Free Toy Boy Pictures on New Erotic Fiction

PlayGirl and New Erotic Fiction bring you the very lovely Cody.  I don’t know what his last name is and it doesn’t really matter anyway does it?  If you like toy boys then this is the guy for you (if you’re older than he is that is!)

Another idea for you if you like toy boys is to read my free toy boy sex story now.  It’s all about how an older woman seduces a man who comes around to fix her boiler; it’s very sexy and very dirty (just like everything on New Erotic Fiction)

If you click any of the pictures you’ll go off to PlayGirl website to see more of the guys if you want to.  If you don’t then just enjoy the free pictures.  Hell you don’t always get stuff for free do you?  Les Hansom brings you the best for free however, so never let it be said you’re not getting a treat.

Here’s another lovely picture of the gorgeous Cody.  I think if i was a woman i’d certainly want to rip off his clothes and dive on his lovely cock.  If you go along to PlayGirl then you’ll get to see some more free pictures to go with the free sex stories you get on this site.

New Erotic Fiction Presents: Relight My Boiler


By Les Hansom

Sarah was having trouble with her boiler so she called out a guy she found in her local newspaper called Paul Suffolk, supposedly an expert in this field.  Unfortunately Paul was anything but an expert; at least at plumbing.  The first time he came, he looked the business.  He had a calling card, overalls, a van that had his name on, and even a tool belt with all the related paraphernalia that a plumber, or engineer as some of them liked to known, needed.  It always amazed her why people decided to call themselves engineers and technicians.  She supposed it made them sound a little more like an expert; although they rarely were.  These days we had: telephone engineers, vehicle technicians, and even nail technicians for Christ sake… Continue reading