New Erotic Fiction Presents – The Best Man

The Best Man

Rob was always the best man and never the groom.  He was ruggedly good looking, fit as a fiddle, and very popular.  Rob was also a player, he couldn’t settle down if someone paid him a salary to.  There were too many women in his opinion.  Too many to have fun with.  Too many to screw.  And too many that wanted to tie him down.  There was no way on earth he was going to let that happen… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – The Egg Man

The Egg Man

Sandra had an egg man.  He was the guy who came around every other Wednesday with fresh farm eggs, potatoes, and various other stuff that was still covered in shit.  When she thought about it this way her cynicism often reminded her that this produce could have just been covered in dirt and shipped out as fresh, free range.  But then she usually decided that anyone who was prepared to take the time to make things like this look dirty was probably putting their twisted little minds to better use elsewhere. Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents – Big Girls Have Much More Fun!

“Big Girls” Have Much More Fun.

   Marion was a big girl.  She had been a big girl ever since her parents and their friends had labelled her a big girl in her infancy.  Just what was wrong with saying the words fat, chubby or tubby these days was beyond her.  Now it was all: big boned, bubbly, heavy set, and of course ‘big girl’.  Marion, like most fat women, was actually more offended by people trying to skirt around this ridiculous language problem.  She wasn’t too concerned with being a little overweight and chubby at all.  In actual fact she championed the fact, and was forever trying to convince her teenage daughter that the people in the TV shows and teen movies she watched were not real people at all; at least not compared with them.  “Many of these people,” she would say, “have teams of personal trainers and nutritionists, not to mention lots of surgery!” Marion often joked that some of these movie stars bought each other new heads for Christmas.  It was important to keep her daughter’s feet firmly on the ground when it came to celebrities and aspiring to be like them… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction Presents: The Veterinarian

The Veterinarian

John Crook was a young farmer from North Wales.  He once had a dog called Shaggy.  It was a border collie and a damn good working dog, but plagued with stomach problems.  John could never forget when it started happening, and this had nothing much to do with Shaggy the border collie; it was much more to do with his first visit to the vets in the village… Continue reading

New Erotic Fiction presents: A Hard Day at the Office

Adam turned up the volume of his iPod as he sped towards Liverpool Street Station.  He dreaded the morning commute.  This morning he’d been lucky to get a seat on the train.  Just getting to the station in the morning and organising himself was so tiring these days that he was even reluctant to give up his seat for a pregnant woman standing right behind him.  It was one of those moments where everyone spotted her and no-one moved.  He was quite used to this kind of situation and could hold out for a long time.  He and his wife had two children, and he played this game in the morning when they entered his bedroom.  His wife would stir slightly and pretend to be asleep, but Adam was better.  He would mutter incomprehensible things that made him sound like he was sleep talking.  This always made the children go to their mother, and she would curse and sigh as she led them out the room… Continue reading