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Here’s a list of all the stories onsite right now folks.  If you can’t find something here to get you going then you’re clearly in the wrong place.  All the stories on this site are adult orientated and contain very graphic depictions of sexual intercourse and fantasy etc.  If you are under the age of 18 please leave now.

Alright then, take your pick:

  • Natalie and Chloe.  This is a story of lesbian temptation and experimentation.
  • What a picture.  This is an erotic story about male sexual fantasy.
  • Groupies.  This piece of erotic fiction tells the tale of a 1980s band and the fun they have after a gig.  This story was published in Forum Magazine (now Foreplay).
  • Woodland Walk.  A fine piece of erotic fiction about an outdoor threesome.  This story was published in Penthouse!
  • The Best Man.  An affair begins to happen a little earlier than it should.
  • A Fresh Look at an Old Friend.  This erotic story sees two friends realise that they have intense feelings for each other; with a little help from a third party!
  • Wash and Blow Job.  Published in Seriously Sexy Three from Excite Books, this erotic story is a comical and sexy encounter in the hairdresser’s.
  • Hyde in the Bushes.  A man allows temptation to get the better of him when he sees underwear hanging on the washing line.
  • Going for a Thong.  This erotic story masterpiece delves into the fantasy of pregnant sex.
  • Transport Jenny.  Erotic fiction doesn’t come better than this.  A truly sexual and emotional tale of two lovers who weren’t meant to be together.
  • The Library Assistant.  Real erotic fiction fantasy as a young man works late in the library.
  • Need a Lift.  Evey man has dreamed of giving a woman like this a lift home.
  • The Egg Man.  A frustrated housewife gives way to the man who delivers her eggs.
  • Four’s a Crowd?  A great erotic fiction piece on group sex.
  • Big Girls Have Much More Fun.  A BBW fantasy masterpiece of erotic fiction.
  • The People Watcher.  Voyeurism special.
  • Front of the class.  Every college lecturer’s dream come true!
  • The Veterinarian.  This is a very hot erotic story that delves into emotions and sexuality.
  • A Hard Day at the Office.  A great erotic story about a man who gets to see to his dream girl.
  • Relight my Boiler.  Every housewive’s dream is to have this guy around. 

Another entry for Bernie and Karen – Unedited story (straight to the blog!)

The lap dancing club was always a welcome change from the mundane lifestyle Bernie had with his job, the house, the kids and everything else that went with normality.  What he really wanted was adventure, but he knew it was best served in very small doses because it was highly addictive.  He couldn’t get the type of adventure he craved from the erotic stories he read in the dirty books at work anymore, he needed to make them come to life. 

He’d been a fan of erotic fiction from an early age.  He was one of those boys who grew up in the country and was forever finding carelessly discarded porno magazines at the side of the road or down a dirt track by a secluded field; even back then when he was very young he knew instinctively why they were there.  He began to make gather a collection of them, together with a friend of his that lived down the same road.  They built a den and hid all their dirty books in a huge damp chest they’d found down an abandoned railway track nearby.  He would often spend afternoons at the weekend reading through the carefully described sex stories, enjoying every last sentence of them; back then when he was a child he read the same erotic stories so often that he could still remember the way they went now.

This craving for adventure and the realisation of sexual fantasies he read in magazines had never really left him, and although he was perfectly happy with Karen, Bernie masturbated all the time over internet porn and free sex stories online.  He’d never been unfaithful to her with another woman, but sometimes he felt a little guilty because of the amount of time he spent jerking off in front of his computer.

Now he has a group of friends who had managed to legitimise his sexual adventures and make them very real indeed.  He didn’t let on to his friends just how much he loved going to the lap dancing club and how it was a major form of sexual release for him, but he guessed that a few of them new by the way he used to jog on the spot when they were queuing to get in.  He always did this and no matter how hard he tried not to it was almost as compulsion; like a warm up.

  “Christ almighty Bernie,” his friend Harry would shout, “you’ll cum in your shorts if you don’t calm down a little!”

All his friends would laugh raucously at this; little did they know that they were very nearly correct.

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Unfinished Story

This story is written unedited as I write this blog. Sometimes it’s very liberating to simply sit down at the computer and type a story straight into the blog.  I can’t be held too responsible for errors though since this is written completely off the cuff.

Let’s start with a couple shall we?  We’ll call them Bernie and Karen.

Bernie and Karen had been married for about ten years, quite happily.  They had never once really thought about cheating on each other and the chance had never really presented itself.  Well, to tell the truth, Bernie had thought about it as often as a regular male thought about fucking someone else; I can’t lie to you.

This story is how all that got well and truly fucked up when they both decided to try something new, ironically at the same time.  There was a night out planned by Steve, one of Bernie’s mates from work and Bernie was due to go out in the city and have one hell of a time.  Karen felt as though she wanted to go out too, on the same night, with her friends.  Although this was a little to do with the fact that Bernie was going out, it wasn’t the only reason; Karen rarely got out these days and since they’d had their children there just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get things done.

