More Hot Guys on New Erotic Fiction

Now, we all know how you like the young men don’t we?  Well, New Erotic Fiction as brought you some more of them.  This guy is called…well, whatever you want him to be called, and he simply loves to get his cock out and show all the women who search for new erotic fiction every day.  I like to think of this guy as a character from one of my stories, and i think i’ll put him in one quite soon.

[by the way if you want to see more of this guy, and I mean completely naked, click this link  He's gallery 2 I think]

What do you think he looks like?

  • A Postman – I”ve never written a free sex story with a postman in it before!
  • A Mechanic – Sex stories are always good when they get dirty aren’t they?
  • A Delivery Guy – What he delivers is up to you.

These are all quite normal, and some would say cheesy, scenarios, but I always have room for the more fetish driven sex story if you have any ideas.  Don’t forget to let me know on

On Tuesday next week they’ll be another free sex story on new erotic fiction for you to enjoy, and I really would appreciate your comments (not those spam comments that get sent in all the times!)



New Erotic Fiction is getting popular.

I love it when I get new comments on New Erotic Ficiton, but I must say that it pisses me off considerably when they are mostly spam from you assholes out there who think that you can pass a compliment to me whilst trying your hardest to advertsise your own website!  I mean come on!  I don’t go onto your blogs and say “hey this is a really good post, and by the way if you want to read some great new erotic fiction then go to…”  This is a bad thing to do and you should no better folks!

As ever, i’m after new ideas for the blog.  New erotic fiction needs to evolve and I’m not sure quite how to do it.  I know that I need many more stories and I intend to bring you free sex stories whenever I can.  Free erotica is what the world deserves and you shall have it at your finger tips thanks to me – Les Hansom.

Of course if you can’t wait to get a whole load of sex stories in your hand at the same time then you could always buy my book by clicking the link on the right of the screen.

Take Care, and don’t fucking spam me!



New Erotic Fiction presents: A Hard Day at the Office

Adam turned up the volume of his iPod as he sped towards Liverpool Street Station.  He dreaded the morning commute.  This morning he’d been lucky to get a seat on the train.  Just getting to the station in the morning and organising himself was so tiring these days that he was even reluctant to give up his seat for a pregnant woman standing right behind him.  It was one of those moments where everyone spotted her and no-one moved.  He was quite used to this kind of situation and could hold out for a long time.  He and his wife had two children, and he played this game in the morning when they entered his bedroom.  His wife would stir slightly and pretend to be asleep, but Adam was better.  He would mutter incomprehensible things that made him sound like he was sleep talking.  This always made the children go to their mother, and she would curse and sigh as she led them out the room… Continue reading

Requests on New Erotic Fiction

Hello Again,

I’ve come to understand that a lot of my readers are women, and also that women deserve a certain, special kind of treatment.  So here on new erotic ficiton I’ve decided to let you all request new erotic fiction!  That’s right, all you have to do is decide what you want really… Continue reading

New erotic fiction review

A friend of mine pointed out this review out to me.  I have to say that i don’t like the way they refer to me as Lee Hansom though.

Here is what the Midwest Book Review (USA) have to say about me.

For some men, there is no activity that can’t be enhanced by the presence of a beautiful woman. “Nothing Without a Woman” is a collection of stories from Lee Hansom discussing, to put it lightly, the various appeals that come with the wide variety of activities one can do with the opposite sex. Not for minors but deftly written, “Nothing Without a Woman” is a read for the man who wants something spicy but doesn’t want to reach for the secret stash.

You can see it yourself here.

Don’t forget that they’ll be more new erotic fiction coming very soon and i’ll be updating the categories.  Please let me know which sort of stories you want to see.  Email me at

No more old erotic fiction

I used to have a blog elsewhere, and now this has ended.  This is for some of you who followed me in the past; you’ll remember.  And some of you may even recognise some of the new erotic fiction you read on the blog.  Erotic fiction is timeless however, and i hope you’ll read all the stories in their new environment, and perhaps look at some more… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction


I’m Les Hansom and I’m proud to present my new website where you can read my New Erotic Fiction.  Here you will be granted access to the best in new erotic fiction.  Want to know why it’s called New Erotic Fiction?  Well here’s why.   As soon as it’s all up and running I will make you a promise to provide a minimum of one new, short story length, piece of fiction each week!  Now that’s value for money.  Want to know why it’s value for money?  It’s FREE that’s why!

So click the categories on the right of the screen and you’ll get to read as many stories as you like.  I have quite a lot of new erotic fiction, but I’m only going to give it to you in small amounts; I want to keep you all on the edge of your seats so to speak.  I am always keen to here what you all think about my work too so if you want to contact please do so at