New Erotic Fiction Presents – Wash and Blow Job

Wash and Blow Job.

Tim needed a haircut.  Tim needed a lot of things, but at the moment his wife had decided that he needed a haircut.  His wife decided lots of things.  His wife had decided that Tim should have a vasectomy, just as easily as she had decided that he would not go out on his mate’s stag night this evening, and that he is going to grout the bathroom when his hair had been cut; in a salon of her choosing, that she had booked on his behalf.  His wife stopped him going to the smoky old barber shop in town because the men talked about women all the time and what they would do with them given the chance.  Not only that, there were pornographic magazines in the barber shop.  Of course, by pornography she meant those national papers that printed pictures of naked women.  Basically, anything that could potentially give Tim a hard on was banned.  What her problem was with Tim getting a stiffy was unknown.  Maybe she was put on earth to torture him.  But whatever the case, she certainly didn’t oblige him herself… Continue reading

Never forget about kissing

If you forget kissing then you will forget about life!  This is a plain and simple fact folks, and it’s one i go into at some length on my website.  Go and check it out and let me know what you think.  It started with a kiss, and we would do well to remember this.  Wasn’t that Hot Chocolate or something?  (that should get a few comments).

You all know that i’m a professional blogger and adult content writer i assume?  If you didn’t know that, and you know someone who has an adult blog (perhaps an affiliate) then do let them know about me won’t you.  If you get me some work then i’ll send you a free copy of my book!

You can’t say better than that can you?  Free books for adult content writing jobs.  I should use this on the other website shouldn’t I?

Erotic Ficiton is Free!

Yes it is!  On New Erotic Ficiton, all the sex stories are free.  You don’t need to do anything except sit back and read the stories that excite you the most.  I would however appreciate it if you could contact me on if you like the sex story you’ve read because it makes all the difference to hear what the fans think.  And remember that if you can’t wait for a load of free erotic fiction then you can always buy my book by clicking the link on the right of the screen; i don’t think it’s very expensive and you might even get a good deal from my publisher (a better one than me no doubt!)

Anyway, read the free sex stories and let me know what you think.  I also want to hear about any suggestions you may have about new erotic fiction you’d like to see on the site.





Callgirl or Wife? A Male Perspective

Now the women are going to go crazy over this post, i can just tell; especially those married ones out there.

Men have certain needs.  Now before you go and get your panties in a knot, i know women do to, but i am not overly qualified to comment on that, so i must trust to the volley of argumentative comments i am bound to receive… Continue reading

Review of my Erotic Fiction Collection

I have received another review; this time from Forum magazine UK.  Forum is the International Journal of Human Relations.  In other words it talks about sex and fetish a lot!

I’ve had my erotic stories published in Forum Magazine before in 2008, and i have another one coming out soon… Continue reading