wash and Blow Job

Wash and Blow Job.

Tim needed a haircut.  Tim needed a lot of things, but at the moment his wife had decided that he needed a haircut.  His wife decided lots of things.  His wife had decided that Tim should have a vasectomy, just as easily as she had decided that he would not go out on his mate’s stag night this evening, and that he is going to grout the bathroom when his hair had been cut; in a salon of her choosing, that she had booked on his behalf.  His wife stopped him going to the smoky old barber shop in town because the men talked about women all the time and what they would do with them given the chance.  Not only that, there were pornographic magazines in the barber shop.  Of course, by pornography she meant those national papers that printed pictures of naked women.  Basically, anything that could potentially give Tim a hard on was banned.  What her problem was with Tim getting a stiffy was unknown.  Maybe she was put on earth to torture him.  But whatever the case, she certainly didn’t oblige him herself… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Transport Jenny

Transport Jenny.

Brian was a long distance trucker.  A huge giant of a man who loved: football, beer, cars, transport cafes and women; in particular waitresses, just like any other trucker in the world.  He was a married man, but sadly his sexual relationship with his wife was over.  This wasn’t his choice.  She told him that she was no longer interested, that they were both getting too old because of their approaching retirement.  She said she would much rather watch the TV or play bridge with her friend Margaret.  This didn’t frustrate Brian too much because he was constantly trawling across Europe, necessitating many nights away from home.  He often reasoned to himself that if he wasn’t there, he couldn’t miss it. Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – The People Watcher

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The People Watcher

 Daniel watched people.  It was a habit.  You see, Daniel was a writer and he liked to observe human behaviour.  He said it helped him reach a level of realism he had never managed to get to before, in the old days when he drank all the time for inspiration.  He was unable to drink these days thanks to the doctor making booze blasphemous, but it didn’t stop him watching others getting stewed.   On this particular day, Daniel wasn’t in a bar however; he was drinking coffee in a department store restaurant.  It wasn’t one of his usual practices, but today was particularly cold.  One wouldn’t think so to look outside however because the sun was shining high in the sky, and this is another reason he decided to take his coffee in this particular store; it had a huge window with a great view of the sea.  Continue reading