So it was decided that both of them would go out and they’d get a sitter.  Everything was great, and the two of them got on the train and headed into the city for a night out.  It was a little weird for them both to turn up at the same station and split off with different friends though, and both of them felt a little torn and wanted to be with the other.  Bernie and Karen were very much in love and usually did literally everything together.

New Erotic Fiction – Behind the scenes

Well, it’s not really behind the scenes, it’s just me rambling about the new erotic fiction that I’ve been producing lately that’s all.  The next collection of short stories that comes out soon will not be quite different from the last collection, Nothing Without a Woman, because of one main element.

The new stories will be all be written from a female perspective.  It’s a new challenge I’m setting myself and it’s proving to be a lot of fun.  When a man tries to write from a woman’s perspective it can become quite tricky because we have never directly experienced their desires and emotions during sex.  I’ve tried my best to get quite near and I would really appreciate it if you would go and take a look at my story Natalie and Chloe in order to critcise it.  If I’ve got something fundamentally wrong please let me know; oh, and it would be pretty cool if you told me you liked it also.

What is it you like about New Erotic Fiction?

I am really interested in knowing what makes you all tick.  If you can let me know a little of your fantasy I can turn it into an epic!  I kid you not!  Just send me a little idea of what you like and I’ll write a story that will realise it for you in a way that you never thought possible.

This will be absolutely free of course because it will only be published on my website, all you do is provide the idea for me.  I can change names for you if you like etc, but if you’re just desperate to see your saucy tale on the screen then don’t hesitate; get in touch with me now

These ideas can be about anything you like as long as it’s legal.  If you contact me about writing stuff that is illegal don’t expect a nice response because you won’t get it!

Send me your pictures for New Erotic Fiction

I am a terrible pervert, it has to be said.  And this blog post is a plea to any and all women out there who enjoy my fiction to send me pictures of themselves to inspire me to write more and more.  I do write some pretty good custom stories, and if you want to order one from me you can go to my other website where i sell adult web content and buy one.

The price of the story is always dependent on the subject and the length.  I will always give you good rates because i’m a fair writer.  They’ll be some testimonials onsite soon from some people who have already bought custom short fiction from me.

Anyway, back to the pictures.  In order to give me more ideas about fucking and sucking and general nudity i need to have some resources; i’m simply not getting enough off the wife these days and i need some help!  Send any pics to and you’ll get Handsomly rewarded with a nice thank you and perhaps my phone number if you’re particularly my type!  LOL!

I will not publish pictures of people on the website, no matter how much you ask!

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Jane


Jane was tired.  Jane was tired of her life with her boyfriend Tony, who spent his entire life devoted to what seemed to be the singular pursuit of making her unhappy.  She knew she should leave him but couldn’t.  She felt like Nancy from Dickens’ Oliver Twist; unable to break free from the oppressive and depressive state Bill Sykes held her in.  Tony was an emotional bully.  He didn’t allow Jane to wear certain clothes, stopped her going out with certain friends, and questioned everything she did and everywhere she went.  He was, not to put too fine a point on it, a complete fucking asshole… Continue reading

Big cocks on New Erotic Fiction

Now, you came here looking for New Erotic Fiction, and you’ll get it.  However, you’ll also get lovely, free naked pictures of hot guys too.  So if you’re into the big black guys, here’s one for you that will keep you company all day long.  Why not print him off and send him around the office?

His name is Joel i think, and he comes from Playgirl; that’s right, for those of you who didn’t know, you girls get a Play magazine and website as well as the boys.  Playgirl may not be as hyped as Playboy, and they may not have an old lady living in a mansion surrounded by hot men, but they’ve certainly got the content on the website and in the magazines.

New Erotic Fiction invite you to take a look at their website and see what all the fuss is about.  You can be redirected from here, and let me tell you that you are sure to see a LOT more than what i’m giving away here.

When you get the time though, do return here and read some more sexy stories for free won’t you?  Email me at if you want any more info or you just want to say hi!

New Erotic Fiction is giving away free naked men!

Now this is one of the hottest male models on the Playgirl network at the moment and he’s ready to show you absolutely everything if you want to see it.  Who am i kidding right?  You definately want to see it don’t you?

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His name escapes me for the moment, but it doesn’t really matter does it?  No, of course it doesn’t.  Here on New Erotic Fiction we bring you dirty stories and dirty pictures, not names.  Now take a look at this picture on the right and tell me that you don’t feel for him just a little taking this shot out in the freezing snow; now let me tell you that i’ve seen a side view of this and the horny little bastard still manages to maintain a massive erection!

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New Erotic Fiction Presents – Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk

Graham and Chelsea went for walks often.  They had been together for around eight or nine years and they found that going out for walks at the weekend was the only way they could really become sexually stimulated.  They would screw each other outdoors wherever they went.  Chelsea had been the instigator of it all, Graham was quite happy to sit in front of the T.V and watch other people do it instead.  On this particular, eventful day they had decided on the local woodland walk shag, one they had done many times before… Continue reading