Review of my Erotic Fiction Collection

I have received another review; this time from Forum magazine UK.  Forum is the International Journal of Human Relations.  In other words it talks about sex and fetish a lot!

I’ve had my erotic stories published in Forum Magazine before in 2008, and i have another one coming out soon… Continue reading

Requests on New Erotic Fiction

Hello Again,

I’ve come to understand that a lot of my readers are women, and also that women deserve a certain, special kind of treatment.  So here on new erotic ficiton I’ve decided to let you all request new erotic fiction!  That’s right, all you have to do is decide what you want really… Continue reading

No more old erotic fiction

I used to have a blog elsewhere, and now this has ended.  This is for some of you who followed me in the past; you’ll remember.  And some of you may even recognise some of the new erotic fiction you read on the blog.  Erotic fiction is timeless however, and i hope you’ll read all the stories in their new environment, and perhaps look at some more… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction


I’m Les Hansom and I’m proud to present my new website where you can read my New Erotic Fiction.  Here you will be granted access to the best in new erotic fiction.  Want to know why it’s called New Erotic Fiction?  Well here’s why.   As soon as it’s all up and running I will make you a promise to provide a minimum of one new, short story length, piece of fiction each week!  Now that’s value for money.  Want to know why it’s value for money?  It’s FREE that’s why!

So click the categories on the right of the screen and you’ll get to read as many stories as you like.  I have quite a lot of new erotic fiction, but I’m only going to give it to you in small amounts; I want to keep you all on the edge of your seats so to speak.  I am always keen to here what you all think about my work too so if you want to contact please do so at