Luke gets it all out on Playgirl

New Erotic Fiction brings you Luke Riley, one of Playgirl’s favourite models.  This guy has a cock as thick as an aubergine, i’m telling you; that’s a pretty good veg to compare it too because any guys reading this post probably don’t know what one is!  They’ll be off to the supermarket to see how they compare with the lovely Luke.  I’ll save you some time guys – you don’t!

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Now this is one of the hottest male models on the Playgirl network at the moment and he’s ready to show you absolutely everything if you want to see it.  Who am i kidding right?  You definately want to see it don’t you?

Well let me tell you that i have seen it, and i can tell you that it stands up like a flagpole on the side of a building, all nice and ready for you to take it in your hand and play with it all you want.  If you’ve got the imagination then Playgirl have the pictures you need.

His name escapes me for the moment, but it doesn’t really matter does it?  No, of course it doesn’t.  Here on New Erotic Fiction we bring you dirty stories and dirty pictures, not names.  Now take a look at this picture on the right and tell me that you don’t feel for him just a little taking this shot out in the freezing snow; now let me tell you that i’ve seen a side view of this and the horny little bastard still manages to maintain a massive erection!

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